Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I am resolved to have a productive day. Just a few more loads of laundry, girls are working on school. I have two suppers to make tonight, one for us, one for a couple from church with a new baby. This is so hard to do, but having received meals with births/illnesses and also at times not received them-I'll go out of my way to bless someone with them. It is a very effective ministry tool. I just hate figuring out what to take. It is OK to mess up our family meal, not so good to mess up another family's. Pampered Chef lady TRUE CONFESSION: I don't cook well under pressure. I tend to burn or oversalt or anything else that can ruin an otherwise easy meal. Where is this pressure coming from?? Inside my own head. I have expectations that could trip up even "super self-esteem man" Rush Limbaugh.

So now I am going to carefully plan two meals, make out a final(hopefully) cookie delivery list, finish getting dressed, fold two more loads of clothes and then run morning errands before music. Come home after music, cook, and then deliver a meal before a long night of ball practice(last one though-happy dance, happy dance!).

Today I am thankful for: My darling hubby who has been pitching in like crazy to help out. He cleaned almost the whole house on Sunday and it still looks semi-decent. He cooked supper last night and then did the dishes. I give him full credit that my sanity is still intact. Today I thanked him by making his lunch and starting his car to defrost the windshield. Vacation is just around the bend and we desperately need it.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to say you also were making visits to people..posing as friends...just to get money!!!
Don't worry the house will look the same no matter when you come over. So there.
I'm not telling ya when we are all coming to your house..ahhh haaaahhaaa. It could be now????

Just bring lunch next time, not the "after lunch" heehee


Steph said...

I am the same way when I fix a meal for someone. It seems anything and everything goes wrong. The last time I did it, I wasted a couple of hours trying to get water to boil in a huge pot just to discover that the bottom of the pot was warped and, therefore, the water would never boil. The family didn't get their meal until almost 7:00 p.m.!!! I felt awful! It is a wonderful ministry, though, and worth the humiliation.

holly said...

I have one basic enchilda meal I always make to take. I make one pan for us and one for them. Add a salad and your done. You want the recipe let me know. It'super easy.