Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wow. What a week. Thank God it is Thursday. I had invited a couple from church over tonight but they cancelled yesterday morning. I toyed with feeling depressed and rejected, but decided life is too short. We are having an extra child and dog spend the night tomorrow night so really, the dinner cancellation is a blessing. My house is buried under papers that I have been trying to sort through and Mt. Washmore. I hope to find it today and tomorrow.

I must say we celebrated Valentine's Day far too much. The kids had three Valentine parties. They also got a boxful of mail and when Erik and I were discussing what we should get them, we decided, nothing. Enough is enough and it was certainly enough. We each surprised one another with the same brand of wine, cards and shared some choc. covered strawberries. Then we spent the evening after kids went to bed with the door locked. We still have wine left so there may be more door-locking in our future.

Since I shared this with my homeschool mom homies, I should share it with you. The other day, my husband had a day off. We allowed them to watch a movie while we "took a nap". While we were "napping", my friend Jennifer called. Lilly answered. She said "Mom, phone! It's Jennifer" I said, "Tell her I'll call back. " I thought, end of discussion. We did hear her try the door but did not give it another thought. When we "woke up" from "napping", I checked email before calling and was surprised by her email. I called her for more details.

She said she asked Lilly if I was there and Lilly said, "She's in her room."
Jen, not knowing Erik was home, "Well can you take her the phone."
Lilly, "Nope, she has her door locked."
Jen, "Is your Daddy home?"
Lilly, "Yep, he's in there with her."
Jen, "Okay, have her call me later"
Lilly, "Okay"

Then Jennifer emails me to call her when the door is no longer locked. This is why my life is an open book. Lilly.


Deborah and Sally said...

That is funny and I can totally relate to the door being locked!:)
My life is an open book as well, if somebody comes over when we're "napping" my oldest daughter tells whomever that we're upstairs "jumping on the bed."
No privacy !! What's funny is she really think that we're literaly jumping on the bed.
We had a Valentines party just at home, it was fun - the kids loved it !

Sandy said...

That is hysterical!! Just be glad it was Jennifer! Yes, Lilly has given me some interesting insights as well :-)