Monday, June 29, 2009

FOR TODAY Monday, June 29,2009

Outside my window...I am at the Evansville library, outside the window there is the convention center and traffic.

I am thinking...about what it means to be the person God called ME to be.

I am thankful, friends and time away from home.

From the learning rooms...HAHAHA.

From the kitchen...HAHAHA.

I am capris and a pink shirt-purchased at separate times and yet they totally match.

I am creating...this blog post and not much else.

I am pick up hubby and head home very soon.

I am reading...HAHAHA. Oh wait, I just read 124 blog posts in my reader.

I am hoping...for no bickering on the drive back home.

I am annoying song ringtone. Why people? Why?

Around the house...nope.

One of my favorite things...LOST, my new unhealthy addiction.

A few plans for the rest of the week:A Pampered chef Party at my friend Amanda's tonight.

Manic Monday, Again!

We are traveling today. Recovering from a day of fun at Holiday World yesterday. It was sooo much fun. The weather was very hot but ended our day by being comfortable with some breeziness. This post is only to brag on Holiday World. It is the cleanest theme park in the world. Free soft drinks are awesome and the rides are so fun. The Splashin' Safari water park is awesome as well. If you have never been, you should totally plan to enjoy at least one day of your summer there!! We try to get there at least once a year.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Today and Hot Tamale

I just checked email to see if I had any comments-I LOVE comments!!-and then realized I hadn't blogged today or yesterday. That, my friends, is the kind of week I am having this week. Wildly productive, but not getting on the 'puter very often. Amazing how productivity increases when computer time decreases.

My oldest girls are involved in community service this week. They don't love it but their character is growing (I think, it is so hard to tell sometimes!). They are grouchy when I pick them up because they have been working hard all day. That is a good grouchy. (Tired is the new black. ) Lilly has been keeping busy while they are away. She has spent the night with a friend, spent the day with Memaw and Pepaw and tonight a friend will spend the night with her. It's all good.

Today I had a meeting of my homeschool group. I am serving on the board this year and I am excited. Last year's board made the decision to make our group a closed group (in the past we have made all of our activities open to any homeschooler for a nominal fee) and also to require that each member get involved in some way-organizing an activity or helping in some other way. I think that will make this year one of our best years ever. I have my fingers crossed that Erika will change her mind about high school after we have a very active year in our homeschool group. However, I am braced for letting her start high school if she still wants to. I refuse to MAKE my children be homeschooled during high school unless there is some problem somewhere along the way that warrants it.

I have hauled three bags of clutter from the house to Goodwill and the Salvation Army. I have also taken several items to consignment. Later tonight, I am working on getting ALL of the fall stuff put away. I don't think we will have any cold snaps for a while and we will just enjoy the cold if we do!! Oh how we would enjoy a cold snap.

Hula, my lovely summer-lovin' friend, I hope you are loving our sweltering heat and drippy humidity. At last...

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Just Another Manic Monday

For Today Monday, June 22, 2009

Outside my window...there is a storm blowing up. I hope the temps are lower after it passes through!!

I am thinking...about the fact that I will have time to myself tomorrow. A very rare and precious gift.
I am thankful mercies every morning.

From the learning rooms...Oh please, who am I kidding. I simply CANNOT school in the summer.
From the kitchen...Oh please who am I kidding...

I am wearing...a pink sleepshirt.

I am creating...piles of curriculum to bless others with plus bags and boxes of items for Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

I am savor this week of service camp...savor every moment.

I am reading...HA! I am not.

I am physical goes well tomorrow.

I am hearing...the TV that should be turned off.
Around the house...only the living room and Lilly's room got the deep cleaning that I planned for every room. Better luck next time.

One of my favorite things...Gillette Venus razors. Seriously the best razor ever invented. I am shaving my legs more than once a week for the first time since I had children. Totally worth the price-seriously y'all all need one!! Gillette fusion is the male counterpart. You won't hate shaving anymore and I am getting nothing out of this endorsement(I did get one free at my hair color party though!)!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
  • Making mountains out of molehills
  • Assuring that my children have "no life"
  • Telling myself over and over again that, "housework done incorrectly still blesses my family"
  • Juggling the life of a 'stay at home' wife (who never gets to stay home!)
  • Holiday World!
  • Pinching a penny so hard that is cries for it's momma!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tid Bits

I left out a few things on my last post. Health type things. Fun things.

I went to the doctor when I got home from camp.

The reason? My feet and ankles after 5 days of camp began to swell like melons. I was propping them up on chairs like a granny. Was I possibly overhydrated? I was drinking alot of water and the ice machine was my best friend. Also, an old kickball injury from last fall was making my right knee hurt so bad, I had the awesome CAMP MEDICAL STAFF wrap it for me-just in case it might help. It did help, however, the constant, "Oh my, you're hurt, what happened?" made me trot right back to them for removal after a couple of hours. So, I was a work-in for the first Monday after camp.

The verdict? The swelling was due to too much salt. I am not a health nut, but we don't eat alot of convenience type food. She checked my kidneys to make certain and there will be more tests at my physical next week. However, constant activity plus too much sodium can cause water retention. Solution? Lasix- a diuretic. Three P's for lasix(it's actually alot more than that!). Swelling is gone and I will only be on it for one week. Thank goodness-I was already an FPV(frequent potty visitor).

The knee was x-rayed and is not broken or damaged. I am diagnosed with early onset arthritis. I am sure this is related to my weight issues. And it stinks to know it will not get better. It does help alot to know that nothing is going to be further damaged by activity. Swimming yesterday really helped it alot. Our easy set pool is the best it has ever been and so I have no excuse not to do some low impact, maximum benefit exercise!!

Next, I challenged a camper who is dealing with diabetes to join me in losing 50 pounds before camp next year. I shared with her the story of my mom and the fact that I am at risk for diabetes too. She is an awesome girl who is in early stages of diabetes-meaning she could not get it if she manages her weight and diet. We are facebook friends so I will be thinking of her often and hoping to challenge her while she challenges me. Both of us losing 50 pounds will improve our lives a great deal!!

I think that about covers everything going on right now.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pondering Points

I have many things whirling through my brain like a blender. Thankfully I had some 'talk therapy' with my friend Sue yesterday-so I don't feel so debilitated by the slush that is my brain right now. In fact, I am encouraged. Many things have happened to me that will make me a better person. In no particular order, here they are:
(bulleted for your reading enjoyment)
  • My new friend Phyllis pointing out a 'pride' issue that I was blissfully unaware of has really made an impact on me in a positive way. I can't say it was fun to hear, but it was right on the mark. This week I have pondered all the ways that sin has crept into my life and prevented me from being the person God wants me to be. It has allowed me to blame people and circumstances for things that are clearly orchestrated by the evil one. It is so easy to forget who the real enemy is!! My pride problem works like this: Someone says or does something that I find hurtful. I then choose to believe that it is a way to undermine me because that someone does not want me around, doesn't like me, doesn't respect me-fill in the blank. I then begin to distance myself from those people and circumstances because if they don't want me I don't want to be there. I choose to take offense and be offended. The reality is, STUFF HAPPENS. Sometimes I say something that is taken the wrong way. Sometimes I take something said the wrong way. Sometimes I am hurtful with my words on purpose and other people are too-usually we feel bad later and wish we had not. Sometimes I don't know all the details and fill in the blanks, erroneously. To think that things happen out of some form of malice is ridiculous. Sure, that is probably the case 2% of the time. (When I was in middle school the number was more around 88%, perhaps the scarring is deeper than I thought!) Most of the time though, it is imperfect people solving problems imperfectly, imperfect people communicating imperfectly. To see myself as some sort of VICTIM is very prideful. To think that other people are so worried about me that they will go out of their way to leave me out, talk bad about me, connive ways to hurt me is ridiculous. Furthermore, if that ever is the case, I need to be praying for those people not resenting and avoiding them. Pride is big. It puts me at the center of the world and that is a spot best reserved for someone whose sandals I am not fit to carry. We won't have perfect Christian fellowship this side of Heaven.
  • I have not been training my children. I have been dictating to my children. This will not grow them into the people God plans for them to be. We all do better when we are trained and equipped for a job, not ordered around. Being ordered around just leads to rebellion. I have a Ph.D in rebellion. I don't want the same for anyone else, especially not my children.
  • I am nowhere near the declutterer I want to be. I am working diligently towards it, but I want a plan. I will be setting some goals and working towards them instead of waiting for 'the mood' to strike. 'The mood' is very elusive and can't be trusted.
  • I am slipping into summer nothingness. I don't want to let it slip away and not accomplish anything. There is so much fun stuff we can do and still not be regimented. I want fun for us this summer, not hanging by our toes like a sloth. I only want to be the sloth once a week.
  • I did not miss TV one time while away at camp. I loved all the face time I had with real people. The kids I met at camp inspired and encouraged me. The grown-ups I met were real and honest and wonderful. I am grateful to have had such an awesome opportunity to be a part of the staff. I can't wait until next year. and the next. and the next.
  • It truly does take a village to raise kids. Other grown-ups can encourage my kids to do something with one word that would take me a lifetime to get them to do. It is an amazing gift when someone cares enough about my kids to get to know them, encourage them to be good people, and still love them when they are unpleasant. I hope God will help me to be the same to their children-all children. Jesus gave us a mandate to love the little children. They are not finished and they need love. The lost unlovable need it the most. God, please give me the love I need to share!
  • I am blessed to have friends who love me enough to share truths with me-good and bad. The bad stuff is critical. God means our friendships to be iron sharpening iron. Who among us wants to be the dullest tool in the tool shed?

So, there you have it. A compilation to all the 'deep thoughts' of janjanmom. Some of my lofty goals can be accomplished quickly. However, most of the changes that need to be made will take a while.

God, You are good. Blessed be Your Name in a land that is suffering.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Simply Me on Monday

FOR TODAY Monday, June 15, 2009

Outside my window...I am in the wireless bar at the library so out the very skinny window I see a beautiful tree and the not as beautiful rainy day.

I am thinking...about camp and all the wonderful new friends I made. It was a very sacred place comprised of encouraging Christians. Iron sharpening iron types of Christians. I will never be the same.

I am thankful for...the new friend who confronted me on my issue with my pride. I never knew I had the issue and after she gently mentioned it, God allowed about a hundred examples of it to flood through my brain. I cried myself to sleep that night.

From the learning rooms...Geography and Math this week. Doctor(for my knee-FINALLY), library and laundry for today though!!

From the kitchen...Since I challenged a fellow camper to lose at least 50 pounds with me before next year's camp-I suppose the stuff from my kitchen will be healthier!!

I am wearing...a tee shirt and jeans.

I am creating...a blog post and not much more today.

I am smack the daughter reading over my shoulder....LOL. To get myself to bed at a decent time tonight.

I am reading...An awesome book one of my new friends from camp wrote. It is phenomenal and I will be reviewing it very soon. You will HAVE to buy it, it is THAT life-changing!!

I am be able to make some positive changes in my closest relationships.

I am hearing...noises that require no response from me at the library.

Around the house...My animals really missed me. And I really missed them. The piles of laundry are getting smaller. The suitcases really need all the sandy mud hosed off of them but a wipe down will have to suffice.

One of my favorite things...My bed and snuggling with Darling Hubby. I missed him so much and it is good to be home.

A few plans for the rest of the week: A movie and a church party tomorrow. A home birthday party to be planned some time for Lilly. A softball game for Hubby. A youth activity. I really want to pick blueberries this week-Jessica? YARD SALES on Saturday!! AND probably lots more I can't remember because I am still sleep deprived.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Last Post for a While!!

WOW! What a day. We have run numerous errands and there are about a thousand more I could run-but I will not. BECAUSE, tomorrow we leave for camp very early and there are clothes and stuff laid out to be placed in suitcases and duffel bags. There are sheets and blankets to be gathered and I shudder to think of the laundry 4 people will create while at camp. OKAY, I am deleting that last thought from my brain. This week is all about fun.

I got some cool things for my charges. I have no idea what to expect and that only adds to my excitement. I know there will be mountains and a waterfall and that will be awesome even if everything else isn't. (Although I think it will all be good.)

I won't be posting on here for a while. I'll just be writing all kinds of posts in my head-nothing new there, heehee. I will miss all of you, the best bloggy cyber friends a girl could have. Have a wonderful week and pray for our safety if you are the praying kind!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

2 in 1??

Two posts in one day? Why? I should totally be doing laundry and getting things ready for camp. Alas, there is still time to procrastinate. There are a few things I need to rejoice about.

  • I am struggling with a relationship in my life. In a huge way. My prayers seem to go unanswered. This problem bleeds over into all of my other relationships like a bad case of blood poisoning. Today, for the first time in a very long time, I have a peace about it. The kind of peace that tells me, although nothing is different-I can be different. I can. I can be different. I can do all things through the strength I have in Christ. I can lean on Him and He will sustain me. He will and he wants to. So, for today, I let Him sustain me. I am hoping to repeat this again tomorrow.
  • I am blessed with some really awesome friends. AND, I don't spend enough time with them. I just don't know how to juggle it all. There are so many people I want to spend time with. So many relationships I want to deepen. AND, I also want to meet new folks, folks that I can introduce to Jesus. So, I rejoice to have so many wonderful supportive friends.
  • Free rootbeer floats at Sonic. We went tonight, twice. It was great. I love root beer floats. We had great fellowship both times. AND great floats both times as well. I love free. Free- it "had me at hello". Free- it "completes me".

Sunshine and Endorphins

Today was field day so I have absorbed tons of sunshine and moved alot more than usual. This means I am in a pretty good mood. It was so much fun to enjoy a field day that I did not plan. I got to visit with a whole bunch of friends that I seldom see. I just flittered around like a gnat- visiting here, there and everywhere. My kids had so much fun. Of course, Lilly enjoyed it the most. Those older girls got to socialize though and that always makes them happy. Ribbons were awarded in all of the events which made my kiddos smile. Me, not so much-but hey, it's about the kids not the moms, right?

I am very excited to be on the leadership board for our homeschool group next year. It is such an awesome group. We all enjoy organizing, so it should make for an easy and yet event filled year. We will have a meeting this month so that the retiring leaders can "pass the torch" to the new leaders. As soon as that happens, we can find our own style of how we want to do things. I can't wait.

Next week, all of us girls are going away to camp. It is going to be so much fun from what I hear. I am trying not to set my expectations too high because I have some awesome camp experiences under my belt!! I am setting my expectations low but in the back of my mind, I am really wanting my socks to be blessed right off. I just learned today that I will be in a cabin of campers and not be kitchen help. Already, that is a nice blessing. I was totally willing to do whatever but I am secretly very thankful to get some time out of the kitchen for once!! I always do kitchen work, not because I love it, but because it has to be done and I can always figure out easily what needs to be done. Plus, most people avoid it like the plague, so it's always available.

I got my gardens weeded yesterday and I am VERY glad that I switched to smaller bed type gardening instead of the big garden that was largely ignored. It is so much easier to pay attention to. This afternoon, rains have come to water my garden and that makes me smile. Rain and sunshine make the garden grow.

OK. That is my totally random and rambling post for today. Tomorrow I will be pushing my kids to do as much school as possible in the time before and after taking my mom to the doctor. WOO HOO!

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Simply Monday, June 1st

I'm joining Peggy!

FOR TODAY , Monday June 1

Outside my window... is a gorgeous day. It makes my blood pressure go down and my heart sing just to look out at it.
I am thinking... about how wonderful and versatile homeschooling is. I am thinking also about how much I love the things we found yard saling Saturday.
I am thankful for... summer and all the fun things it brings around. Swimming, boating, gardening, CAMP, playing with friends, summer reading program at the library, $1 movies-I could go on forever!
From the learning rooms... we are finishing our last week of school. The girls have their entire weeks work in front of them. I hope they finish early-but I am not counting on it!!
From the kitchen...we just had one of our favorite lunches-lima beans and rice. My friend Amanda told me about how much they like them and I laughed at her. We then tried it and we really like them alot. I cook the beans with chicken bouillion and then we pour them over our rice. Dessert is leftover rice with sugar. Very easy lunch.
I am wearing... black skort, black shirt
I am creating... Lilly's spelling lists for next year. Clean laundry. Many piles of things to give away. Sign up lists for next year's PATCH club to be ready for Field day.
I am going... to go ahead and start our summer traditions even though we are still finishing up school. Tomorrow's $1 movie will be on our agenda.
I am reading... I am just reading my Jesus Calling devotional book right now. It's been a busy couple of weeks.
I am hoping... to be packed for camp by Thursday!!
I am hearing... the goofy conversations of tweens.
Around the house... apparently a tornado came through here. Everything is in shambles.
One of my favorite things... friends.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Lilly is going to Bible school in the evening this week with a friend. Movies tomorrow. Field Day on Wednesday. Dinner with a friend on Thursday. Leave for camp at week's end. WOW. Already June and almost all planned out!!
Here are pictures I am sharing...
Quote from Kayla:
"I don't know why we have to fish, all you ever do is throw them back anyway."