Thursday, February 01, 2007


We did get snow!! But not like I wanted. More like what Erik likes. Pretty but the roads are clear and it isn't hard to walk through. I like snow that shuts down the city, which doesn't take much in this town.

Kayla is still running a fever but it is more around the 101 mark. I felt a little bad today because we went to the play anyway. We did not sit near anyone and we did not socialize much afterward. Kayla sat on the aisle away from the world and she did not feel like talking to anyone anyway. It was a nice outing and already paid for long ago. Besides, I know it isn't strep, so even if we spread any germs, they are tamer than some of the other stuff floating around out there. Most of the other families seemed to have one or more battling the sickies as well.
The kids palyed in the snow after we got home. Then came in for Berry milkshakes with extra Vitamin C and hopefully all the things needed for fighting off fevers and sickness.

Made the real McCoy chicken soup for supper tonight along with some BBQ'd in the crockpot chicken. They are both good. If I can cook or prepare any cliche' food to make someone well, I will!!

My birthday is Saturday and I hope Kayla gets well by tomorrow and no one else catches. Our church is having family game night Sat. and I am extremely excited. I am also not optimistic. Things usually travel through the family, as we all know.

We are supposed to get a round two on snow. I hope so!! Have a great Thursday.


Steph said...

Saul has been running fever for the last two days also. We took him to church but kept him with us instead of putting him in the nursery. He got to hear some really loud music and hear all the statistics on what impact the media has on teenagers. He is a changed man now.

Julie Anne said...

ooh, I hope we get a second helping of snow too. The kids played in it a little today, but snow angels just don't turn out very well when you can still see most of the grass!

Jacinda said...

Hearing you talk about your church and about snow just puts so many mental images in my head. *sigh* I really do miss my grandmother and our times visiting KY on xxxx Road. I can close my eyes and mentally walk through her whole house without forgetting much.

Stay warm & well!