Monday, February 26, 2007

Just another Manic Monday...

Whoa whoa! Not my fun day.

We just returned from bowling where my kids each made a new friend. I did as well. We enjoyed ourselves although Lilly was a special kind of misbehavin' today. She just gets so excited that you can't bring her back down to a level of control again. I feel for her because it is that 100 mile an hour zest for life that makes her so fun...and so not fun. EXHAUSTING is the word of the day.

She is down for a nap now which should give her enough energy to make scouts more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Today is one of those days where I have spent so much time nagging and trying to have a productive day that I have had a completely unproductive day. Erik will wonder what we have done all day...I wonder too as it is now 2:53 and I can't see that anything I have done has stayed done or measure my accomplishments in anything tangible.

I am going to make me some coffee and plan a really cool scout meeting. I hope.


Anonymous said...

You just seem so great! I love reading your blog. You keep it real and positive. I am also sitting here thinking about what I have done with my 3 kids all day and what my husband will think. I just made my afternoon coffee and now it's time to read some blogs!

ps- I also gave up sugar for Lent. When the neighbors delivered the GS cookies the other night I ate 5 cookies right away! Oh well. Life is just to short to fast from cookies.


Steph said...

I just read your last two entries. Keep going forward when God calls you. I'm so glad that you are obedient. My church is very accepting of people going forward to pray at the altar- many respond every week. I never do. I can't seem to make my legs move. God is certainly working in my heart in this area because I am beginning to feel a need for it. It's just a matter of Him breaking down those walls of pride that I have erected throughout my life. So please continue to do as God bids you because you may be the way He breaks down others walls.