Thursday, April 30, 2009

Audio Bible Review

I wanted to love this Audio Bible. Mostly, I wanted my kids to love it. I wanted them to read the cover and see all the cool stars and be enthralled. I wasn't, they weren't. It is actually so many different people reading that it gets very confusing. Also, hearing children read parts that are not children is mildly confusing at best. Add to that the fact that some of the young boys sound girlish and yet they are reading male parts-it would be great live, but in a recording that isn't exactly what one can benefit from.

Perhaps I am biased because we already have a really cool audio bible-and it has BOTH Testaments!! Audio Bibles are a great resource. It is a wonderful way to build scripture time into your life and the lives of your children. If you need this kind of star power to get your kids interested-buy it. If the story quality is more important than star power, spend your money on a good audio Bible that has both Testaments and fewer characters reading!!

This would make a great gift for a new tween Christian that loves the tween stars. It serves a function and I'm glad it is available. It just wasn't a good fit for us.

Got Perspective?

Read all about it!!

Go buy it!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Propose a Toast!

I have been praying diligently for God to help me overcome our social stagnation. My girls have felt listless and friendless. God is faithful. At the urging of a fellow social butterfly friend, we have expanded our schedule to include a few social engagements and it is blissful. Every time the girls make a friend, I get a new one too. I love friends. I love how sometimes you just click with someone and the friendship is effortless.

I love meeting bloggers that I have felt that same connection with as well. JettyBetty was the first I met and she was soooo wonderful and fun, I decided meeting bloggers was fun. YES, click on her name and read her archives-a blessing to be sure!! Just don't expect her to post anytime soon because she caved to the facebook world a while ago!! ANYHOO- I made arrangements to meet Shorty Mom. Shorty Mom is just as fun and delightful as I knew she would be. We went to the same school for a while which just makes me laugh. 31 and 37 don't seem far apart-but in school years???? Infinity + 1. What is so SURREAL about meeting bloggers in real life is that the friendship is already in place. You sort of just pick up like you would with an old friend because, technically, you are old friends already. Even though you have never 'met' before and you aren't completely positive what each other looks like (even though you have seen pictures). Shorty Mom looks just like her picture, only younger. What a gift-to look younger than you are. I have always looked older and these gray roots aren't helping me any.

So my post today is a 'friend'-ly post. I offer a toast to making new friends and 'new' friends. Let's cyber clink our tea glasses. Cheers!

PS-I'd like to meet Amy "I'm a honey!" too. Mia, Hula and I will roadtrip it someday to Crazyville! I'm gonna go google-map Crazyville to Crazyville...heehee.

PSS-I want to meet all the bloggers I read eventually. Some of you are just so far away from KY that I might have to wait for empty nest syndrome or something. That will give Jason plenty of time to get the crazy carrot person out of his house!! Jacinda and I will go through old photo albums together of her grandmother's house because she will be down to one and amazed to learn what free time is. And Ami will have plenty of time to get adjusted to her new neighbors, as well as finish her mourning of the great Cletus move. And Amy time to empty her nest as well-plus whip up loads of Chai soap. (What's up with all the AMIES??) Ree can get the new worn off the lodge...this could go on all night...if I've commented on your blog, I've planned the visit, yes I am a stalker bogger!! (Susie dispatcher who hardly ever blogs and is no longer a dispatcher either, Fred-Jen, Becky K., Trailboss, Sabrina T., Kerflop...the list goes on and on forever!!)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Book Review: The Noticer

This book is subtitled, "Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective." Such wisdom is simple but true. We as Americans don't have any perspective because we are too wrapped up in our own world-our own hurts and dreams. We often forget that there are people in the world too hungry to even have dreams or goals. We get lost in being mad about this or that and forget about perspective.

The story in this book is about a beach town and a man, Jones, who appears off and on in the lives of the people there. He does more than just appear though, he notices. He notices when people are hurting. He notices vagrants. He encourages the people to read about great lives and encourages them to make their own lives great. He helps heal people and their relationships. He make a real difference in the lives of those all around him. He has a different name among the migrant workers, Garcia, but he is respected everywhere he goes and by whatever name he goes by.

I love this book. I love the encouragement it gives me that I-merely one person-can make a difference. I can notice people's hurts and help. Not on the same level that Jones does, but on some level. Just try to imagine a world of people that isn't so wrapped up in their own stuff. A world where people stop and take the time to smile, hug a stranger who is crying, help a kid up that has fallen down, tip a waitress a little extra, buy an elderly woman's groceries, etc, etc, need I go on?? A world of Pay It Forward (one of my favorite movies, I just wish it had been 'G'). Looking out for others, following The Golden Rule.

To say I was inspired by this book would be redundant but since I am a redundant kind of girl-I am inspired by this book. I even passed it along to my preacher. He did not love it as much as I did, but he still used an illustration in the book for a sermon. It is a quick easy read that really makes you think about the power of one person. READ IT!!

Eyes Wide Open

God has spent the last week forcing my eyes open. Open to the blessings in my life.
Open to the hurts and struggles of other people. Open to how many supportive friends I have. Friends who are so near and dear to me that they can encourage me with an email, a hug, a look, a card, and even a blog comment.

Life is hard for everyone and I think sometimes I forget that. I look around and see that everyone else has it so much easier than I do. It is a lie straight from the master of all lies. Life is meant to be a struggle. A struggle of good versus evil. There is much evil in the world, but there is also much good. Also, good will win in the end-I know, I read THE BOOK.

So, today, on this fresh brand-spanking new Monday, my life has not changed one bit. The same struggles I have been struggling with are still there. I will lose my temper approximately 27 times today, find it, clean up the messes it made, lose it again and vow to do better. My daughters will have to be corrected, disciplined, given disparaging looks, threatened with lost privileges, forced to learn lessons, encouraged to love, allowed to blossom, hugged and loved on, and all of the other stuff that goes with parenting.

So what is different today? I'm not buying the lies anymore. I'm not buying the lies that tell me everyone else has it all together and I am in the 'SLOW row'. I'm not caring what anyone thinks about me or my children-I am plugging into God and the people that truly LOVE my family and my children. I am counting my blessings. I am giving unloving judgement, criticism and superiority the brush-off. I'm not waiting until hubby and I have perfect wonderful parenting unity to handle some of the big stuff. My attitude has been adjusted. BY GOD. I plan to keep it adjusted-one day at a time starting with today.

Have a FRESH prosperous Monday.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Shorty Mom gave me an award. I am laughing out loud. Thanks for the award, but I don't think I can accept it today...maybe tomorrow. Shortymom is so sweet!!
I know I am a good mom in my heart of hearts, I'm just not feeling it right this moment. You have certainly given me an oxymoron to snicker at-this post plus my last post!
Anyone want to send me a 'Wife of the Year' award?? Hee hee.


Today is the ending of a very busy week. A week out and about, helping my children create their social lives. Heck, I've even had my own socializing this week. This brings to mind several things but the most pressing is still the same. Am I where God means for me to be?? I look around at my life and my family and ask, "Am I doing a good work in my life?" I have to say a very emphatic, NO! I feel like I am a hamster in a wheel. Our family faith walk seems stagnant. I feel like the life lessons my kids are learning from me are wrong. I just don't feel like the seeds I am scattering are anything I want to grow...or maybe the seeds I have scattered are growing and the harvest is scaring me!!

I can't decide if the problems I am facing with my kids are normal or if I am blowing it BIG TIME! I'm not blogging alot lately because I just don't like my life (or my reactions to it!) a whole lot right now. I feel all alone and yet supported all at the same time. God, please help me find the me You need me to be. I am frustrated with all the demands and struggles that are mine.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Day in the Life of Lilly

I wake up. I listen to hear if anyone else is up. Sneak out to the playstation. Turn TV volume way down and sit very close.

"No TV, Lilly"

Shoot, Mom's up already. YAY! She is cooking breakfast. I am gonna roll up in my blanket and crawl to the kitchen to see what we're having. Sausage, eggs and pancakes? Oh yeah, Dad's off today. Must hurry and get dressed...we always do fun stuff when Dad's home. What's that smell? FIRE? Mom and Dad must be burning the huge pile of trees, I LOVE THIS DAY!!

I dress as fast as I can and then sneak to the kitchen to see if I can scare anyone. Nope, no one else is up besides Mom and Dad. I've already gotten in trouble with the TV, better not risk it. I stand close to Mom. I beg to cook the pancakes. Mom says no. Mom says get a plate and go eat...OKAY!! Kayla is up now and eating too. Kick her under the table. Now I tell mom Kayla kicked me. We both get in trouble. How does she always know?? I love pancakes. This is gonna be the best day ever.

I go outside with Dad and he teaches me how to drive the lawnmower WITH THE TRAILER ON IT!!! He won't let me mow but he is letting me drive the mower and trailer to haul sticks-EVEN BETTER THAN MOWING!!!! He lets me drive it to and from the burn pile. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Crap, here comes Mom to help. I hope I still get to drive the lawnmower. She smiles at me. I'm still gonna get to drive the lawnmower!!!! Just to make sure though, I better just sit right here in the seat and not get up or talk. I have to talk or I will explode. Ask mom what she thinks of me driving. She likes it. She says I am getting big. Ask mom if she can hear the birds. She does. Keep asking questions until Mom says sit quietly or get off and pick up little sticks. I choose to sit quietly. I have to go pee. Cry because I still want to drive...oops it is so hard to be big. Mom assures me they will wait for me to come back. Pester sisters doing school as soon as I walk in. Almost forgot about peeing and.....OOOOOOOOOH, driving the mower. Must hurry back outside. WHEW!! They did wait for me.

Mom asks Dad and I to go to the store for hot dogs to roast on the little fire. We have two fires- a really giant one and a small one. YIPPEEE!! This is the best day ever. Erika goes too because she is done with school. We get hot dogs, chips and stuff for smores. This is the best day ever. Come home, cook hot dogs and marshmallows on the fire. Now Mom is gonna mow so I don't get to drive anymore.

HEY, there is a big truck pulling into our driveway. A bucket truck. The power company is here to fix our security light. I crawl up onto the giant stump and watch them. It is very exciting. Wow. I drink most of Mom's tea. Her tea is always the best tea ever. My own glass is never as good as hers. I gotta pee. I think I will climb in the bathroom window from outside. I pull a chair over to the window. I get the screen raised and I am halfway in....Mom is yelling at me. Uh -oh. The power guys are laughing. I crawl out and look at Mom. I get down and go in the regular ole way. I don't know why Mom hates us crawling in and out of the new windows so much.

I come back outside and there is ANOTHER big truck in the yard. It is the septic tank guy. Oh wow, this is the best day ever. Two big trucks in the same day. I watch for a while and then I get bored. I come in the house and watch TV. FETCH is on. I love that show. Erika says it's educational but I still like it. Mom comes in and reminds me to do school. I sneak out and ask Dad if I can do my school in the van while he drives the trailer around with the van (Mom is mowing now so I don't get to drive.). He leaves the air and radio on and I get to do my homework in the van while he works. I LOVE THIS DAY!!

Finally the yard is mowed, the big trucks are all done and we get to roast hot dogs AGAIN for supper. AND marshmallows. Mom must be really tired. I have eaten a whole package of graham crackers and Mom doesn't even know it. I tried kraut on my hot dog like Daddy and it was GOOD. I love Daddy. This is the best day EVER!!

Now I have to finish my school or Mom won't let me go to church. She is soo mean. She is even making me WRITE the ORAL DRILL ANSWERS. I souldn't have to write them. Mom is so mean. I hope I get to go to public school soon. They won't make me write stuff all the time like Mom does. I bet it is all computer games that have learning stuff. And nobody to tell me what to do. I can't wait. It'll be so much fun. PLUS, all the kids will be my friends and I can talk and sing as much as I want.

Now it is time for church and I got all my school work done-so HAH! I know Mom didn't really want me to go. She wanted me to do school work all night long but I tricked her and got it all done.

We got home from church just in time to watch Lil get voted off American Idol. I liked her. Oh goody, David Archuleta is singing tonight. I love him. Someday we are going to get married because Mom says I can't marry Daddy. I have to go to bed now. I am just gonna lay here and stay up. Hee hee, they will never....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moody Blue/Moody Orange

Sometimes I forget how my moods are so enmeshed with my hormones. I'll have a week where everything is wrong and then, almost as quickly, the world shifts and things are okay again. I hate that. I hate that as a woman, I cannot trust my angst. I can't always differentiate between real problems and hormonal ones. This blog has helped so much because I can feel and read the "schedule" of the moods.

All of this to say, this week, so far, is glorious. What wouldn't be after a week so bad I wanted to cause bodily harm to SOMETHING somewhere. This week we are all getting along and we have decided another year of homeschool is the path we are supposed to take. Despite the fact that Lilly has told the world she is going to public school next year. If there is anyone out there that believes all that Lilly says...well, I feel bad for them. She tell lots of WHOPPERS, most of them unintentionally.

Kayla really smiled today. Alot. I forgot how beautiful her smile is because they just don't happen very often-at least when she is at home. Praise God for the smiles of tweenagers.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Homer Simpson Sunday

I spent some time with one of my good friends the other night. She was having relationship troubles. Don't we all!! Don't we all forget sometimes that we ALL have relationship troubles. It's kind of funny. We start looking around comparing our worst to everyone else's best. We think about what we could have-the dream relationship in our head. We forget it is a DREAM relationship. We feel cheated. In her words, we wonder if we are "settling". In my humble opinion, "settling" is a state of mind. Not one of the states I choose to travel to and I hope my hubby doesn't want to travel there either. I think she and her fella are gonna make it. It'll be alot of work to get over this bump in their relationship, but isn't that what makes relationships closer? All the bumps we look back on that we have made it over?

Today has been the best Homer Simpson day ever. I say that because I did not go to church. Remember The Simpsons episode where Homer stays home from church and the rest of the family goes? He has the best day of his life. The family has a day where everything that can go wrong does. I did not go to church this morning. Yesterday, when I woke up I felt horrible. I did not even change out of pjs all day. I got all Vick's vaporubbed up, wrapped up in a blankie, and hoped one of our 13 channels would have something good to offer. The girls are always happy for a TV day-even if Mom is sick. So anyway, this morning I did not feel much better and I have had a cough and headache all day. I think it is just allergies but I'm not sure. Anyway, today I slept in really late and then cleaned a bit. Then I had to get out and do some household shopping. After getting a shower, getting dressed and getting moving, I felt alot better. Still do. Tomorrow is a busy day. I hope I feel even better, after all, I can't have a Homer day every day.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I could post, but my foul mood would likely spill out all over the place.

Tomorrow, a good day. Please.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Fever

My tomato plants are sprouted. They look good. I've been to two yard sales and scored cool things at both of them. Our weather may have turned warm to stay~with rainy days interspersed, of course. I can see the end of the school year. We've met most of our schooling goals. Spring, the beginning of summer is in full bloom.

I've had a good day today and tomorrow looks good as well. I can't wait to finish this school year, plan out next year's and enjoy SUMMER OFF!!!! Except for math. No matter how loud the complaining gets. Build a bridge and get over it!!

I wish every day could start off at Cracker Barrel with my Bible study friends having breakfast. It just seems to make the day go well. I love hash brown casserole! And biscuits with strawberry jam.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Reading Recommendations

Today has been better than yesterday. Erik and Kayla had some bonding time. The other two and I had some library time. I've sketched most of the rest of our school year. It is so hard to plan lessons in advance. Essential to stay on course, but then again, the course always changes. At least for me. I refuse to move on until the subject is mastered, so sometimes we get detoured. I'm glad too. It was so hard for my kids to master fractions and percentages and they were so sick of them before we moved on. However, the subsequent lessons have been easier for them. Do public school teachers plot out the year and follow it or do they change course as well?? Just wondering, Jason?

I've decided to do some of my book reviews today, especially since they are really piling up!!
The Year of Living Biblically by A.J.Jacobs
Subtitled, One Man's Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible. I loved this book. He approached it as an agnostic and by the end he was a little bit closer to believer. The task is monumental-studying the Bible so much for an entire year. He consulted with many clergy from all religions along the way. He is very open about how the journey affected his home life. I could not recommend this book more-regardless of your religious leanings.
Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel (AKA-Blair on The Facts of Life TV show)
Blair is a famous homeschool mom now!! Did you know that?? She is also an inspirational speaker in the Christian world and one of my heroes. This book is one I should have read when my kids were younger. She did not have surly tweens when she wrote this, so I did not get the info I really was seeking. If you have toddlers though, go ahead and buy this book-it will help you.
For Me: The Big Nap by Ayelet Waldman
This book was so good. Normal life taking a brush with an extreme religion. A mom who just needs to sleep solving a mystery. It was a very light quick read with enough twists and turns to keep it all interesting.
For the kids: Edward's Eyes by Patricia MacLachlan
This book grabs you, sucks you in and then leaves you with a wonderful feeling deep in your soul. This is the same author who wrote Sarah, Plain and Tall, one of my all time favorite books...and also the sequels to it. We listened to it on audio and we all just loved it.
That's all for today. That should give you some reading material for a few days.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, Monday

It has been a day from h-e-double hockey sticks. There have been a few bright points, our friend Todd has recovered enough from his surgery to get to go home. And we also had 4H today.

Other than that, not much good to report. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I try really hard to figure out how the egg hunt figures into the resurrection story. New birth, renewal? I've done a bit of websearch and egg hunts appear to be rooted in pagan fertility type activities-eggs and rabbits are both symbols of fertility. However, I feel the same way about this as I do Halloween-it is all about fun games for kids and there are few things kids enjoy more than a good egg hunt-or in this day and age, an egg gathering. I remember when the hiding of the eggs was much tougher-but churches were quite a bit smaller and kids were happy with just a few eggs. The times change. My favorite easter egg hunts were the ones at school. I don't think schools even have egg hunts anymore.

Lilly was the only 'official' hunter in our family for our church egg hunt. She 'found' lots of eggs including the golden egg for her age group. Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, all three girls will participate in the family egg hunts which are MUCH more challenging. Mostly because all us grown-up kids know how to put the hunt in egg hunt. I can't wait, it will be so much fun to see all of our family. AND, there will be babies at both stops. Babies are so much more fun to visit with when you don't have one.

Tonight will be a big night for our family, I'll share the details after it happens. Let's just say, boundaries are stretching and Mom is nervous.

Happy Easter!!

Jesus Christ defeated death. His blood covers our sins. Believe it, love it, live it!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Just Sayin'

  • Sometimes, if you brag on yourself and your spouse on your blog, bad things happen. Bad things like, perhaps that dishwasher won't quite get the dishes clean anymore. It doesn't get them clean much quieter though.

  • I really miss the younger versions of my now tweens and yet, my youngest child at the same age is driving me nuts. I really try to seize the days with her fully knowing I will long for this sweet age later. Parenthood is the toughest hood of all.

  • The two types of Churches of Christ sitting in a waiting room together is awkward.

  • That last one deserves a hearty AMEN!

  • The more you have to do, the more likely you are to sit in front of the TV like a zombie.

  • I caught myself considering a direct sales career again. I slapped myself a few times and let the moment pass.

  • Now that I am resolved and encouraged to carry on with homeschool, curriculum choices have me curled up in the fetal position once again.

  • Political cartoons are awesome.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tid Bits

I don't have the time to post like I would like to. So here are just a few tasty morsels of life.
  • One of our very good friends broke his leg and is in miserable pain that morphine won't touch. Surgery is required but apparently the surgery schedule is quite busy. Hi name is Todd, please pray that his pain will be bearable and his surgery will be soon.
  • One of my other friends-a new friend-is going through her parents losing their home to a fire. Her name is Kaelyn, please pray for her and her family.
  • My dishwasher is washing my supper dishes. DIVINE. The part came really quickly but it was not easy putting the thing back together. After much frustration, I decided to switch a bolt out for a different bolt and hope for the best. New bolt worked very well and hopefully will continue to do so for quite some time.
  • I received a new book to PRE-view, The Noticer, and it is awesome!! I can't wait to tell you all about it but I have to wait until April 27th-the release date. Very engaging QUICK read.
  • I went to see my great nephew today and he wasn't home. While visiting briefly with my nephew, Noah(the baby) arrived back at home. He smiled at me like three times. I'm in love. Babies are soooo sweet. Okay, he did not smile AT me...smiles crossed his face as he sat dreaming of the world's largest bottle. I'll take what I can get.
  • My Wednesday class took a nosedive down to 3 people(4 counting me). However, 5 people told me why they could not be in my class Wednesday and that news plus lots of prayer kept me from feeling like a total loser teacher. Also, the class was still a huge encouragement as I love all of the people who are coming to my class.
  • We had our last Esther Bible study lesson today. I really love Beth Moore Bible studies. She encourages me so much I almost feel like she is a direct messenger from God just for me. The fact that other people feel that too gives me goosebumps all over. One person being obedient to God's call is powerful!
  • I got my hair trimmed. It looks so much better. I went ahead and scheduled my next appointment because I don't want to wait another year before I get a hair cut! Time flies.
  • I am back to taking B12 sublingual vitamins. It seems to really make a huge impact on my energy level.
  • I am humbled and blessed by all of the wonderful comments on my last post. Thank you for caring and thanks for encouraging. I have met with no fewer than five of my home school homies to get "support". I love my homeschool mom friends. I love my non-homeschool mom friends. I love my friends. Right now, I feel good and I love everyone. Peaks and valleys folks, peaks and valleys.

I am very thankful tomorrow is Friday even if it begins one of the busiest weekends evah!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Free Time!!!

The girls are all three involved in a program this week that gives me many many hours of uninterrupted freedom. And I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. Yesterday, hubby was off so we had lots to do and nothing to do. We accomplished some and watched a movie. Today, I dropped them off and came to the library. I have browsed some things I needed to browse, made some notes that needed to be made and now I am blogging. I still have time left. This makes me fully realize what kind of sacrifice I am making to homeschool my children. I could have this every day. Personal time. Non-referee time. Time to finish projects that hubby nags me about never finishing. Time to read more books. Time to plan menus, clean, bargain shop more effectively. Time to do my Bible study. Time to polish my parenting skills. Absence to allow my heart to grow fonder of all members of my family. Time to get a part-time job that would give me MONEY in addition to time. Time, time, time. Can I just admit right now how much that tempts me??? Especially as we begin the long road of tween/teendom.

I knew homeschooling was not an easy choice. I knew it would require alot of me. I guess I just never realized that the other demands that life makes on my life would also not change. My husband does expect a clean house and meals. He isn't a tyrant, he just sees that as part of my job description as a housewife. I expect a clean house and meals as well-from myself as part of my job description also. There is also the expectation of frugal shopping (one income family-DUH!) which could totally be a full-time job. I'm not talking mall madness, I'm talking about food and the necessities of life for a family of five. There is alot to running a household. This is true whether you homeschool or not. Whether you work outside the home or not. I honestly don't know how women who work full-time outside the home can accomplish anything on the homefront. Sometimes I just can't keep up with the expectations of me. That makes me feel like an utter failure.

All of this to say, sometimes I question the decisions I have made for myself. Especially on days where the kids seem to hate homeschool, hubby seems disappointed with my "productivity", and I am so tired I just want to crawl back into bed and take a nap.

Have I lost myself? Is there ever a place that women get to just feel good about what their lifesong sings? Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? Is there a lawn service that keeps it that green? Where should I go for my SABBATICAL? See what happens when I have free time. Worlds are colliding. Independent Janice is luring Janjanmom with shiny happy free time.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Snow What?

Monday, April 6-Snow day. What is wrong with this picture? We all had to bring out big bulky WINTER coats again. I cannot even begin to tell you what dislike that stirred up in my soul!! I am right smack dab in the midst of enjoying SPRING and do not care to have that interrupted with snow. Hopefully, this was Jack Frost's last hurrah with our neck of the woods. Here are some of the other fun things that happened today:
  • Watched 7 pounds. Whew! Not what I expected. I like Will in les complicated movies. It's good, very good. Watched City of Ember. Good, it was not anywhere near as good as the series of books...but then, they never are. Watched Step Brothers. I wish I could get that time back. Will Ferrell, Elf is the only good movie you have ever been in. Stop with the goofy trash mouth movies. Who is the audience you are seeking???????? I watched these movies for $3 VIA the red box. Oh my, 24 hour movie rental for $1. Me likey. ALOT.
  • Hubby cleaned out the garage and we took several boxes of things to the Salvation Army. The clutter just keeps going and it feels very nice. I hope to shed many more pounds of clutter through this year. Even better than that though, I plan to not take on a bunch of replacement clutter.
  • Hubby and I disassembled the dishwasher and found the problem. $12.95 and the part should be here in 3-5 days. Do-it-yourself is really the only way to go. If only we could pump out our own septic tank (our next home necessity!!).
  • We have our new windows (winders here in the country) and they are awesome. I hope our utility bills reflect the improvement. We also have new gutters and the overall effect of our home now is....."You need to clean your siding immediately!!!" We will get a round tuit soon.
  • Started me some 'mater plants in my new jiffy tabletop "greenhouse". Also, 2 apple trees, 2 magnolias, and 6 okra plants. Purple okra from LBL's Homeplace 1850.

I'm very tired now. I was up very late last night trying to find a lost piece of paper. Never found it. So, I'm not there yet with the de-cluttering. I didn't claim to be-just doing better one trunk of stuff at a time.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


The girls and I have been running all day. We visited almost every relative we have, but we had the longest visit with Noah. Noah is my new great nephew. He is so sweet and cute. I begged my nephew, Jason, to let me have him, but I guess they have decided to keep him. After visiting Mia's grandbaby, Cameron on Friday and Noah's a good thing permanent birth control has been enacted!!

Since arriving home tonight, I have wasted at least two perfectly good hours on the 'puter. I cannot waste anymore but did not wish to go another day without posting!!

Tomorrow, CARE group is here so that means I need to clean a little, I have already done most of it but still need to do a bit more. I also need to cook a little. This means I must bid you a good night. Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow and I shall post more later.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

More Parenting

I'm so sorry to focus so much on parenting so much...but it is where I am struggling/floundering/whimpering these days. It is just sooooo hard. Right now we are smack dab in the middle of a psuedo-crisis. (Aren't they all!!) My girls are really struggling with to be one, how to have one. How to maintain more than one friendship. How to be "cool" and yet keep your identity. How to have an identity of your own without "borrowing" someone else's. How to handle it when you have to share all of your friends with your sister. (Holy CRAP! That is a TOUGH one!!!)

You know what I am learning? I can't fix it. I can't help with it. Sure, I can offer advice and guidance but the bulk of it, they have to learn on their own. They make their own mistakes, impressions, enemies and then, they have to live with them. I can't come in and 'white out' the mean thing they said or did. AND THAT, is what I hate the most about parenting. Watching my little birds have to waller in the mistakes.

I'm sure God feels the same way about me.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love

No, I'm not joining the military. I'm talking about motherhood. I love my three darlings so much, some days I just want to pinch their little heads off. Today is not one of those days. Today we are at the library and life is good. Everyone kind of likes me a little. If I had known what being a mom entailed when I started this journey 12 years ago(almost 13-TIME FLIES!!)-I'm not sure I would have signed on for it. I have learned so much about myself and others. The motherhood club is a club of people who have their hearts living outside of their bodies. These hearts vacillate wildly from adoring you to loathing you. Sometimes both within the same 5 minute time allotment. (Of course this is wildly dependent on the hormone factors of all involved parties).

God knew what he was doing when he blessed me with children. I am conscious of every flaw I have or used to have. I want to be someone they love and respect. I want them to be lovable and respectable. I want them to like themselves and their family. I want them to revere God and want their lives to reflect that reverence. I want them to have hearts full of love. I want them to succeed. I want the patience to be able to withstand the temporary dislikes for their own good. I know someday they will both thank me for the good decisions I have made and taunt me with the bad ones. Lord, please help me to be balanced!!

This whole child rearing stuff is the toughest job in the whole wide world. Also, the most worthwhile job I have ever had. Have you hugged your kid today??