Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fizz and bubbling over...

I have decided on two things that are not on the list but very "timely" for this. Girl scout cookies come in today and I think that will be one of the things I give up. Right along with that will be something I love with all of my heart that slipped under the radar, soda. I love love love fizz. Preferably in the form of a diet coke, but also mello yello and mr pibb. So I will give up sodas as well.

My friend Kathy also said along with giving something up, you take something on-a spiritual discipline or charitable cause(almsdeed). For that I have decided to not scream or yell at my children or anyone. I am buying a shock collar for this because I am not sure it's possible to do without one. If I can master that, huge difference in our lives!!

Erik may come on board with me...not sure what he will give up...we'll see what he has decided when he gets home today. Let me know if you are giving something up!!

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Deborah and Sally said...

Oh yummy for girl scout cookies - I didn't know they were being sold yet !
Of course now I'll start seeing the girls out at the stores selling them, I can't wait !:)
Definately not giving them up, although I usually only buy 2-3 boxes a year.
I like soda to (Pepsi) but I only have one a day, and I'm not giving that up either.
What I AM giving up is my chips and salsa from my favorite Mexican restaurant Los Nopales, they are sooooo good !
Every weekend I usually get them, I didn't last weekend though ! I'm mighty proud of myself :)LOL