Monday, February 27, 2006

Okay, let me pick up where I left off...We got to Orlando at 4PMish and hooked up with Erik's aunt and uncle who live here in the winter months (and also work at
Disney!). We went to eat with them, came home and swam in our house pool. Then we fell into bed exhausted. We got up to rain on Sunday but kept with our plan of going to animal kingdom. We just went later, arrived about 10Am. It was a little cool, we wore sweatshirts with T-shirts underneathe but we kept the sweatshirts most of the day. We took in all the shows and then rode rides, including the new Everest one. We did not get all the rides in, but it was enough. It was a little too cool for the raft ride. We did the safari which was like going to a zoo that rides you around to see all the animals. We saw all the animals. That is not tpical from what I understand. There were hardly any lines at all so it was a very good experience. I hope the week continues to be like that.

Last night we went into Epcot for their fireworks. IT was fabulosa. It is also a very large park. We will go there on Wednesday probably! Tomorrow we will go to Disney/MGM, Wed-Epcot, Thursday-Magic Kingdom. That is the tentative plan, we have until Saturday to get them all in so we could take another break if we needed to. We are hoping to hook up with Erik's other aunt and uncle and their kids tomorrow or Wednesday. They have a daughter Lilly's age and a younger little boy. They also have season passes to Disney.

Today we are resting and relaxing around home and Orlando. We are going to pick oranges in a bit and have Aunt Wanda and Uncle Danny over for supper. We decided to take a day to chill out and also it will be warmer tomorrow. I am going to go have a soak in our large garden tub. I am never coming home.

Jacinda-the house is big enough for two families, so come on!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

How do I even begin to cover the events up to now?? The trip down went really well. The girls are very good travelers. Kayla is the most curious child in the world. She likes to always be informed of as much as possible, what time is it? what time will we be there, what state are we in now, can I see the atlas, what is the name of the city we are in right now...I love her mind. I don't always though. We left at about 2:30 AM Friday night, my brilliant idea. Erik played at Fat Moe's and I thought when he got home from his gig, we would just all get up and load up and leave. I would drive the first leg while he slept. It went very well. Excepet that I did not get to bed until about midnight, so really I was driving on pure adrenaline and God-power. I was so hyped up though that I could not have slept anyway. It went fine, I munched celery sticks to keep me lively. There were not any close calls.

We arrived in Orlando at about 3:45 pm and went right to our house for the week. It is awesome. I told Erik's parents just to sell our house and keep paying the rent.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Tomorrow is departure day. I am excited and stressed out to the max. With being sick, cookies and other loose ends I am about to go insane. I can't wait to be off, sort of. We so need a vacation. We have so scrimped and saved for this for sooo long. And blessed substantially by my in-laws.

Lilly said yesterday, "my nose can't breathe". It was the cute quote of the day. We all ended up going to church Wednesday. Mostly to deliver cookies. That is surely more grounds for hell than a play, Sandy, hehe. Lilly and Erika were so pitiful. Only Kayla went to class and Lilly fell asleep. We made a huge dent in the cookies to be delivered. We had a total of over 500 to deliver and we are probably down to 100. Pretty good for 2 days worth of delivering!!

I would love to get out some more of my angst on here, but I really have at least 5 other things I should be doing, so I will go and do!! We are still undecided on taking the will hear from me again but possibly not for a long time!!

See ya!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

OK, only I got steroids. We all have a lovely expectorant. I love steroids. Your sick, but still strong as an ox. No wonder athletes use them. We all just have wonderful little colds. I woke up to Lilly barking like a seal this morning. I guess church is still out for she and I tonight. Erika is ify, she just looks really tired but seems to feel much better. Kayla, still well. She said, does this mean I will be sick at Disney? I said, even if you are, you will still have fun!

We will be delivering cookies as they arrive today. I am so happy. If our trrop did not count heavily on the money generated by cookies, I would forgo the pain in the rear of selling and delivering. It does teach the girls a good work ethic, especially this year when we just want to bundle in the covers and rest.

Off I go to tackle a crowded day!! Be well. Eat your fresh fruits and veggies! Keep praying for our health ( :

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Today, I will go to the doctor and beg for drugs. My throat feels swollen as large as my head!

The health fair might have been a little better descibed as a few health tables. We did get some free salmon with spinach and artichokes. It was delicious. The colossal colon was not as large as I expected, but very educational. I know what crohn's disease is now.

We all felt very lousy walking around except Kayla, the super gene holder of the family. She is very bored with our whole sick family thing. We all came home at 5:30, got pajamas on and began our slow decline to bedtime.

We leave Sat. Lilly is counting down in her little hoarse voice. I just hope we can all be well for the trip!!

Keep your fingers crossed that I(we are) am medicatable, and can get strong steroids!!

Lastly, for those of you sick of hearing me whine:

1. I was a volunteer fire fighter when I was 21. I drove the truck and worked the control panel for the hoses. I only worked one fire, a forest fire and it was dreadful! Erik was left at my Mom's house with my entire family while I went on the call. He has never forgiven me. I fought the fire with an ex-boyfriend, he wasn't real happy about that either. I quit a few days later. It was a brief but life enriching experience.

2. I have never flown on an airplane.

3. I skipped my senior prom to go on a date wih a college guy. We still went to Prom Bash. He was not a fun date. We went to a play. It was a good play. I don't remember the name, but it was at Playhouse in the Park in Murray.

4. I have worked at almost every restaurant in Paducah.

5. I could tell you stories to make you never want to eat out again. I won't.

6. I try not to think about any of that when I go out to eat.

7. I am not a germ freak. I was in nursing school during microbiology. It was the worst year of my life and I shared all of my knowledge with anyone who would listen. The m ost lasting thing I learned is that germs and parasites are everywhere and you may as well just accept it that you cannot kill them all-even with all the bath and body antimicrobial soap and gel in the world.

8. I went to nursing school for 2 years and hated every minute of it. Instead of telling my mom I hated it and quitting, I just quit studying and flunked out. My mom wasn't even paying for my college-I was. She just had all her hopes pinned on me being a nurse because she wanted to be one. I hope I never do that to my kids!

9. My favorite restaurant is Outback Steakhouse.

10. My favorite restaurant job was McDonald's. If they paid more, I would work there today! They are very clean and positive.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

It snowed even more!! All of the kids tracks from earlier today are all covered up. They can't wait to make new ones tomorrow!

I would so love to wake up tomorrow and feel better!! My head is just throbbing! I have not left the house since Friday. I will be going to the health fair at the mall tomorrow whether we feel like it or not. It is our last chance to feel like crap--I mean walk through the colossal colon. Plus, although we ain't feeling 100%, we all have a case of cabin fever that could rival "The Shining". Erik is much better which leaves only Lilly and I but I expect that any day now Erika and Kayla will catch on.

So avoid the Health Fair! There will be sick ones there-I promise we will purell and cough into our elbows!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Snowed In...
All of our activities for today are cancelled. I am soo glad! I hated disappointing my scouts with no camping, but the roads to camp will be dangerous for quite sometime! Erik suggested it would be beautiful to be there right now, but it wouldn't be very safe!

It is a good thing really, Erik and I have both been pretty sick. His started Valentine's Day, mine kicked in Thursday. This cold was something I wish he had not shared.

I am ging to crawl back into bed now with my best friend, Vicks Vapor rub. I feel awful! Be well blogger friends!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I got a least my blog did. I realy like it, colorful and reminds me of the green we will see everywhere soon.

Girl Scout Valentine's Party went great-my girls can do three crafts, exchange valentines, have cupcakes and punch in less than 30 minutes. I was not rushing them at all, they are just really quick!!

My homeschool support group meeting is the light of my life now. I just love these ladies. I crave transparency and most of them have it. We live in such a fake world. People pretend to be something they are not and want me to as well. I'm not wired that way. God wants us to sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron. We can't "sharpen" one another if we are all full of hot air and boloney! Too many churches are full of "shiny, happy people" to quote a band I don't like. Now that song will be stuck in your head...sorry. Karri had such a great meeting planned, we all shared the Bible scriptures together that were to remind us to encourage one other. We all shared personal stories from the homefront. It is so comforting to know some days other homeschoolers watch the bus go by and long for what could have been. I know I have been called to homeschool and it is worth it. This year will have some moments though-when potentially, all could be at school. There will be time for me to be alone in the nursing home! I won't even notice I am alone though because I will be so busy catching up on my scrapbooking.

Happy Greeting Card/Florist Day. Happy "tell your sweetheart you love them cause we said so" day. We made heart shaped pizzas for lunch. I do like this holiday even though the conservative in me wants to hop up on a soapbox and say "Stop the Insanity!" Erik is shopping for the girls...I hope that turns out OK! I refuse to leave the house today. Not because it is Valentine's Day, but because I have run ragged for far too many days in a row. Erik will get special services for his gift. House clean(maybe), dinner, backrub, etc. He will like that more than chocolate.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Since my last post, it has snowed big fat gorgeous snowflakes many many times with no serious accumulation. I LOVE SNOW!! It is sooooo pretty to watch.

The Homeschool Valentine's Party was awesome. We have such a wonderful group!! In most groups, 20% of the people do 80% of the work. In our homeschool group 80% of the people do all of the work and it is AWESOME!! I had great helpers, most everyone showed up that signed up, we were able to bless a couple of families with our leftovers and all the kids (and grown-ups) had fun. I love a good party.

The progressive dinner was awesome too, we had a ball. First we were at Glen and Vickie's which was fabulous. Erik and I are much more comfortable at their house without our children-they have ALOT of antiques around ( ; Then we went on to John and Sandy's. They had tons of candles lit and it was fabulosa!!
My only regret is that because I did not eat all day, I was starving at the first stop and ate too much. That left me not even remotely hungry at the next stop and completely unable to eat any dessert-that has never happened to me before!! The best part was having our friends Stephen & Katie and Dallas & Crystal riding in our van with us. We had never had a van full of grownups before. Nice change!

Saturday night, my friend Elaina came over at 8:30(the kids went to bed at 7:45) and watched our TV and played with our dog and cats while we went out on the town!! Erik wanted to hear some live music since he was finally not playing for a weekend. It was fun. We went to Fat Moe's, CC Cohen's and Jeremiah's. These are all restaurant/bars downtown, but they also have live music. Erik was very well behaved and drank mello yello and coffee. I had a regular margarita and a blue margarita. Since I hardly ever drink anything-these seriously affected me. OOPS...I also had 1 beer with my meal too! I am feeling a little guilty, perhaps I should have stopped at one. I wasn't drunk, but I was definitely light-headed. Next time,if there ever is a next time, I will stop at one or two. Don't want to have a whole drinking discussion on my blog, but would be interested to know how some of you feel on the subject. My husband and I have had many struggles in this area and I still have not made up my mind where I stand. I think everything in moderation is it, but some people can't do that...I dunno!! Our family will never be tee-totalers though.

Next topic...funny story. Lilly, the youngest, is such a drama queen. She loves to be sooo grown-up. Erik was blowing raspberries on her neck and kissing her neck and face. She stopped giggling enough to say "Stop it Dad, you are going to make me have issues!" Erik and I could not stop laughing, so of course, she kept saying it. She has no idea what that means, but I do say that about people sometimes to avoid direct conversation in front of the children, so she had proper context!! I love being a mom!! Too funny!

Well two more busy days in a row of busy days and then I will have just a day or two of unbusy before we camp. This too shall pass and we leave at the end of Feb for vacation that is halfway planned!! We have our house rented, tickets bought and a semi itinerary planned!! I am sooo excited!

Have an awesome week.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It happens every year. Today has made it happen a little early. Cold weather really starts to get on my nerves. Usually it is more the end of February, but on days like today when it sort of snow rains and is very cold, I am just DONE with winter. That does not change the weather any, but I just start to really long for spring and really hate it every time I have to put on a coat (LIKE TODAY) OF COURSE, Let me be quick to point out that snow is always welcome. I love the white flakes falling. Freezing rain and cold temps-not after Feb 1 without a lovely side dish of big fat snowflakes.

All of my deadlines are coming around quickly!! Valentine's party is FRIDAY!! Progressive dinner Friday!! GS VParty is MONDAY! CAMPING is the 18th. I have worked all day on Disney prep. Could there BE more literature, websites, etc??? I don't think so. It is as overwhelming as the parks themselves. I have decided we will follow the Fodor's guidebook and fill in with anything else we have time for. Since we only have 4 PARK days, we will not get to see it all. HOWEVER, we have 7 days in Orlando and plan to venture to the ocean after that. We will be able to put in a day at the Orlando Science Center as well and also spend some time with Erik's Aunts and Uncles (2 sets of them). We soooo need a vacation. We have saved as much money as is humanly possible and Erik's Mom and Dad have financed a good portion of the trip because they love us. I can't wait!! I will have serious blog withdrawal, although we are considering bringing the laptop. We will be in a 3000 sq ft house with a heated pool. That will be really really hard to leave!!

Sara- BTW, I had no idea you knew me so well or were such a good test taker. Either way, it is always nice to make 100 on a test! Pretty good scores overall. I am not very mysterious I guess. I hope you all make a test too!

Still behind on my housework, one more load of laundry to fold and one more to wash and dry. Can't seem to work up the ooomph to get it done. I hope too in the next few hours. Disney pamphlets and books have turned my brain to jello.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I have fallen off the wagon and bumped my head severely. My laundry is behind, and I have not gotten up before my children in several days. I am waking up to TV and cookies for breakfast...and fighting over what they are going to watch. This is not my plan!!! I am trying to get back on the wagon, but it is moving so fast!!

I hope all of you are doing so much better. I will catch up today on laundry, I did about 6 loads yesterday and I think three more today will have it caught back up. If I were going to bed at a decent hour I would be able to get up as well. I love late night TV-this habit goes back to about 5th grade.

I am ready a new blog Jettybetty, your daughter is delightful. I hope mine grow up to have their own faith and relationship with HIM!!

Take my Quiz on!

Try this quiz if it comes out. I got this from crittermer. I made 40 on her test even though I don't even know her. I thought that was pretty good! Laundry here I come!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Sandy, I must join you in the February is crazy busy club!! Just to hit the high points: My birthday ( :, Valentine parties for homeschool and girl scouts, taking my Girl Scouts camping in a winterized cabin, GIRL SCOUT COOKIES coming in, progressive dinner, starting a new bible study, various meetings for things I am involved in (homemakers, pampered chef, homeschool support group), and the grand finale of Disney at the end of the month. I also have to get our tax stuff together!! I want to hire a personal assistant, nanny and housekeeper-just for a couple of weeks.

On top if all of that I am still wanting God to use me to help several friends with problems, physical and otherwise. I know lots of people who are sick and recovering from surgeries and I want to be there for that as well.

I love being a woman. My husband would look at my list and think I was crazy, but I like it. Being busy keeps me going. I look forward to projects and lose the ability to study and pray when everything is ho-hum. When it is crazy busy, I have a forced dependence on God and he is ALWAYS faithful.

Somehow in the busyness of life, I still manage to take time for blogging. Honestly probably at least an hour a day. Sometimes that hour is in two shifts, but I love it. I used to feel the same way about email, but blogging is so much more personal. A very cool thing happened this weekend. I have been posting and reading a COMPLETE STRANGER'S blog for some time now. I have enjoyed reading her blog because we are at similar stations in life. I also read because of my friend . These ladies inspire me from afar even though we have never met. The other blogs I read are more because I am keeping up with friends (I am tired of typing in addresses). ANYWAY< Jacinda was posting places she has lived and Paducah, KY was number 1. Later she posts Reidland as the home of her grandparents and goes into a lengthy post about Reidland Church of Christ(my home church) and after posting and emailing we determine that her grandparents lived on MY STREET!!! My street is old and a dead end with few houses. I was certain I lived in her grandparents old house, but it ended up being a neighbor. STILL< very cool connection. Also, a girl named Jenni chimes in that Bret and Summer, her churches new worship minister and wife, came from Paducah she thinks!! Yes indeed, from my church!! I still miss them dreadfully!! Also connected in that is one of our elders daughters who is the secretary there -I am sure Jenni knows her as well. Anyway it is all very interesting how connected we all are if we just visit long enough!!

I am awed and inspired by all the connecting and have made a new blogging friend who found me from Jacinda and has twins and then later another child which is alot like me. Her kids are all in college now so I am very interested in her life and wisdom!!

I love blogging and now you know why.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Today is my birthday!! I am 34 years old. I feel about 10. With a little bit of wisdom. Tiny bit. It amazes me how I keep getting older and yet I don't feel any different. No matter how much my body changes, I still feel like the same person. We started our Ladie's Bible Study last night and they read a poem about that. I guess we all still feel like us no matter what happens. I have changed though, God's plan for me keeps changing my character for the better everyday. WHEN I LET IT!!

I don't have to make supper tonight as my wonderful in-laws are having a shrimp boil for me. They told me to pick between that or steak. I said "Surprise ME!! They both sound fabulous." Erik told them I really wanted a shrimp boil. Erik REALLY loves shrimp. Isn't he funny!!

I want a new door for my laundry room (the dog ate the other one, the whole bottom where the kitty door was 2 years ago I think)and paint for my living room for my gifts. REALLY!! I am so not a typical woman!! I would still want that even if we were rolling in money. But I would probably want to hire the work out as well!! (Still it is fun to do-it-yourself!)

I have too much to do to spend much time on here, so off I go to conquer the day. I think Erika will make me a cake with her easy bake oven. How sweet!! I may help them make a real one an advisory role of course. Happy Day off from points. Birthday cakes made by your children have no fat or calories, RIGHT???