Friday, February 02, 2007


That stands for same crap(!), different day or same sick, different day. OR SSDK (same sick, different kid) OR SSAK (same sick, another kid). I wrote a post earlier and then deleted it. I am crazy mean and having way too much together time with my kids. Lilly is now sick too. Our weekend has been cancelled officially. YEAH! Not really. Happy Birthday to me. Stay home with your sick kids too many days in a row.....BRUHAHAHAHA! I am soooo glad we did go to the play as that has now become the highlight of my week, which is sad because it wasn't that great...or maybe it was my mood.

Edited out a funny pic, I decided it might be more publicity than that mommy bargained for!


Julie Anne said...
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Julie Anne said...

LOL! I do believe that's the funniest and most shocking picture I've ever seen in my life. Thanks for the belly laugh.

heather f. said...

I hope all gets better for your day.
At least you aren't turning 37 on a Monday that's full of Valentine's Day parties...woohoo...all day, and then a meeting at 7pm that nite....the day's shot.
So, I made everyone have my b-day TODAY and whenever else I want it. HA. Lots of new things for mommy....purses make me feel sooooo gooooood.T-shirts too.
You should come to step class at my church, w/me on T/Thu nites. Let out all the meaness...heehee, mine's still there, but it's fun!!
I surely hope they get better. Hope you go to game nite too.
Hang in there.
You have many GS cookies to many DID we get???????

Proverbs31 said...

So sorry to hear about the sickies... Chin up. They can't all stay sick forever.

I swear we think the same, you and I. I will pray for you. :)