Monday, February 19, 2007

Okay, you will laugh when I write this, but McDonald's was the best job I ever had. If anyone ever asks me where their kids should work, it is always my answer. They work at developing work ethic in people. Young or old(although young people are probably most receptive), they develop that work ethic through consistently good practices: clear job descriptions, reminders(if you can lean, you can clean), positive work environment, praise, excellent food/work standards. Plus, I had several of the best bosses I have ever had there. One of them challenged me to never quit anything and always stand up for what I believe in. She went on to say that quitting never resolves anything, but staying somewhere and working through a problem will always grow you into a better person. Those words were pivotal for me (even though I still quit-which is what she was trying to talk me out of, p-lease, I found another job that paid me 50 cents more an hour- the PROBLEM was my measly paycheck and I was working 50 hours a week!). The lesson has stayed with me always, through friendships, church, marriage, etc.

Sandy gave me some similar pearls of wisdom that I plan to keep in my possession forever as well. Thanks, Sandy.

"If I have not discussed these things with him (Matt 8) and given him the chance to apologize to me (Eph 4), *I* am the one in the wrong. He cannot read my mind. When an offense has taken place, the Bible makes it clear that the responsibility for reconciliation lies first of all with the brother who has been offended."

This goes hand in hand with the advice someone(who shall remain nameless because I don't remember who said it) gave me that if you have not confronted someone over a wrong done to you within 24 hours, you should let it go. This will be me from now on. This is one uniquely for me,(meaning I will not hold the people I offend to the same standard...they can have a whole week if they need it-but that's it, 1 week and the slate is clean again, got it? Good.). I realize some of you out there may be a little less impulsive and it may take you a while to completely process things, much less react-but for me, it is key. The things that seem to hurt me most are the ones I hold the longest. This should be very liberating for me. And. VERY. HARD!!

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