Monday, March 31, 2008


I gave it a much better shot, sorry for my earlier cop-out!

These are four of my favorite people. They inspire me for all different reasons, Ben because he always used good common sense and the other three make me laugh hysterically which inspires me not to take life or myself to seriously.


A good conscience is a continual Christmas.

A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may never get over.

All would live long, but none would be old.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Anger is never without Reason, but seldom with a good One.

Beware of the young doctor and the old barber.

Genius without education is like silver in the mine.

Glass, china, and reputation are easily cracked, and never well mended.

God heals, and the doctor takes the fees.

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.

Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What's a sun-dial in the shade?

GEORGE CARLIN (the clean jokes!):

As a matter of principle, I never attend the first annual anything.

I'm not concerned about all hell breaking loose, but that a PART of hell will break loose... it'll be much harder to detect.

It's never just a game when you're winning.

Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

When someone asks you, A penny for your thoughts, and you put your two cents in, what happens to the other penny?


I can win an argument on any topic, against any opponent. People know this, and steer clear of me at parties. Often, as a sign of their great respect, they don't even invite me.

You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.

The only really good place to buy lumber is at a store where the lumber has already been cut and attached together in the form of furniture, finished, and put inside boxes.


Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.

I bought some batteries, but they weren't included.

I used to work in a fire hydrant factory. You couldn't park anywhere near the place.

It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it.

There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

What's another word for Thesaurus?

When I woke up this morning my girlfriend asked me, 'Did you sleep good?' I said 'No, I made a few mistakes.'

You can't have everything. Where would you put it?

A Give-Away!!

Don't we all love those!! Go on over to Home-ec 101 to see what it is for!!

I did not participate in Fun Monday this week because everyone did so many wonderful inspirational quotes and I only came up with one.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt

I love that quote. I love reading everyone's inspirational quotes!! Especially the funny ones.

I have had a really rough but productive day today. The next three will be as well. As is my norm, the LESS time I have the more productive I become. No time for procrastination saves my butt!

I started the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet today. I borrowed this book from my mom who has every diet book ever published. It sounds so ridiculous, it just might work. The goal is to lose 1-2.5 pounds a week and no more and to eat like this for the rest of my life. It is a very simple plan that I KNOW I can do-so the question is: Does it work?? Anyone tried it?

The testimonials rave about people so happy not to be craving sweets and carbs all the time that they don't care if they lose any weight-they are just glad to feel satisfied by a meal. That would be a good thing. According to my test results, I am not only a severe addict but also at the highest level of addiction. I think I already knew that!! Could this be the program that does it for me? I'll let you know.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

You Are Bare Feet

You are a true free spirit, and you can't be tied down.

Even wearing shoes can be a little too constraining for you at times!

You are very comfortable in your own skin.

You are one of the most real people around. You don't have anything to hide.

Open and accepting, you are willing to discuss or entertain almost any topic.

You are a very tolerant person. You are accepting and not judgmental.

You should live: Somewhere warm

You should work: At your own business, where you can set the rules

I changed one answer that could go either way and got one that is way more me.
You Are Flip Flops
You are laid back and very friendly.
Cheery and sunny in disposition, you usually have something to smile about.

Style is important to you, as long as you can stay casual.
It takes a lot to get you to dress up!

You are a loyal and true person, though you can be a bit of a flake.
You tend to "play hooky" and blow off responsibilities a lot more than most people.

You should live: By the beach

You should work: At a casual up and coming company
What Kind of Shoe Are You?

I bolded the ones I agree with. I should live in a small town, by the beach would be
OK if it weren't for the tourists and bathing suits which would totally keep me bummed all the time.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Something

for AMI:
The assignment was to use the following in a story of whatever sort you want to write. Due by midnight tonight. Go on over and sign up to join the fun.

Bubble, box, egg, astounding, heart and match

I met my husband at a friend's house. I had been dating, it wasn't as though I was living in a bubble, but I had not met anyone interesting in a while. So I would go to my favorite friend's house and live vicariously. She was married with the cutest toddler ever. I would go by there often after I got off work which was about 8:30. I worked the astounding hours of 12PM-8PM. They were perfect hours for people like me who thought "out of the box".

So I pulled into her driveway that night and :GASP:, there was a HARLEY on her carport. I could not stop the pounding of my Harley-loving heart. I walked in and asked Pete (my friend Beth's husband not to be confused with my stepfather of the same name) when he had gotten so cool!! He said it wasn't his. Then I noticed the cutest guy in the world over on the couch. He had dimples so deep they could hold an egg. My knees were seriously weak!! He smiled even bigger and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. Oh yeah, I said. Despite wearing a dress, I was totally up for riding on the back of his Harley!! He first took me home so I could change clothes-what a sweetheart!! Then we went to a lovely spot by the lake where we talked for hours. He never once acted like anything but a gentleman. We only just talked. Then we went back to their house-it had to be close to midnight- walked back to their room and told them where we had been and apologized for being gone so long (before cell phones-I'm sure they were worrried!). Then we walked outside together and each prepared to leave. I could tell he was shy and this would be it if I got in my car and drove away. So I walked over, kissed him passionately and asked him for his number. He gave it to me-actually he gave me a deposit slip which was funny since I did bank processing at the time. We've been together ever since- a match made in heaven.

Carbs and Kids

Yesterday I was so busy consuming carbs that I did not have time to blog. IT was carbolicious and ridiculous. It was our monthly keepers meeting where the kids were to learn baking. We made fruit cobblers AND pretzels. So on the way, we stopped off for honey roasted peanuts and corndogs to count for lunch. We were accompanied by Mama Mia and kids who followed suit with a healthy convenience store lunch. We stopped by my mom's on the way for a quick dressing change and then on the road again with a bit of extra time thanks to my excellent clock reading skilz.

Upon arrival we were able to sit around awkwardly and again marvel how this group never really meshed. It isn't that everyone isn't nice and wonderful-for some unknown reason we just all never clicked-at least not as a group. Then the fun cooking started and I got to be "flour" girl. Just in time to fulfill a lifelong fantasy. 36 year old "flour" girls are the new black! Keep that in mind Kasey!!

So my girls made lots of pretzels, which although QUITE yeasty tasting, were consumed with salty abandon. We also have 3 peach cobblers which are thankfully on the small side.(No cobbler was consumed until after supper.) Then, since we were close to the HOSTESS outlet bakery store, we stopped by to pick up a few more carbs. We topped off our fun day with ding dongs all around. (Since we were all female this may prove some sort of envy theory but I'm not going there-at least not in any more detail.)

Once we had gotten back to our home, approximately 10 minutes later, the KrispyKreme donuts my husband ordered from a neighbor selling door to door last week were delivered. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

After putting two things on ebay, I crashed like a mini-van hitting a deer and headed for bed. Carbihol is deadly! Donut anyone?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random and Odd
******GO AMI for recognizing a Ramona book reference!!!)******

I'm tired of ketch-up..."first time funny, second time silly, third time spanking" Tell me what book that is a line from and I'll be impressed!! So back to random and odd.

  • Hubby and I fought over produce. A very long and drawn out fight over produce. Someone call Guiness because we may have set a record for stupid fights. As tradition would have it, we both still think we are right today. Hubby will probably be over it this afternoon and I will nurse the grudge for another day or so. (But he will still think he was right so is that technically "over it"?
  • My life is now a complicated maze of healthcare visits, doctor appointments, errands and doing things for everyone else. Obviously I am a little resentful.
  • Once upon a time I had a dream that I would get my very gray "highlighted" hair colored. I am pretty sure it was the end of January. My plan was to do it before or immediately after my birthday. The dream is apparently dead as all of our extra money now goes for gas. To say I am bummed is an understatement. To say I am resentful is an overstatement. Perhaps just disappointed is more accurate. Just call me Emmylou Harris's chubby little sister.
  • My dog came home with an entire bag of cat food yesterday. He strolled into the yard with the bag of catfood in his mouth. We have checked with our close neighbors. No one knows anything. I can't even make him return it and say he is sorry. My dog is headed for Juvy.
  • I really supercleaned one of my bathrooms last night. The rest of the house is frightening. Maybe not frightening, but slightly un-nerving.
  • Library today. And the highlight of my day. I love the library. I have a list of books I want to check out. Just one, please have just one of them.
  • Gilmore Girls season 6 is doing a little better. I am almost ready for season 7. And then there will be no more. What will I do? Any other good TV shows out there that I missed?? A good friend recommended "Lost". Is this something the kids can watch? Cause GG really wasn't (IMHO), at least the later episodes were not.

I guess that is all I got. Unless you want to know that I washed my mom's hair for her yesterday, I have given up on returning to Bible Study, we are right smack in the middle of a painting project, my husband is an awesome painter that puts my pitiful painting to shame, and I will be attempting to ebay everything that isn't nailed down very soon.

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Early To Bed, Early To Rise...

supposedly makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. OF course, I'll never get to be any of those things because I am just not wired to go to bed early OR get up early. I despise going to bed. I want to stay up forever enjoying my solitude. Sometimes I conquer the world, other times I just veg out watching TV, ocassionally, I have long phone conversations with friends. It doesn't "count" if anyone else is up. If I go to bed like a normal person at 10:00?? I will just lay there for about 2 hours. Sleep will not find me until midnight or after. I used to call it insomnia but then I figured out that if I stay up until midnight or later, I'm asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. The problem is the other side of this equation. I hate getting up out of a warm snuggly bed. I love to sleep in. Even though, now that I am older it physically pains me to linger too long in bed (backaches, bones ache, etc) I still don't want to get up. I usually must get up at least once to go pee or let the dog out to pee, but I am snuggled back in as quick as possible. Today was quite a battle. I got up because there is much to do today and sleeping in is a colossal waste of time. I feel so much better if I get up at 6:30 or 7, get dressed and have a productive day. This almost never happens. It ALWAYS looks much more like 7:30 or 8:30.

I gotta get off of here, just five more minutes, really-I'll set the alarm.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


No, not my legs. That is a summer chore. In winter we all need the extra insulation, right? Please tell me I'm not the only one. Armpits are year round though, except when I feel a little French.

I started a new job today. I got it by being the only one willing to do it. Aren't those jobs just the best?? I have the privilege of shaving my stepfather's face. I am overjoyed. This is no easy task either. His beard is as thick as sticks and his skin is thinner than paper. He also does not have any teeth so I have to stretch his skin up to his forehead to make it taut enough to shave. I am so lovng my life. Today I got to dress a wound and shave an old man. Woo-hoo. The fun never stops around here.

I don't mind too much, but it is kind of funny to look at the tally list in my head of what I have done all day. (Sometimes hubby asks me-so I keep a tally to give a good report.)

Gotta go, I am working on laundry load number 4. Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Topic: Homeschooling!

I got this from Hula who got this from Swampy. It sounded kind of fun so I went with what I am most familiar with right now!!

I am focusing on the pros and cons of homeschooling!

A-ALWAYS with me. My children, that is. This is both a pro and a con. Depending on my mood and theirs.

B-BIOLOGY. My most favorite subject in the world. The study of life. Love it. Also, BALANCING-homeschool is a balancing act of epic proportions!

C-COMPARISON. The first deadly sin of homeschool. You cannot compare yourself, your kids or your school to others. It will steal your CONTENTMENT.

D-DREAMS. I have them for myself. I have them for my children. I encourage my children to focus on the ones they have for themselves though, not mine for them. ( ;

E-EVANSVILLE. Best field trip city in our world. I won't say THE world because I KNOW there are better field trip cities. But Evansville is handy and we get to visit there for free sometimes, so it rates an E mention!

F-FRUGAL. I am slowly but surely teaching my children this lost art in an overly (and overtly) excessive consumerism society. This would be so much harder if they were not schooled at home.

G-GOVERNMENT. My second most favorite school subject. I am training my girls to be tuned in to the government. They actually get a lecture when they repeat my opinions. I don't want them to parrot my thoughts-I want them to think for themselves even if it is different than what I think. I may live to regret that!!

H-HOME. Of course. What is homeschool without the home. I am striving to learn what exactly makes a house a home so I can teach my kids!!

I-INFORMED, INDEPENDENT. The ultimate goal of our home education plan.

J-JESUS. I am so thankful we have Him in our school. I can't imagine leaving Him out of our day, our lives, and most importantly, our school.

K-KICKIN' MY BUTT. Everyday, the creativity, discipline and stamina required to do this kicks my butt. It is not for the weak-this IS hardball. But totally worth it. It also keeps me praying!!

L-LIBRARY. LAKE trips. LAZY days. LIP gloss. These are a few of our favorite things.

M-MESSY. This is a word I have become close intimate friends with. Sometimes you just have to embrace it.

N-NAG. A habit I finally got over with my husband and then restarted with my children. Good grief. I am trying to shake the monkey off my back again!!

O-OBSTINATE. All of us. Some days it takes all day just to get over this!!

P-PLAY. We get to. Sometimes we even learn while doing it.

Q-QUITTING. Sometimes I think about it. It usually passes QUICKLY.

R-RESPECT. Respecting one another is critical.

S-STAMINA. Can't say it enough. This is a marathon not a sprint.

T-TRAINING. For all of us. We have to keep a support network in place and keep informed. I never stop researching or comparing notes (in a good way) about what is out there, things that work and planning.

U-UNDERSTANDING. What hubby and I have to offer each other constantly. Sometimes we fail but not for lack of trying.

V-VACILLATING. What middle schoolers do alot of and it is maddening. Today I love this. Tomorrow I hate it. Love again. Wait, maybe thirty-something moms do this to. With curriculum.

W-WASHING CLOTHES. It is such a part of our life. I had to put it in but there were so many positives for "L" that I bumped it way down. (Some folks in these parts call it warshing clothes.)

X-XTRA PENCILS. You can really NEVER have too many. Our house apparently eats them three times a day.

Y-YAY. The feeling we have after we finish school. The girls even have a "done dance" they do sometimes when they are finished with schoolwork.

Z-ZIP IT. Something I say many times a day. Usually followed with, "I mean it. I won't hear that again without consequences!"

I could do a whole other round of letters but I won't because that was exhausting. Next time I'm going to do dirty words.

(Mud, trash, dust, soil-what did you think I meant??)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

This should be the last one for today...

  • Bullet style because I have so many thoughts swirling around that I either have to write 17 posts or do it bullet style. (That sounds bad.)
  • Jason asked me about homeschooling and how I felt about the ruling in California. I feel like it will be overturned. I did go and sign all the petitions and it really bothers me, but I also don't think they can make it stick. I believe parents are uniquely able to educate their children even better than a person who has gone to school to educate children. This has to do with the one on one ratio and also the fact that parents motivated enough to homeschool generally know their children very well-strengths and weaknesses. They also are much more vested in the success of their own child than an outsider would be. I could go on and on about this topic but I really dont want to. My blog readers are a mixed bag of educators. There are pros and cons to any form of educating children. Parents who are plugged into their kids usually have smart kids no matter how they educate them-even if those kids have learning challenges.
  • Jason also asked me what a co-op is. It is a group of parents working together to provide a sort of private school together. We each teach whatever our stength subjects are and that generally allows each teacher to benefit from sharing the teaching load with other families. It is a wonderful thing-but the responsibility of the day to day work still falls on the moms. All co-ops are different. I could see where public school leaders might have a problem with homeschool co-ops since they function as a type of school, however, most co-ops will accept only seasoned homeschoolers-meaning, no one is leaving school to be in a co-op. It is alot of work and requires excellent leadership to survive the constant ebb and flow of members. (Sandy is beyond excellent-her leadership skills boggle my mind!!)
  • My sister Pam and I had a wonderful visit today. We discussed parenting and marriage and how hard they both are. I told her about the book that convicts me to the bone and makes me malcontent to carry on as usual. (Shepherding A Childs Heart, Tedd Tripp). I actually told her not to read it unless she wants to live in constant conviction like I am. Don't read it people. Ignorance is bliss. I know God is using this book to speak to me. My mother told me this today, "So many people whip their kids because they(the parents) are in a bad mood. The kids do something that makes the parents mad and the parents whip them. Lots of times the kids don't even know what they did wrong. I remember my dad doing that. I would know he was mad, but not why or why I was being spanked. Of course, I didn't ask any questions either." This is exactly the sort of thing the book addresses. He states that parents often punish their children for having bad manners or making a mistake that makes the parent look bad. The heart is often not even considered and the child has not been malicious-just childish. Parenting is the hardest job in the whole entire wide world!!
  • My mom and I had a wonderful visit today as well. She is actually doing very well and operating independently. I am very proud of her. I brought my step-dad home from the hosptial on Friday(can't remember if I blogged that or not) and she is now right back to taking care of him and bossing him around. I think they are gonna be just fine. My sister Pam has been staying there at night and we discussed all of us taking turns doing that to give her a break. I assessed the need today though. I asked her if they had needed her at night one time while she had been staying there. She said no. I don't think they need us on this level yet. They have a lifeline necklace for emergencies and they have each other. For now, I think it is enough. We will all be making frequent contact-in person and over the phone. I think it is time to give them some space. My mom wholeheartedly agreed. I am blogging this because she has never wholeheartedly agreed with anything I've said before.
  • Easter candy is so good and fresh it should be against the law. Thank goodness I only had two egg hunters at the church egg hunt and we were able to "regift" that candy into the eggs for the egg hunt for hubby's family. ( ; We have hardly any left. My butt is very thankful it won't have to grow any more!!
  • I think all of my thoughts will be able to settle now. WHEW!! Thank You LORD for blogs!
The Nose Knows

I have an overdeveloped sense of smell. It is not a good thing to have. It makes too much perfume, especially a kind I don't like, nearly fatal. I can hug someone wearing aftershave and smell it the whole rest of the day. That is fine if it is someone I like and the cologne is pleasant. Not so much if it is someone or a scent I don't care for. Nursing homes nearly kill me. The smell hits me before the door is even opened. Bad breath makes me have telling looks on my face. I try to just keep good distance from people I talk too. Kids playing outside smell so bad when they come in I have been known to spray air freshener.

Some of the smells associated with caretaking are enough to knock you on your rear. A source of unpleasantness that is nearly impossible to describe. Sometimes I think about taking up smoking just to dull my senses a bit. If only it wasn't so stinky.
Oy With the Poodles Already!

That title has absolutely nothing to do with this post. However, I love that phrase and there are just not any occasions to use it.

I feel really bad today. I have been repenting and talking to God off and on all day about my attitude. It really stunk today. All day. I punched my church timecard today. This means I went to church because I was supposed to. I hardly ever do that and almost never on a Sunday-it is usually a Wednesday thing (unless Sara teaches-or any good debate type class!). Most assuredly-this should never happen on EASTER!! My goodness, I practically LIVE to go to church. I look forward to it. I think of all my church friends and plan strategies for how I can talk to them and still get to know some of the new people AND please my hubby by not talking too long. I try to utilize my time at church effectively by NOT talking to people I have conversations with all the time and hone in on the people seen exclusively at church. As I type these truths, I realize I need to REALLY get out more. Plus, Hula told me that too. (Mental note: Get out more. Mental reply: I really don't want to, I get out exactly as much as I want to. Mental note: People are talking-just get out more already! Mental reply: It's OK to talk to yourself as long as you don't answer yourself...uh oh.) So today-I DID NOT want to go. Usually, my attitude changes almost as soon as I walk through the door. Today it did not. In fact, it worsened. It was a wonderfully well-planned service singing a whole bunch of my favorite songs and our whole family sat together and took communion together...and STILL, a constant song of "I don't want to be here" playing in my head. I think I need to recharge a bit during this co-op break. I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell...

Perhaps this week, I need to actively plan my return to Bible study!! It is much much needed.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

We're Dyeing Here!

How about you? This is one of my most favorite Easter traditions. We love crafty stuff and so we love to dye eggs. And draw on them. And then, because we are sooo weird...we eat them. A few of them we just eat, others are made into the devil's eggs. Devilishly delicious. The bunny comes tonight. Too much to do to get ready. My house is neglected and it shows. I'm planning an Easter scavenger hunt for the girls to get their goodies. Make them work for it...bruhahahaha.

Hoppy Easter!!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I am not very funny these days or sociable either. There is so much going on that my mind is constantly whirring thinking of the next thing I need to accomplish that there is just very little time left for banter. I LIKE banter. Unlike SOME people, I completely and totally enjoy sarcasm, satire and bad jokes. I consider it a spiritual gift. It is, you know. The people that don't have it are so hard for me to be around. My children are even starting to develop it and I am trying to help them hone it into a positive, not mean and nasty.

So anyway, I wish I could turn my mind off and just be sociable, but as I learned in Evansville, taking a break does not really give you one. You just think and worry from a different location. I am adjusting to being a part of the sandwich generation. I am resentful because I feel I am just too young to be in it, but all the whine in the world won't change it.

Now, on a completely different topic, Erik totally crapped out on the painting last night so we watched Gilmore Girls after the girls went to bed. May I just say, season 6 totally sucks. We saw Rory go from a sweet "good" girl to not a very good girl at all. She is morphing from smart into "cool" and I don't like it a bit. Why is wholesome so out of style? She is not even nice to her mother-and she has a very cool mom. I am starting to see why this show got cancelled. I am not optimistic about season 7. AND, Lane is my new favorite. Please let her stick to her guns. Don't tell me if she doesn't.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I got a shark DVD at the library to keep the kids rivoted to the TV while we paint tonight. (Can I call it science?) My husband got "fished in" so I am trying to decide if I want to paint alone or put on jammies, sneak into my bedroom and watch Gilmore Girls.

We are doing well on accomplishing stuff this week. I have things boxed for ebay and I will be putting together some stuff for a consignment store as well. I wish I could find time to do a consignment sale as that makes so much more money-but it just takes sooooo much work.

Spring certainly sprang for us today. It was a gorgeous first day of spring!! And we might not get any more rain until Sunday. We are very flooded in these parts and I am very thankful to live on a hill that drains well. The main roads to my mom's house will be flooding with backwater any day now. Then I will get to take a very long detour to get there. Woo-hoo!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


But if Untitled is the title, does that mean it is titled?

I stayed up really late last night organizing my bookshelves and then really truly getting ready for co-op today. Only 5 more weeks remain. This has made me really want to dig in and do a really good job. I want my students to go into next year with alot of good preparation. My kids, however, have become slackers extraordinare!! (Except Lilly who lives and breathes to do any type of school, mini-me) I had to nag like crazy to get them to finish all of their work and then I still don't know that they finished everything. It is so hard to check their work because they have so much to do and such poor skills at keeping all of their things orderly. I simply cannot relate!! I keep anything current I am doing methodically organized. Now, once I am done with it, it gets pitched on a pile somewhere (Trying desperately, moderately successfully to break this habit!) and often gets messy. My girls keep their backpacks totally haphazard and because of having different teachers with different policies on what to keep, I am scared to go through it and trash it all like I want to!! So I let it go and hope they get all their stuff turned in (and can find it to turn in!!). Next Monday, we are starting a sudy on orderliness. It should benefit all of us. I will be very sad to leave co-op, but I am positively bubbling over with excitement about flexibility again. It almost feels like pulling my kids out of school again.

Parenting is kicking my butt lately. Some of it is all the stress that I am under. Also it is the result of the book by Tedd Tripp, "Shepherding A Child's Heart". This book has really got me under very strong conviction. I agree with it, heart and soul. It feels like a missing link to the parenting advice I have been needing for years. The trouble is, it is almost 12 years too late. Now, he has a whole chapter for starting fresh with your kids and explains how it is harder but you still get the same results. However, Erik has not read this book and may not. AND. This means he is not under the same conviction. AND. The parenting style we have now, we sort of developed together in a very loose fashion. So this means I have changed my style a bit, but he has not. Soooo, honey, will you read the book with me? Have I told you hubby and I communicate through this blog?? Encourage him to read the book with me, bloggy friends!!

I am really glad I got all of my thoughts out about the whole mom thing. I am re-reading that blog entry nearly twice a day. Your comments just make it that much sweeter-especially the two that I know are sort of in the same boat. It was ridiculously personal and so many of you would NEVER...but I really don't know how to operate on any other level but full disclosure. HOWEVER, I am not that way with other people's "stuff". I don't disclose anything that isn't solidly and permanently wrapped up and around my life. So much of our own stories are wrapped up in our parents, siblings, spouses and children. My day of reckoning comes around about once a week (sometimes more!) when I die a little as my kids share some really personal tidbit that I would NEVER...forced full disclosure. Good times, ya'll!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Clean-Out

My formerly trashed closet has been neat and tidy for a while but all the excess has been stored in my bedroom. Until today, that is. At hubby's forceful urging I am cleaning out. I have two boxes of things to ebay and a huge box for Goodwill or the Salvation Army. It will be nice to have a clean room again. Erik is scraping wallpaper border off the walls in Erika's room. A very daunting chore. We are trying to get our house in order. For once in our lives, we have decluttered enough that it might be possible to maintain it once we get 'er done.

Back to work!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Unconditional Love

This is a very personal post, but one I have almost a compulsion to write. I have been thinking about this alot lately and a long talk with my oldest sister on the phone today has forced my hand on getting these things out to help me keep on keeping on. I don't know why I am even sharing this on the world wide web, but I am and I hope it helps someone else along with helping me on the hard days!! (When I will force myself to re-read and remember!!)

I did not have an idyllic upbringing by any stetch of the imagination. I did things, adult chores, at ridiculously young ages and on a regular basis. This is true of my sisters as well. We had this weird team strategy thing that worked. So, from an early age I have been cooking, doing laundry, washing dishes, and generally taking care of myself. I even did bigger things like trimming grass, hoeing the garden, mowing, and household organizational type things all at a very young age (ate age four I could fix my own lunch rather than wake my mom). I can remember sorting through my school papers in 5th grade and making a keep pile, a throw away pile and a think on it pile. I made a scrapbook for myself to organize all of my newspaper clippings (small town!) and awards in in 6th or 7th grade. My sister Linda and I had cook-offs all the time. We would try all sorts of different spices to see who could make the best scrambled eggs. Where was my mom? Asleep. This was life. Mom was asleep or at work. We learned to do things for ourselves if we needed something. We had a hierarchy of sisters. Sue Ann was in charge, Pam was next then Linda and of course, as the baby, I answered to everyone. I forever dreamed of one more child so I could boss that child around-but I am so thankful for an unanswered prayer!!

So now, as life has such a way of doing, things have come back around full circle. The four of us are somewhat in charge of Mom's household again. This time, however, the hierarchy is no more and the reasons are very different. All of us are on a pretty level playing field. It also seems as though we are each gifted in different areas. We also each have different baggage when it comes to growing up and sorting out how we feel about our mother (and father-but that one is on hold for later years!). I am so thankful that I paid to put myself through two years of therapy shortly after graduating from high school. It was such a tough time because those were also heavy rebellion years for me, but it helped me sort out alot of feelings that would be coming out now if they had not been addressed then. I am glad I went through the whole hating my parents thing back then when it was a much "safer" time than now would be.

My mom was not Donna Reed. My mom wasn't even Roseanne. My mom was not a nurturing person and still isn't. My mom was and is a broken woman. I was mistreated, shamed and humiliated most of my life by her. Sadly, it still happens. The good news is that this plugged me into God at a very early age. He has been there for me my whole life. He is who I turned to with hurts and dissappointments. Jesus has always been my best friend and church has always been my "IT". I also learned how to accept help from other people-we HAD too. I learned that people are compassionate and caring. They really want to help in whatever way they can. It is also why it is hard for me to accept help from others now, but I really do try!! Not allowing people to help when you need it takes away something from both of you. I also learned that some people, namely my mother, have hurts so big they can never get over it and be a whole person again AND not to take that personal. Recently, I've learned to forgive her and my dad. I think it took being a very imperfect parent to realize they both did the best they knew how.

So, I did not get a perfect mom. I did not have a mom in the traditional sense: someone to pamper you when you are little, kiss your boo-boos, read you a story, fix meals. I had emergency parenting-she was there in emergencies and she provided for our family. She helped us pick up the pieces alot of different times in our lives. She taught us the meaning of family and the need for it. She taught us to get mad, get it out and get over it. (This wasn't the best lesson-we all "get it out" too often.) She was a wonderful example of forgiving people who have wronged you as she forgave her dad and worked to mend the relationship before he died. AND. I love her. I honor her. I appreciate how hard she worked at a minimum wage job. I respect her for keeping it together enough to work and provide for us even though she was so hurt and completely broken. I even am a bit proud of the fact that she was too proud to accept any sort of help from the government (food stamps) although food would have been nice at times. My heart's desire is to help her achieve some sort of happiness on whatever level she can. The big dissappointment is that, I don't think she can. My mom had a horrible homelife. Not with absent parenting, but with Jerry Springer type parenting. The kind of life where social services should have been called in and the parents put in jail homelife. (My mom turned out pretty normal-we did not have Jerry Springer moments.) My mom fell head over heels in love with my dad. She still is. Her heart beats for him. He rescued her from her life and he is her hero. She had babies because he loved babies. For many years she hated me because I looked just like him, everybody said so. He completed her. He cheated on her multiple times and left her alone with 4 kids while he hung out with other women in bars. She divorced him because he humiliated her so badly she felt she must. It is her biggest regret, the divorce, the heartbreak-all of it.

So now, as we all work together to help Mom, alot of "stuff" boils up to the top. I love my mom and I help her without expectations. Sort of. My Bible tells me to honor my father and mother-UNCONDITIONALLY. God knows I did it and so do my husband and children. I am not motivated by anything other than doing what I know is the right thing to do. I don't expect any other payback and if it happens-wonderful. If it doesn't-that is ok too. My oldest sister is really struggling with feelings of feeling used and taken for granted. I worry that she may walk away and wash her hands of it all. I worry the burdens of us now "being the parents" will be too much for her to want to do for my mom. When someone is reliant on you for alot of things is a bad time for the relationship to be "running on empty". Mom is not the one filling my tank-that is all God. For my sis I worry she may be relying on Mom to fill her tank.

Now for my point (and I do have one!). Unconditional love is more than we can do. It is not possible without God. My fleshly self will only do what is best for me. Even as a parent, it is alot harder to do what is best for your kids than what is easy. (Do I want to make healthy meals or order a pizza? Do I want to teach them how to keep their things in order or shut their door and hope for the best? Do I want to talk to them about sex, answer questions and really be there or give them a book and hope that answers their questions?) The only thing that ever allows me to even flirt with the idea of unconditional love is God. The need he created in me to do what is right in the sight of ALL men is what keeps me making the right decisions. The other side of me is where all the screw-ups are!! It is a forever balancing act. I am selfish to the bone and I am so thankful for the Spirit that lives within me-urging me to do the right thing. Pushing me to apologize when I mess up, pushing me to do things for people when I can think of 10 reasons why I should not, urging me to keep trying even when I mess up, mentoring me with real life people who are desperately trying to do right in a world where that is seen as stupid. Or being a doormat.

Helping my mom is the right thing to do. Loving her and making her a priority in my life fulfills a duty that is straight from God. He assures me that which is unseen by man has the greatest reward. I may be miserable in some of the moments (understatement of the year) but in the overall, I love my mom and I am happy to be in a position to help her. I feel blessed for my life, a life that has made me willing to work hard to make relationships work. A life that does not take ease for granted. A life that has produced the stick-to-it-iveness that has allowed me to accomplish things that I could not have without it. Most of all, a life with a HEAVY emphasis on family and the love that is found there. My dysfunctional family has kind of worked for me. God knew I was way too stubborn to do anything in a traditional way. I pray my kids have a better relationship with their mom than I do. I pray they are wonderful parents if they choose to have children. I pray they do not hold my faults against me. AND, if what Kayla says is true, I hope there is still a service to provide "caring support for your loved one" and that she has the money to afford it.
Today we are busy catching up and I am working on a blog post so personal I may never post it. It needs to be written anyway, so forgive me for being a bad host today. ( ;

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Old School

I had an encounter this morning that reminded me of the good old days a bit. I went into the convenience store this afternoon and I was greeted with a warm hello by an older man. We were both at the drink machine and he asked me if I was thirsty. I said yes and he said well there it is, pretty much anything you could want and then chuckled. Then when he saw me writing a check, he said aw honey, if you gotta write a check for that, I'll pay for it and I said thanks but no thanks I was buying gas too-I had accidentally chosen a pre-pay pump.(I hate when I do that-I thought there was only one.) He then proceeded to chat with the man working and I could tell they were buddies. They were discussing a problem customer that had been in and they almost called him a name, but then they remembered me and substituted a family friendly label for the problem guy instead. The whole store visit was maybe five minutes at the most, but it created a longing in me that has lasted all day.

I am not too young to remember when men were nice to women just because they were female and that is how "real" men, gentlemen behaved. They didn't cuss in the presence of a lady or leer at them. Doors were opened, niceties exchanged. It was nice. I grew up in a small town full of gentlemen who treated me like that from the time I was old enough to walk and it is still that way there today. What happened to men? Women, that's what. We decided we could open our own door. We decided you don't get to treat me well unless I give you permission. We caused a whole culture shift. Then, we didn't like it much. Men weren't paying enough attention to us. Then we decided to fix that. After all, what man could possibly ignore you if you have boob and butt cleavage. So now we get all kinds of attention, mostly the leering type. I can't blame the men really, I do believe God created men to notice women. Women are the ones who have chosen to "cash in" on that, in a manner of speaking. It is all really rather sad.

Today, however, I felt transported in time to another era. One where I was noticed and doted on just because I was female-not because I was a hottie. I was treated like a lady. I really am hoping that will come back in style soon-both being a "lady" and also being treated like one. Is it to early to ask Santa to bring me that for Christmas?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Letting Go...

I only have 7 more years until Erika is 18. 8 for Kayla. That seems impossible to me that they could be getting so much closer to "the end" which is really just the beginning in alot of ways. I am scared for them. I am scared for me. Last night they both went to a slumber party. I really dislike slumber parties. Some of the worst experiences of my life happened at slumber parties. Girls can be so mean. And honestly, the kind of mean girls are these days makes the mean I grew up with toddler-isms. So, I dropped them off, took a deep breath, (suffered many dirty looks from an overprotective hubby who wanted permission to load them back up in the car), and prayed. I prayed. I prayed that God would convict them like crazy if they were the mean girls and that he would comfort them like crazy if they were the victims of the mean girls. Then I prayed that there would be no mean girls-just a group of girls having fun being silly. I'll find out in about an hour how it went. (Unless they were the mean girls and then it will take a bit longer.)

It is so hard to let go. It is hard to let them get out there and make stupid mistakes or be the victim of a bully or two. I have to keep it in the front of my mind at all times that they are just on loan from God. I don't get to KEEP them, my job is to train them for living life. They are not mini-mes but a reflection of the women they will one day become. Honestly, it scares me to death. So, I apologize to all the people who told me the baby/toddler years were the easy ones. I laughed and reminded myself how they had forgotten how physically exhausting it was. I reflected on my lack of sleep and the strong desire I had to get some privacy and go a whole day without being touched. So now I sleep all night, have privacy and could go a whole day without being touched(Oddly enough, I don't ever choose that.) and I realize, it is all hard. Parenting is hard work. All of the ages are hard and it does not get easier. Each stage is different, but the worry never stops. The prayers never stop. The desire to make the right decisions never stops. It just isn't an 18 year gig. It's the gig of a lifetime.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Better Day

Today, our trip was cut short by a late student. The USPS does not tolerate late or on time at the wrong location. The student was teminated and the teacher, my husband, got to come home early AND-report to work in his hometown. I was hoping for the rest of the day off but that ain't happening. So we are home and I have 17 loads of laundry to do so I am blogging and then going to pick up the dog from the kennel.

Today Erika and Kayla started finishing up yesterday's work in record time and they are all done now. Seems a really efficient day always follows one that is not. I cannot ever seem to remember that in the moment.

So we are back home and I am glad we can all be in different rooms. Good times. Good times. (Clicks heels together and says...)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not For the Squeamish

Today is a day so miserable it isn't even fair to share it with you through the worldwide web of blogging. I know I am very hormonal today and being in a very small room with three children is not making that situation any better. Let's just say sloth day feels much more like: "Help, I am trapped in a room with three kids!" That is because it isn't really sloth day, it is work on your schoolwork day. We went downstairs to the sitting area for about two hours and I did everything I needed to get done. I graded papers, wrote out some cards, planned the rest of my year in science and then english. I also spelled 17 words for Lilly all while I was working on that. Then we came back upstairs because the girls wanted to. Now they have been working on school for about 5 hours and I don't think they have made one little tiny spec of progress. I take that back, Lilly finished her work as soon as it was placed in front of her. Just like me, she wanted to finish so she could do something else. Unfortunately, something else is not possible because the other two factors in this equation are the weakest links. Goodbye. (I hate days like this. Please tell me other moms have days like this-days where your kids cannot bite the bullet and just do the work already!!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Zoo

I mean a real one, not just my family. We went to the zoo today and while this is not our first zoo experience, it is the first one Lilly is old enough to appreciate and remember. I have a habit of doing things too early. I took Erika and Kayla to every parade I could take them to from birth to about age 3. Then I was so burned out on parades that I really don't ever want to go to one again. As a result of this, the kids love parades. LOVE them. Love to be in them and love to watch them too.

I don't love zoos-I love animals and I love nature, but zoos make me a little sad-I would prefer an African/Australian/Asian safari with ME in the "cage" and them in their natural habitat. However, we will have to settle for zoos and be thankful they exist! We have only been to a few of zoos in their lifetime. Lilly does not remember any of them though-not even Disney's Animal Kingdom. She was totally blown away by seeing a giraffe, zebra, camel, lion and tiger today. She talked about it off and on all day and she can't wait to get back to co-op and tell all her teachers. She is such a fun child to do things with-she loves everything so animatedly!

The tiger was really awesome. We have only been to zoos in the dead of summer(Except Disney) when the animals all lay around and hide in the shade and never really move. Today was perfect. Not hot, not cold-just right. All the animals were up and about. The tiger was pacing all around his "area" roar-growling. It was bone chilling but safe. We had to see him one more time before we left. Definitely the only time I have ever heard a tiger roar. We enjoyed our zoo visit.

No sloths though. To make up for it, we will act them out tomorrow in sloth day, part deux.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sloth, Actually

Today is day one of two days of slothdom. We haven't planned exactly which other day this week day two will fall on. TV for the kids and 'puter for mom. Today, we also have swimming planned for the kiddos and slothing, I mean soaking, in a hot tub for mom. So we won't be complete sloths. At some point we may actually have to walk somewhere for food as well. Or just not eat until supper which could be a plan as well. If the kids can make it.

Now, onto other things on this post. Kerflop posted about a fight she had with her hubby. It has touched me utterly. I often feel like other people have perfect days of perfect bliss with their perfect families. This makes me feel like my days of-well, let's just call them imperfection-look even worse to me.

So, in an effort to also be transparent, I have confessions to make.
  • I homeschool my children. This does not mean I love my children more than anyone else loves their choldren. Sometimes, I think people perceive our lives as school work, story time, craft time and then homemade cookies after we bake up our homemade bread.(THIS IS NOT WHAT OUR SCHOOL DAY LOOKS LIKE!!) Homeschooling does not mean that my children are always perfectly well behaved. (PLEASE THOSE OF YOU THAT KNOW MY CHILDREN, DO NOT LEAVE EXAMPLES OF THIS IN THE COMMENTS!!) It does not mean that our family time is spent doing science experiments and canning vegetables for our homestead.(Sometimes we do find a little science in the fridge though.) Some days, I must confess, this is my perception of what homeschool should be for us. (I must also confess I could never live up to it for more than a day or two.) I battle with myself much more than I battle with others. [Deep down in my heart I want to be Ma Ingalls and I want Erik to be Pa (or the Rock)]. (Just kidding honey, not any more than you want me to be Rachel Ray!) (Haha Erik, her page doesn't have pictures!!). However, we are just ordinary flawed people doing the best we can. We have ordinary children that we hope to raise to be productive citizens (please God, voting, believing productive citizens). My children are somewhat sheltered, but not as much as I would like them to be. (I do try on this one though!!) I don't hate public school. (Most days I give it some very serious thought.) I am more critical of public schools than alot of people, but I do not believe homeschool for everyone is the answer. I've wanted to homeschool my kids for as long as I can remember. It was not a result of immersion into the school system. I fully realize this strong desire to homeschool made me super-sensitive to any and all public school flaws. I wish other homeschoolers would recognize this supersensitivity as well and we would all get off our high horses. I am thankful God crossed my path with the most annoying homeschooler in the world yesterday. She made sure to read "The Well-trained Mind" during the library activity and also to correct me when I said, "I think I've read that book before." , by pointing to the copyright date and assuring me it was a new edition. Her daughter was only 4, so she couldn't really complain too much about the school system-but she did complain extensively about both preschools they attended. Seeing exactly what it looks like to be on a high horse really softened the blow of falling off of mine. I hope I never act like, look like, sound like or post like that lady sounded. (I do have my judgemental hat on, sorry!) We parents are all making the best choices we can and that is something to be respected and encouraged. For some it will mean public school, others private. Some will homeschool, others will unschool and ultimately, we all hope to help our children become wonderful functional grownups.
  • My marriage is pretty good these days. We still have fights. We are not perfect. We don't always communicate well. We have vices together and apart. We are not perfect parents. We make huge mistakes. We parent wrong. We parent right. Over all though, we are doing the best we can and God helps us do a little better everyday. In 14 years, I have learned to love, honor and respect the man I married. Most days this comes easy. Other days it is almost impossible and I fail completely. Our kids won't grow up expecting us to write a parenting or marriage book because we did such a great job raising them and being perfect marriage role models. They will grow up knowing that we love them and love each other. (After a couple years of therapy, anyway.)

Wow, what a long post. I love the Hallmark channel. Little House, Touched By An Angel, AND Seventh Heaven?? Too good to be true. National Geographic and The History channel are awesome as well. Very good to have lots of neat channels for sloth days. So glad we only have 13 channels at home or we would be tempted to have sloth days everyday!! Coming soon, swimming and hot-tubbing. After my 11:30 nap. My husband is awesome for letting us vacation while he works.

Monday, March 10, 2008

  • mac 'n cheese pizza
  • virtual roller coasters
  • giant rocking horses
  • the Incas
  • Guitar Center
  • Goodwill
  • 3 illegal u-turns
  • homeschool moms sometimes give me a headache
  • librarians always make me smile
  • Grilled Salmon with fresh asparagus
  • marguarite

These are the high points of my day. It has been fun and exhausting. The time change has thoroughly kicked my butt. Early bedtime tonight.

However, the highlight of my day has been that HULA GIRL rocks. Read her inspiring posts!! To even attempt to run 14 miles blows me away...did she finish?? NEXT POST... Did she ALMOST finish? Be sure to read in the link order and be encouraging in her comments!! Did her family support her no matter what?? Read it and weep!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


And I don't mean the kind served with turkey. Or the putting on of clothing. I mean the kind that involves assorted cremes, ointments and gauze bandaging. This weeekend I gave my oldest sister a break from being the dressing girl. The two in the middle "just can't". I understand, there are things that I feel that way about and the wound care really doesn't bother me too bad. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it on here before, but I made it over halfway through nursing school. I loved the anatomy and physiology part. I loved learning about the body and how it works. Our bodies are the most complex machines ever!! I did not enjoy nursing. It required a type of thinking that I could not, at 19, manage. I could do it now since having children. I don't want to, but I could. I DO regret not finishing college-the second major was communication, which would have been perfect for me! I DO NOT regret not finishing nursing school. I enjoy caring for loved ones. Usually. I did not enjoy caring for total strangers. It was always awkward for me. I have to bridge the gap. I have to get to know them and then comes the attachment. The attachment that keeps you from being efficient. It is a tough little dance to dance, being caring enough to be helpful and sincere but also being detached enough to be efficient. I have alot of trouble with detached, even in line at Walmart.

This morning I went to my mom's intent on changing the dressing quickly and getting back to church missing only Sunday school. I quickly let that die when I realized how tired and low on energy Mom was. She was not up yet. She had to get up and do her morning routine before the dressing. Even the dressing part was harder today than yesterday as it was...let's just leave it at it was harder today. I made it for about the last 10 minutes of church. Still thinking about Mom. I should have just spent the morning with her. I just don't like to miss church.

And we will miss another service as we are having a bit of a break this week. We have unplugged from the world a little. A much needed break. I hope to come back rejuvenated at least a little bit. I'll still be blogging though. It's therapeutic. And it helps me.

Friday, March 07, 2008

(These are not my actual dumplings- I only made 8. Click on the picture for a recipe for delicious dumplings. I don't use anywhere near that much sugar or butter and mine are still yummy!)

Several things which were happening today are not any longer. One of those things was my husband's final day of training people in E'ville(pronounced evil) to be safe drivers. He got home today about 11AM and has been hanging out with us ever since. Our keepers club meeting was today and it was rescheduled. I was planning to visit my stepfather and also check in on my mom. Then came the snow and it keeps on coming. While I am so sad my hero will have to run in the snow tomorrow, I am excited to sneak in some "snowed in" time with the family. We have gotten a whole day off from the world. We did all load up in the car and head to the corner store to stock up on all manner of bad food. Now, we are a snuggling, movie watching, bad food eating, game playing family.
As soon as the apple dumplings come out of the oven, I'll eat one in your honor, hula. I salute you runner girl!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I miss calm. A whole lot.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I made the decision some time ago that I would not return to co-op. This after having stated that I would ALWAYS be in a co-op. Not the first words I've ever eaten. Today they had a planning meeting at lunch. It hit me. I'm not coming back. To this beautiful group of ladies who have mentored me with their organization and preparation. They mentored me in a you-don't-have-to-do-it-perfect-but-you-have-to-plan-and-organize way. It was just what the doctor ordered. It has been fun, frustrating, challenging, and everything in-between. I have learned so many things and when you compound that with what my kids have learned-it has quite simply been a good thing. SOOOO-why leave?

The reasons for that are as varied as the reason to homeschool. Reason number one is that this co-op functions in the Classical Christian arena. Very heavy on history, writing and literature-especially in the upper grades. As my most reluctant reader/writer will begin 7th grade next year, that would mean big time changes for her. Changes she simply can't make. Add to that the fact that I prefer an education more in line with what public schools used to teach (before they taught feelings, sex-ed, global warming and our country sucks), it is just not the right thing for us now.

So now, I face lots of new and exciting decisions. I homeschooled for 2 years before co-op so it isn't as though I am a rookie. However, teaching cooperatively does eliminate the decision making in many subject areas. Since I very seldom talk about the specifics of homeschool, I thought I would throw out some of the directions we will be heading in next year.

Math: Teaching Textbooks-I am trusting my friend Sandy on this one. She has five kids and they have tried alot of math through the years. She and I share the "work independently" requirement so I feel like if it meets her needs it will probably meet mine.

History/Social Studies/Geography/Political Science: My friend Stephanie recommends this series for a wonderful United States history. I will also continue on with lots of ecclectic things to pull in Geography, government and many things I have on hand such as state and continent studies along with U.S. Presidents.

Reading/Literature/Writing: Hello library. We already see you about twice a week to fuel our reading habits-do we dare visit more? We know the librarians by name. They inquire about our health if we go too long between visits. I am going to attempt to read with more purposeful objectives, covering some of the same sort of things they have studied this year and also work into some research type writing.

Bible Study: I have decided to use my church library's vast collection of Bible study materials to do one with my children. If they could start really delving into the word like I have through the Bible studies I have done-it will be an early start to some really positive things!

Science: Apologia, you had me at hello. I really like this series of books. My kids do too and that is a big factor when studying science!!

Spelling/Phonics: Spell to Write and Read served us well when we were doing it. We will return to it and see if it still works for us. It accomplishes so much with such a small time investment!! We may also look into spelling time to make things a bit more fun for Lilly. I believe spelling is a highly under-rated skill!!

Lastly, I will also begin to incorporate keyboarding, logic, sequencing, computer languages, etc into our school as well. This will be learning time for all of us. They are very interested in these things by nature so it will just be a matter of making it fun and interesting.

I do know I will plan out my year before it begins. I will have planning and organizing done before we crack open even one book. In fact, I am already doing some planning because the most important thing co-op has taught me??? If you plan it ahead of time, you will follow through on the days when you really don't feel like doing anything. And let's face it, we all have those days. Some times a whole bunch of them all smacked together in a row.

Perhaps, in our spare time, we might pursue a friendship or two.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Call Me Crazy...

...and I will answer to it 'cause I am. I have been too tired and overwhelmed for too long. Many things have eased up, but many things have not. I do pretty good when there is actual physical work to be done. I am very poor though when facing the unknown and being unsure what will be required of me. Friday, mom will get to go home. Red letter day, right? Not really. It hit me today while I was having my rehab family training day-mom is no longer independent. She will work towards it. She will get stronger everyday. Her upper body strength will develop in a way that compensates for the lower body. However, this has not happened yet. But she will still be coming home on Friday. There are four of us daughters and we are all about 15 minutes away. In theory, we will just slice it all up in an even bit of scheduling and all will be good in the land. In theory, that will be just wonderful. In theory, there will be worksharing and all will bear the load. In reality though, it won't exactly look like that. In reality, it could potentially be very unpretty. Now I don't like to borrow trouble-each day having enough trouble of it's own and all-but I am worried about the days to come and I think I am right to be worried. So I am doing what I usually do when I worry and overthink. I am giving it to God and refusing to take it back. At least until tomorrow after co-op.

Monday, March 03, 2008

****edited to say: We did not actually move my mom and stepdad, just their stuff. Their house is ready for them but they will not be out of the hospital until Friday, if all goes well, later than that if it does not. My apologies for being unclear!!****

  • We moved my mom and stepfather this weekend. Their new house looks great. I am very excited to have them there. It is all hard surfaces which is critical since they will both be in wheelchairs at least at first. We had to really give things alot of thought as far as placement to allow maximum room to roll around. 3 of four sisters were involved in the move and before it was over all of our husbands and children were there as well. It was quite a lot of people. My neighbor also helped and since he arrived before 2 of the husbands, he literally took moving the "big" stuff off of my sister and I. Have I mentioned that I really hate moving?? It is not fun at all but we help anytime we can because honestly, does anyone enjoy moving? I think not.
  • No one asked me to buy girl scout cookies this year. I was not upset a bit. Doing girl scout cookies for so long really makes me count my blessings for not having to deal with them at all this year. Yesterday, a couple of girls were at the corner grocery selling so I bought 4 boxes from them. (Resistance is futile!) As I brought them to the car my husband said, "Is it wrong that I am so glad not to have to mess with those this year?" No honey, it is really really right. We have been selling anywhere from 5-600 of those cookies every year for the last 6 years between two girls. Moving boxes, picking up boxes, working booth sales, keeping up with change and sales reports. Calling and scheduling workers, driving all over creation making deliveries. Retirement is a good good thing, right Hula?! The cookies taste better this year than they ever have.
  • We had a guest at our care group meeting yesterday. Two of the fellas in our church are going around polling the entire church on what we should do to enable our church to grow bigger. We have outgrown our current building and everyone wants to make wise decisions as we plan for the future. 2 guys are the liaisons between membership and church leadership. I feel for them. It is a huge job they are doing. I am so grateful for their willingness to serve our body in such a meaningful way. I know they are hearing alot of groaning and grumbling. They will have to gather all the data and then compile it into some sort of decision that reflects the views of everyone. Our church is the most diverse group I have ever been a part of so I will be praying for them daily!! Did I mention both of these guys have five children?? I guess compiling group thoughts and making group decisions is something they have experience with!!
  • I seriously thought yesterday that I was coming down with some sort of stomach virus. However, I bundled up in the bed and slept much, woke up- felt better, went to bed early, slept even more and today I feel fine.
  • We are right on track with our school work. I can hardly believe it but it is true. This has never happened before when we have had this kind of busy week. IT is very nice for a change.
  • Now, my housework is quite another story so I am off to make everything look real purty.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Since laundry was such an impossible frog, we moved Mom instead. Busy weekend. Ketch-up soon.