Friday, February 23, 2007

Making a real dent in our cookie deliveries. I hope to finish up today. WHEW! I have not had a one, but had much prayer over frozen thin mints yesterday. The harder thing has been soda. I love fizz more than most any other food or beverage. I can do it, Jesus paid it all-all to him I owe. This little tiny 40 day thing is small potatoes compared to all that he did.

I have emerged from my "church struggles" a stronger believer. I now have faith in my brothers and sisters in Christ in a new way. Even if nothing happens the way I want it too, I am blessed to have seen their hearts and Christlikeness. I sure hope they saw that in me as well, eventually. There are so many things in this walk that are just preference and don't we all have them! God give me the wisdom to know when that is what I am up to, preferring.

I am down to only two children(Lilly on a visit) and yet they still began the day fighting. Happy happy joy joy. Sibling rivalry is the song that would not end, it just goes on and on and on.

Toby is still tobilicious if you were wondering. HE sleeps with us and is completely spoiled rotten. I blame those monster ears. Erik and I were talking about him last night, both of us very concerned that if he gets bigger, he might go into them. Perish the thought!

Enjoy your Friday and beyond. Sorry I am not a good poster lately, I am up to my chin in cookies I can't eat.

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Julie Anne said...

Maybe I should be doing this Lent thing...and joining you in the cookie-banning effort...I started the day off with 2 somoas and 3 tagalongs...blugh!! I feel yuck now.