Friday, February 09, 2007


I have many fun things coming up this next week and I am trying to take good advice from a fellow blogger-everything is just a cycle, it will never be done.

"If you've put your all into whatever you did today, if you did it for love of God and love of your family then you've accomplished the moon!" This is a great thing for me to remember as I seldom complete my to do list, or even my URGENT list. Thank you ~DanaB~. You inspire me daily with that concept. Because if I keep trying to get it all done instead of realizing it is a cycle that repeats, I will go stark, staring mad. OR I will stay stark, staring mad as the case may be.

I wish I could have enjoyed being "off sick" all week more. If only we had felt better! Oh well, I really do like to be on the go-just not so "scheduled". Here is what our next few days entail:

Saturday-back to upward basketball games for all three girls. We will be done at 1:30 or two leaving a little time for fun in the afternoon.

Sunday is the baby shower of one of my very good friends and I am so excited for her. I can't help but look back on all the fun showers I have had and been to. This is such a special ministry! What an honor to shower a new mother or bride with "pieces of you". We all love to give away a little something that makes life easier for someone else. Diapers are my old stand-by along with a little something else. Nothing made me feel better than knowing I had a stockpile of diapers in the closet. Last shower though, I was totally smitten with the coolest purse looking diaper bag in black and pink that I had to get that instead. She got some diapers though from other people. ( : Elaina is pretty special to our family so we will be looking for that extra special something as well.

Scout meeting on Monday and I have decided to put it all off until Monday afternoon. HEE HEE. Actually I am working out the treasure hunt in my head and cannot work on it until Monday. I think it will be fun. One of my clues is: Nothing says lovin' like food from the ____. Doesn't that sound fun. It will be a go there and get the next clue and I hope it can take an hour and end in glorious treat bags. I have a very tight budget so I will have to be very careful. This will be in a church building with upstairs and downstairs and many many rooms. We also have a homeschool group Valentine's party/exchange. We have to get valentines ready and make boxes.

Tues is my homemaker's club meeting and music class during the day and Homeschool Mom's meeting in the evening. Fondue and spa night. A night of pampering for moms that don't get that very often!

Wednesday, co-op and valetines party. Giving blood afterward. Church. Then I think a calm day at home on Thurs and Friday.

We are blessed to have lots of fun things and friends in our life. Maybe I will go clean the house or something. Thank you God for giving me a close family and lots of family activities-two things I never had growing up, but always wanted.

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