Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My kids are all at camp this week.  I do miss them but I have needed this break for a long time.  I don't think I even considered how overextended I am. I was too busy to notice!! Things are going to be adjusted, and in fact, have already undergone adjustments.  My kids are growing up, life is in its busiest phase and I HAVE to be PRESENT during this time.  Really present-calm and loving.  Not a squawking mess of stress.

I was sort of anxious about how much one on one time hubby and I would have while they are gone.  I was so wrong.  We are realizing just how much we enjoy each other.  We have done fun stuff and almost one full day of nothing.  It has been fabulous.

Life is good, even when it isn't.  Every day this side of the dirt should be celebrated and savored.  Especially the painful ones.  Positive changes are almost always born out of painful incidents and relationships.  Good times would be expected and unappreciated without the peppering of heartaches and losses.  I choose happiness.