Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I am resolved to have a productive day. Just a few more loads of laundry, girls are working on school. I have two suppers to make tonight, one for us, one for a couple from church with a new baby. This is so hard to do, but having received meals with births/illnesses and also at times not received them-I'll go out of my way to bless someone with them. It is a very effective ministry tool. I just hate figuring out what to take. It is OK to mess up our family meal, not so good to mess up another family's. Pampered Chef lady TRUE CONFESSION: I don't cook well under pressure. I tend to burn or oversalt or anything else that can ruin an otherwise easy meal. Where is this pressure coming from?? Inside my own head. I have expectations that could trip up even "super self-esteem man" Rush Limbaugh.

So now I am going to carefully plan two meals, make out a final(hopefully) cookie delivery list, finish getting dressed, fold two more loads of clothes and then run morning errands before music. Come home after music, cook, and then deliver a meal before a long night of ball practice(last one though-happy dance, happy dance!).

Today I am thankful for: My darling hubby who has been pitching in like crazy to help out. He cleaned almost the whole house on Sunday and it still looks semi-decent. He cooked supper last night and then did the dishes. I give him full credit that my sanity is still intact. Today I thanked him by making his lunch and starting his car to defrost the windshield. Vacation is just around the bend and we desperately need it.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Just another Manic Monday...

Whoa whoa! Not my fun day.

We just returned from bowling where my kids each made a new friend. I did as well. We enjoyed ourselves although Lilly was a special kind of misbehavin' today. She just gets so excited that you can't bring her back down to a level of control again. I feel for her because it is that 100 mile an hour zest for life that makes her so fun...and so not fun. EXHAUSTING is the word of the day.

She is down for a nap now which should give her enough energy to make scouts more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Today is one of those days where I have spent so much time nagging and trying to have a productive day that I have had a completely unproductive day. Erik will wonder what we have done all day...I wonder too as it is now 2:53 and I can't see that anything I have done has stayed done or measure my accomplishments in anything tangible.

I am going to make me some coffee and plan a really cool scout meeting. I hope.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I walked into church this morning and felt good. Worship was a blessing today. I was so happy that three of our teens got baptized at Winterfest that I was tearful through every song. God is so good and his way is the right way. We Christians are so off-focused sometimes-but today, for me, my focus was God and things were good. (I was even able to smile at Lilly antics that usually make me cower and cringe and LONG TO disappear. Not disobedient, just very annoying.)

God is so real and relevant. Just what everyone needs, salve for our wounds.

The sermon was on discipleship, a topic very heavy on my heart lately. I feel called to do it but not necessarily equipped. I struggle with not having been discipled most of my life. Even as I type that, I realize it isn't true. God has discipled me my whole walk. I guess I meant God through his people.

Altar call came and I thought, wow, I feel convicted to respond. Maybe that isn't God nudging me, maybe I just feel strongly today and that is why I think I should. The song was "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus". Let me clarify, I have decided to follow Jesus. Actively, I am trying desperately to walk the walk and talk the talk. I would give myself a five out of ten most days, other days may veer wildly from an 9.5 to a .5. This week I am feeling really good about my walk because of people I have talked to and issues on my heart that I have found peace in.

I thought today's sermon was really one everyone should respond to...and so I said to God, "If someone else does, I will go as well."

God countered immediately, "Though none go with me, still I will follow" and so I went.

I now feel like the crazy woman who goes to the altar all the time. It just is not done in my church. EVER. And this is not my first time, more like the umpteenth time. Most Sundays I just ignore the strong urge I have to go up and pray. People at my church just don't do that, unless something horrible has happened to you, certainly not something such as feeling like you are "off-track" which is what is going on with me today.

I feel detoured by Satan with the busyness that is my life. I feel very strongly that I should be doing some things, but I am so busy doing "other stuff" that I can't do the things I feel called to do. I believe I am in a web of works that is designed by the devil to keep me busy. I blame myself. I thought as long as I was busy doing church work, I was doing God's work. I am finding this is not the case.

So I am up there today, feeling like a freak-an obedient freak. I decided it doesn't matter. What matters is that when God tells me to do it, I do it. I hope to not be the only one some day but for right now...I am the crazy lady that goes to the altar all the time.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Day for Ducks...

and basketball. Two games today. Only one more weekend left. We have more rain soaked into our hair and clothes than I care for. Erika came home and plugged in the curling iron. I told her on days like this, don't even bother. It is also freezing cold. Toby looks so hurt when I take him out to use the bathroom. He's been holding it all morning. Can you say "an accident waiting for a chance to happen"?

A perfect day for....delivering cookies. Oh, but I would rather be reading.

True confession on Lent...I have had no soda at all but ate three girl scout cookies three diferent times before. (The first step is admitting you have a problem.) Not yelling isn't going so well either. One thing is really all this gal can successfully surrender at a time!

Friday, February 23, 2007

I was Tagged and I missed it...

Much preferable to the words in my head to a song that none of you have probably ever heard.

Thanks Sandy, yes I am behind on my reading of blogs as well. Here it is:

1. Grab the book closest to you.
2. Open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence
3. Post the text of the following three sentences.
4. Name the author and book title.
5. Tag three other people to do the same

"He stumbed through the underbrush, afraid to take the road that was slowly filling with afternoon traffic. *Joshua cursed himself for all the mistakes he had made. He should have listened to Jerimoth and not involved the boys. He should have disarmed the guard right away." * Edited to follow the directions of #3.

Faith of My Fathers by Lynn Austin

This is number 4 in the series entitled Chronicles of the Kings and it is all based on the kings discussed in Chronicles. I try to justify being behind in my Bible in 90 days by being so "caught up" in these books. They are fabulous and these 4 books have been read by me in less than a month. RIVETING.

I am not tagging anyone but please tell me if you do it so I can read!
Making a real dent in our cookie deliveries. I hope to finish up today. WHEW! I have not had a one, but had much prayer over frozen thin mints yesterday. The harder thing has been soda. I love fizz more than most any other food or beverage. I can do it, Jesus paid it all-all to him I owe. This little tiny 40 day thing is small potatoes compared to all that he did.

I have emerged from my "church struggles" a stronger believer. I now have faith in my brothers and sisters in Christ in a new way. Even if nothing happens the way I want it too, I am blessed to have seen their hearts and Christlikeness. I sure hope they saw that in me as well, eventually. There are so many things in this walk that are just preference and don't we all have them! God give me the wisdom to know when that is what I am up to, preferring.

I am down to only two children(Lilly on a visit) and yet they still began the day fighting. Happy happy joy joy. Sibling rivalry is the song that would not end, it just goes on and on and on.

Toby is still tobilicious if you were wondering. HE sleeps with us and is completely spoiled rotten. I blame those monster ears. Erik and I were talking about him last night, both of us very concerned that if he gets bigger, he might go into them. Perish the thought!

Enjoy your Friday and beyond. Sorry I am not a good poster lately, I am up to my chin in cookies I can't eat.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fizz and bubbling over...

I have decided on two things that are not on the list but very "timely" for this. Girl scout cookies come in today and I think that will be one of the things I give up. Right along with that will be something I love with all of my heart that slipped under the radar, soda. I love love love fizz. Preferably in the form of a diet coke, but also mello yello and mr pibb. So I will give up sodas as well.

My friend Kathy also said along with giving something up, you take something on-a spiritual discipline or charitable cause(almsdeed). For that I have decided to not scream or yell at my children or anyone. I am buying a shock collar for this because I am not sure it's possible to do without one. If I can master that, huge difference in our lives!!

Erik may come on board with me...not sure what he will give up...we'll see what he has decided when he gets home today. Let me know if you are giving something up!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today is fat Tuesday. I am trying to make up my mind if I should give something up for Lent. The list is long of potentials. I want my whole family to give up TV for Lent, but this was met with total boos and hisses. Here are my most passionate vices(in no particular order):

1. sugar
2. blogging
3. reading blogs
4. computer browsing
5. TV
6. Talk radio, specifically Bill, then Rush
7. Fast food (not often-mostly days out)
8. chocolate
9. Fiction books

What do you think? Are you giving something up? The point is to be more focused on the sacrifice Christ made for us everytime you miss whatever you gave up. I will let you know what I decide. I am leaning toward #5 or #1.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Okay, you will laugh when I write this, but McDonald's was the best job I ever had. If anyone ever asks me where their kids should work, it is always my answer. They work at developing work ethic in people. Young or old(although young people are probably most receptive), they develop that work ethic through consistently good practices: clear job descriptions, reminders(if you can lean, you can clean), positive work environment, praise, excellent food/work standards. Plus, I had several of the best bosses I have ever had there. One of them challenged me to never quit anything and always stand up for what I believe in. She went on to say that quitting never resolves anything, but staying somewhere and working through a problem will always grow you into a better person. Those words were pivotal for me (even though I still quit-which is what she was trying to talk me out of, p-lease, I found another job that paid me 50 cents more an hour- the PROBLEM was my measly paycheck and I was working 50 hours a week!). The lesson has stayed with me always, through friendships, church, marriage, etc.

Sandy gave me some similar pearls of wisdom that I plan to keep in my possession forever as well. Thanks, Sandy.

"If I have not discussed these things with him (Matt 8) and given him the chance to apologize to me (Eph 4), *I* am the one in the wrong. He cannot read my mind. When an offense has taken place, the Bible makes it clear that the responsibility for reconciliation lies first of all with the brother who has been offended."

This goes hand in hand with the advice someone(who shall remain nameless because I don't remember who said it) gave me that if you have not confronted someone over a wrong done to you within 24 hours, you should let it go. This will be me from now on. This is one uniquely for me,(meaning I will not hold the people I offend to the same standard...they can have a whole week if they need it-but that's it, 1 week and the slate is clean again, got it? Good.). I realize some of you out there may be a little less impulsive and it may take you a while to completely process things, much less react-but for me, it is key. The things that seem to hurt me most are the ones I hold the longest. This should be very liberating for me. And. VERY. HARD!!
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Heather. I am still working on being iron that can be sharpened. Pray for me guys. God is working through his people to change me. That is Amazing Grace!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Job's words in 13:5 - "If only you would be altogether silent! For you, that would be wisdom."

I believe this is my word from God for the weekend.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I've spent some time in prayer and listened to some audio at Living Proof ministries-Thursday, Feb 15th's was particularly helpful...I do believe I am seeking peace THROUGH conflict resolution. Sometimes things just need the light of day and some resolution before they can be forgotten. Many times in my life I have forgiven(myself), forgotten, and moved on only to come back and realize the other person was not there yet. I think I am on both sides of that right now. Moved on with my marriage, as in forgiven the wrongs done to me, but I am not so sure my "sins" against him have been dealt with and forgiven. I'm not even sure I am aware of all the sinful ways I have treated him. That is an easier resolution than the church thing, in that there are only two of us and we know both of us have hurt and been hurt.

The church thing is harder because of the sheer numbers of people involved and then the fact that not everyone will speak their grievances-or even acknowledge them. All I know is that I am in a unique situation in my church. We are kind of in the middle of alot of people. (Hence the whole not really fitting in post of yestermonths!) We have very close, tight knit relationships with conservative thinkers in our congregation as well as some of the more modernist thinking people. It is awkward to see and hear about the pain one group inflicted on another. It is even more awkward to know that a situation has never really been addressed. Even though some have made up their minds to move on and get over it, the pain is still evident. Maybe it is sinful on the part of the people still hurting-am I holding a grudge? Or do I just want that pain acknowledged and made right. Is this just me making a mountain out of a molehill? I just know it hurts me to see at least four or five people who are very unhappy with this thing. 4-5 people is really small potatoes in a 200 person church...but are there others like me who just stuffed it and forgot it but still have it rear its head ocassionally? I am going to keep praying that something groundbreaking happens or that time indeed heals all wounds.
I was hoping to awaken today with a fresh perspective and a spring in my step, but I just feel deflated. It is hard to be in a body of believers that just does not get me. It seems the more I talk, the more misunderstandings I create. I have a very different view from most people, I suppose and I just feel like I am supposed to be crammed into a typecast and not stray from it. Also, it seems as though no one has ever hurt anyone ever except me. I apparently am a black sheep in the "family". Baaaaaa.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

And again today, I say WOW! Our church started a new forum and is giving it a test run. I think it has failed the test largely due to....me. I have never felt more misunderstood and misinterpreted in all of my life. I think God may be using all of this to show me just how impossible life is with me, so I will have more compassion for my "man of few words" husband. I am tempted to become a woman of few words, but I guess we all know how impossible that is.

I will not, however, be quite so free with my feelings or comments anymore. I think I have edited out all of my "hurtful" posts...I hope. Churches are frustrating entities. I have been called and had to call, gotten emails. Oh well, I am totally cashing in on the time invested in these things and putting them on my excuses for why my house looks like the trash man dumped his garbage load here...an exaggeration-but close.

I am also going to pray without ceasing for God to build my character into what his plan for me is. I feel things so passionately, my skin is thin, my heart is soft and open and yet I hurt people all the time with my thoughlessness. What gives???? I am a walking talking oxymoron.


It is fun to be me. I think I have time for one more load. (of laundry)
Wow. What a week. Thank God it is Thursday. I had invited a couple from church over tonight but they cancelled yesterday morning. I toyed with feeling depressed and rejected, but decided life is too short. We are having an extra child and dog spend the night tomorrow night so really, the dinner cancellation is a blessing. My house is buried under papers that I have been trying to sort through and Mt. Washmore. I hope to find it today and tomorrow.

I must say we celebrated Valentine's Day far too much. The kids had three Valentine parties. They also got a boxful of mail and when Erik and I were discussing what we should get them, we decided, nothing. Enough is enough and it was certainly enough. We each surprised one another with the same brand of wine, cards and shared some choc. covered strawberries. Then we spent the evening after kids went to bed with the door locked. We still have wine left so there may be more door-locking in our future.

Since I shared this with my homeschool mom homies, I should share it with you. The other day, my husband had a day off. We allowed them to watch a movie while we "took a nap". While we were "napping", my friend Jennifer called. Lilly answered. She said "Mom, phone! It's Jennifer" I said, "Tell her I'll call back. " I thought, end of discussion. We did hear her try the door but did not give it another thought. When we "woke up" from "napping", I checked email before calling and was surprised by her email. I called her for more details.

She said she asked Lilly if I was there and Lilly said, "She's in her room."
Jen, not knowing Erik was home, "Well can you take her the phone."
Lilly, "Nope, she has her door locked."
Jen, "Is your Daddy home?"
Lilly, "Yep, he's in there with her."
Jen, "Okay, have her call me later"
Lilly, "Okay"

Then Jennifer emails me to call her when the door is no longer locked. This is why my life is an open book. Lilly.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

In addition to reading through the Bible in (not anywhere near)90 days, I am also going to do this because, as I commented, "Count me in, seems like I made my way out of one pit only to fall headlong into another."
I am listening to the glorious sound of my husband doing music with Lilly. This is glorious because I hate practicing with her. She knows more than I do about it and I am constantly telling her something wrong, apologizing and encouraging. It is really hard to "teach" that which you do not know. Anyway, it is wonderful when he comes through for me and rescues me from music class. He also made me coffee. ( :

I made it through yesterday. Two valentine's parties. The homeschool one was wonderful. I only had to help with set-up this year and really, that was mostly done when I got there. I was able to visit with some other moms while my kids had a blast. Fun for everyone. The girls scout party was fun too. My scavenger hunt was a little on the hard side, but better too hard than too easy. It was fun to put it al together after planning. They had voted to watch a movie, but ended up wanting to play sardines instead. We ate, did a scavenger hunt, played sardines, watched 10 mins of Chronicles of Narnia(which everyone had seen-this was not the movie I had chosen but "A Wrinkle in Time" lasts 2:08 and we only had 1:45 so we made alternate plans), drank non-alcoholic strawberry daquiris, decorated cookies, played sardines again and then finalied with painting fingernails. I was not frustrated or irritable and therefore it was a fun night for all. I give God full credit for that. I am praying non-stop to be less stressed, less irritable, and generally more fun with my kids (and husband). Without him pulling me through, I would not have made it.

I have requested conversations with hubby on resolving some of our home/relationship issues. I hope something happens soon. I am also praying we can actually have a discussion without having a fight. Yet again I am frustrated with people who choose divorce! Empathetic, but angered. Like it is easy for the rest of us?? Marriage is so hard and frustrating. Pray for us!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Beth Moore has a blog!!!Beth Moore has a blog!!Beth Moore has a blog!!

I don't know why this makes me so happy, but it does.

www.livingproofministries.blogspot.com Hope it makes you happy as well.

Friday, February 09, 2007

My husband is leaving an envelope with this address on it: www.understandpmdd.com . Now that is spousal support folks! He keeps moving it somewhere right in my line of vision: computer table, kitchen table, kitchen counter. I am throwing it away now. (since I have a direct link...hehe)
God gave me a word from a total stranger today and I am sobbing.

http://openconversation.blogspot.com/2006/08/writing-from-heart.html if you dare. I am not naming names but I could so have written this.

I think I have been wearing a "terrible parent" label lately. Thank you God for new mercies every morning...or hour...or minute depending on the day.


I have many fun things coming up this next week and I am trying to take good advice from a fellow blogger-everything is just a cycle, it will never be done.

"If you've put your all into whatever you did today, if you did it for love of God and love of your family then you've accomplished the moon!" This is a great thing for me to remember as I seldom complete my to do list, or even my URGENT list. Thank you ~DanaB~. You inspire me daily with that concept. Because if I keep trying to get it all done instead of realizing it is a cycle that repeats, I will go stark, staring mad. OR I will stay stark, staring mad as the case may be.

I wish I could have enjoyed being "off sick" all week more. If only we had felt better! Oh well, I really do like to be on the go-just not so "scheduled". Here is what our next few days entail:

Saturday-back to upward basketball games for all three girls. We will be done at 1:30 or two leaving a little time for fun in the afternoon.

Sunday is the baby shower of one of my very good friends and I am so excited for her. I can't help but look back on all the fun showers I have had and been to. This is such a special ministry! What an honor to shower a new mother or bride with "pieces of you". We all love to give away a little something that makes life easier for someone else. Diapers are my old stand-by along with a little something else. Nothing made me feel better than knowing I had a stockpile of diapers in the closet. Last shower though, I was totally smitten with the coolest purse looking diaper bag in black and pink that I had to get that instead. She got some diapers though from other people. ( : Elaina is pretty special to our family so we will be looking for that extra special something as well.

Scout meeting on Monday and I have decided to put it all off until Monday afternoon. HEE HEE. Actually I am working out the treasure hunt in my head and cannot work on it until Monday. I think it will be fun. One of my clues is: Nothing says lovin' like food from the ____. Doesn't that sound fun. It will be a go there and get the next clue and I hope it can take an hour and end in glorious treat bags. I have a very tight budget so I will have to be very careful. This will be in a church building with upstairs and downstairs and many many rooms. We also have a homeschool group Valentine's party/exchange. We have to get valentines ready and make boxes.

Tues is my homemaker's club meeting and music class during the day and Homeschool Mom's meeting in the evening. Fondue and spa night. A night of pampering for moms that don't get that very often!

Wednesday, co-op and valetines party. Giving blood afterward. Church. Then I think a calm day at home on Thurs and Friday.

We are blessed to have lots of fun things and friends in our life. Maybe I will go clean the house or something. Thank you God for giving me a close family and lots of family activities-two things I never had growing up, but always wanted.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Toby!
Potty training is about 70-30 which is up from 50-50. Crate training is limited to "You will be in a crate when we are not home." All is okay.
It is so cold here!! I am glad Toby's trips outdoors are getting shorter. Treat reinforcement for successful trips seems to be key.
I am overwhelmed and tired and really crabby. Took the kids skating today and had wonderful chat time with other moms. Not near enough for the super chat queen, but getting closer.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Because potty-training a dog is tiring...a MEME

Welcome to the 2007 edition of getting to know your Friends.

Change all the answers so they apply to you, and blog-it.

1. What time did you get up this morning? 9-but that is because we have a new dog that keeps us up all through the night like a baby until we cave and put him in our bed where he sleeps through the night!

2. Diamonds or pearls? diamonds

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? What's a cinema? Hee hee. I really don't know, we saw Cars at the drive-in. The movies are really expensive and we just haven't gone in a long time!!

4. What is your favorite TV show? Frasier

5. What do you usually have for breakfast? Hot cereal or eggs.

6. Favorite restaurant? Red Lobster

7. What is your middle name? Lee

8. What food do you dislike? Obviously, none

9. What is your favorite CD at the moment? Mozart for kids

10. What kind of car do you drive? Dodge Grand Caravan

11. Favorite sandwich? Steak and swiss with peppers and onions.

12. What characteristic do you despise? lying(dishonesty)

13. Favorite item of clothing? soft old cotton

14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? England

15. What color is your bathroom? brown

16. Favorite brand of clothing? St John's Bay

17. Where would you retire to? My bed...hee hee. Don't want to live anywhere else but here-but I would travel!

18.What was your most recent memorable birthday? They are all good. One year my sister brought me lunch and a cake and all my other sisters came along with my mom. Most of the kids were in school (mine too) and it was alot of fun.

19. Favorite sport to watch? Upward basketball and Cardinal baseball

20. Farthest place you are sending this? Since I am putting it on my blog...Korea??

21. Who do you least expect to do this? Sara D.

22. Person you are tagging? My link list and everyone else!!

23. Favorite saying? That is not acceptable./Go spend some time by yourself in your room.

24. When is your birthday? 02/03/72

25. Are you a morning person or a night person? Night

26. What is your shoe size? To steal a little from Dolly Parton, I wear a 7 but an 8 feels so good I buy an 8 1/2 or 9.

27. Pets? 1 dog, 3 cats

28. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with us? My dog is well!!!!

29. What did you want to be when you were little? A secretary. Office was our favorite game. In real life the work was hard and I was grossly underpaid.

30. How are you today? Tired, baby dog making me crazy-good thing he is cute and cuddly

31. What is your favorite candy? snickers with almonds

32. What is your favorite flower? red carnations...if everyone in this coutry would drive a red car....we would be a red carnation. HEE HEE

33. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? Vacation in March

34. What church do you attend? Church of Christ-but not the "we're right and everyone else is wrong" kind!!

35. What is your full name? If you know me, you know

36. What are you listening to right now? glorious petty kid fights Dog barking at cat, Lilly being entirely too quiet...

37. What was the last thing you ate? cream of wheat

38. Do you wish on stars? No.

39. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? red

40. How is the weather right now? too cold to wait 20 minutes for a dog to pee or poop!!!!

41. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Darling hubby

42. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Very much! one of my bestest friends!

Tell me you did it if you did so I can read up on you!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hamster in a wheel...

Today has been one of those days where I have been moving all day and have gained no ground. (Can you say hamster in a wheel??!!!) It started with the best of intentions, but aside from finding all the things lost in my paper clutter, meal prep & cleanup, potty training a dog, showering and getting dressed-I have accomplished nothing else. BOO HISS. I think I may stay up late and drink coffee to get some things done.

Toby is adorable and sleeps in our bed between us all night long. He is perfect sized and sleeps all night. He also gets me up early because I don't want to clean up anymore "spills" or "thrills". I have the best hubby in the whole world for buying me a gorgeous little friend. He was worth a weekend from h-e-double hockey sticks.

We think he is a rat terrier based on his ears and general look. They said husky mix at the shelter, but his coat is thin and he just shivers when he is outside. We think rat terrier or chiuahua(sp?) mix. What is your vote? See below for pics of tobilicious Toby.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Thank you, Prayer Warriors!

He is okay today and it appears to have been a reaction to cat food. Thank you for your prayers! We are going to get him now. ( : Keep praying though.
Supermom cape surrendered

Today the Earth stood still for just a moment while a wife to one, mom to three gave up her supermom cape. She realized that with three children, two of whom were sick, could not take the added burden of a sick dog that may or may not live. The rest of the family gave a sigh of relief as this was common knowledge to them. It was easy to see just by looking at Mount Washmore without the laundry created by Toby, beautiful, very sick twice an hour, baby dog. Toby was taken in by a Foster mom who is said to be "amazing". It is said that the dog will either recover from "upset stomach"and be returned to former "supermom" or will be euthanized before the ending stages of parvo. One or the other is to be the culprit of this puppy's illness. The family is bracing for the worst and praying for the best. Supermom is relieved to put it in God's hands. She is also writing in third person and choking back tears. Prayers for the family are requested.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Meet Toby!!
My birthday surprise. Pray for him, he is not feeling well. I hope it is an upset tummy due to something he ate, not other things which could be bad.
I love his big ears most of all that don't match the rest of him. Erika put that neckerchief on him. He is really too cute to believe. Erik made a wonderful choice, what a sweetie. He is a puppy though, so we have to potty train which will not be so fun. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. He loves and supports us through it all!
AND, we got big beautiful snow last night. Unpredicted. The best kind. 2 inches. The kids really don't feel well, but they might get out and enjoy it later.
SO Summer, we will truly have a Sabbath today!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Website for all those with sons!!


Attitude adjustment...

Not the Hank Jr. kind though-if any of you grew up on country western as I did...hee hee.

Good long talks with good friends make you feel so much better. Thanks for listening to me vent. Wonderful you! ( ;

Today my house is very calm and peaceful as Lilly is sick and nested on the couch and Kayla can't talk much. There are blessings to illness. Erika is still well but she is just naturally low-key like her Daddy whereas the other two are all me, baby. Loud and aggressive. I am posting pics of Mount Washmore, I feel someone out there may feel better about their own domestic goddess abilities when they compare. There is another pile as well that did not come throught for some reason. Two hampers are empty though, so you can tell I have dumped them out and actually am doing some laundry. Washer and dryer are both full awaiting the next step. (While I blog...hee hee.)

My mom came over this morning and brought me a new vellux blanket for my bed and we laughed as we pulled off the current 11 year old one. (more laundry as I changed my sheets as well)It was something that needed to be replaced. In a big way. many, many holes. Hope we get as much wear out of the new one. I gave part of the old one to my scrapmasters to sew on and managed to make a twin blankie out of the rest. Can anyone say, miser? Part of it is still good, kind of.

So it is turning out to be a good birthday after all. I am 35 and don't feel any different. My husband promised me we could play games tonight and we are going to dog-sit for friends from church to break up the monotony of too many days in a row at home. I could go to game night by myself, but I would rather be home with my crew. I don't always feel that way but for some reason I do tonight.
Hubby is bringing me home my favorite chinese food in the world for supper. Chong's. Someone may get lucky tonight. If he plays games with me too and lets me win. Except scrabble which I am much better at and win on my own.

After the third try at word verification, they realize you are an idiot and the letters are real big and spaced far apart. Meaning I can actually get them right.

Friday, February 02, 2007


That stands for same crap(!), different day or same sick, different day. OR SSDK (same sick, different kid) OR SSAK (same sick, another kid). I wrote a post earlier and then deleted it. I am crazy mean and having way too much together time with my kids. Lilly is now sick too. Our weekend has been cancelled officially. YEAH! Not really. Happy Birthday to me. Stay home with your sick kids too many days in a row.....BRUHAHAHAHA! I am soooo glad we did go to the play as that has now become the highlight of my week, which is sad because it wasn't that great...or maybe it was my mood.

Edited out a funny pic, I decided it might be more publicity than that mommy bargained for!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


We did get snow!! But not like I wanted. More like what Erik likes. Pretty but the roads are clear and it isn't hard to walk through. I like snow that shuts down the city, which doesn't take much in this town.

Kayla is still running a fever but it is more around the 101 mark. I felt a little bad today because we went to the play anyway. We did not sit near anyone and we did not socialize much afterward. Kayla sat on the aisle away from the world and she did not feel like talking to anyone anyway. It was a nice outing and already paid for long ago. Besides, I know it isn't strep, so even if we spread any germs, they are tamer than some of the other stuff floating around out there. Most of the other families seemed to have one or more battling the sickies as well.
The kids palyed in the snow after we got home. Then came in for Berry milkshakes with extra Vitamin C and hopefully all the things needed for fighting off fevers and sickness.

Made the real McCoy chicken soup for supper tonight along with some BBQ'd in the crockpot chicken. They are both good. If I can cook or prepare any cliche' food to make someone well, I will!!

My birthday is Saturday and I hope Kayla gets well by tomorrow and no one else catches. Our church is having family game night Sat. and I am extremely excited. I am also not optimistic. Things usually travel through the family, as we all know.

We are supposed to get a round two on snow. I hope so!! Have a great Thursday.