Saturday, February 03, 2007

Attitude adjustment...

Not the Hank Jr. kind though-if any of you grew up on country western as I did...hee hee.

Good long talks with good friends make you feel so much better. Thanks for listening to me vent. Wonderful you! ( ;

Today my house is very calm and peaceful as Lilly is sick and nested on the couch and Kayla can't talk much. There are blessings to illness. Erika is still well but she is just naturally low-key like her Daddy whereas the other two are all me, baby. Loud and aggressive. I am posting pics of Mount Washmore, I feel someone out there may feel better about their own domestic goddess abilities when they compare. There is another pile as well that did not come throught for some reason. Two hampers are empty though, so you can tell I have dumped them out and actually am doing some laundry. Washer and dryer are both full awaiting the next step. (While I blog...hee hee.)

My mom came over this morning and brought me a new vellux blanket for my bed and we laughed as we pulled off the current 11 year old one. (more laundry as I changed my sheets as well)It was something that needed to be replaced. In a big way. many, many holes. Hope we get as much wear out of the new one. I gave part of the old one to my scrapmasters to sew on and managed to make a twin blankie out of the rest. Can anyone say, miser? Part of it is still good, kind of.

So it is turning out to be a good birthday after all. I am 35 and don't feel any different. My husband promised me we could play games tonight and we are going to dog-sit for friends from church to break up the monotony of too many days in a row at home. I could go to game night by myself, but I would rather be home with my crew. I don't always feel that way but for some reason I do tonight.
Hubby is bringing me home my favorite chinese food in the world for supper. Chong's. Someone may get lucky tonight. If he plays games with me too and lets me win. Except scrabble which I am much better at and win on my own.

After the third try at word verification, they realize you are an idiot and the letters are real big and spaced far apart. Meaning I can actually get them right.


Julie Anne said...

At first, the only pic I could see was of the white hampers, and I thought, um, Janice that's NOT Mt. Washmore...come to my house to climb it! Then the other two pics loaded! If it makes ya feel any better--my clan was sick all week and I've done one load in the last 8 days.

jeonjutarheel said...

If it makes you feel better, only rich people in Korea have dryers (meaning, not foreign teachers). As it's winter, the drying rack has to be inside my one-room apartment. So I have a laundry tree taking up a quarter of my floor space about 4 days out of 7.