Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mom got home about 4PM in the pouring rain yesterday. She is not feeling alot better, but I know she is glad to be home. We are all kind of pitching in here and there. I went over and made her breakfast this morning, which she did not like-the sausage was too spicy. I then prepared her some meatloaf for lunch which she hopefully will like. It is hard to make tasty food without salt.

Kayla is invited to a birthday party this afternoon. While I am out with the other two, I will be visiting the Cracker Barrel for some sourdough bread because it is low sodium. I will also be attempting to make some myself since CB is anything but inexpensive. ( ;

We went to Lowes last night just to look around-I don't recommend this ever! They will be delivering our new fridge this afternoon. It was dented very slightly and marked down $150. It was also something we have been on the verge of doing for a long time. Good friends gave us the one we have now when they moved into their house and it has been lovely and faithful. (Thanks John and Sandy!) However, it has become rather noisy and prone to making big scary noises from time to time. It may have 20 years left, but we would rather buy something at a good price by choice than be forced to buy later at full price. Plus, our extra in the garage does not work at all anymore, so we will have two that work again. ( : I am so excited. It has see-thru crispers. Lots of space for things and a much larger freezer. Ice and water in the door which I have wanted forever.

I hope this does not mean a new car or drum set is in our future. I did not sign on for those!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Power of Prayer!

Thanks for the prayers. Surgery was MUCH later than scheduled but was over very quickly and she is recovering nicely in the CCU unit again. We know them well. We are relieved. Now I am off to bed as I am drained!
I came across this and it is awesome!! Thanks to Katherine at for posting it!

Don’t try to change him; look instead to Him Janie B. Cheaney

"Let me guess: Ten years ago, you never expected to be where you are today. If you could have looked down the corridors of time and seen yourself with a thoughtless husband and screaming kids and a mortgage on a house filled with days too much alike—well, you might have croaked in your youthful bloom. But that's not the point. Where you are at age 29 depends mostly on circumstance. Where you are at 39 depends mostly on character.
Think about it: From birth to 18 or thereabouts, you're someone else's problem, namely your parents'. Then you slip the loop and become your own problem. From what I remember, the 20s are when things happen, often too fast: While you're making choices, the choices are also making you. Who is this I married? What am I good at? Who are these little beings that I gave birth to?
By the 30s, you know. All those choices, once so multi-sided, have hit the ground and flattened into their true shape. What now? A few ideas:
1. Don't waste time trying to change people, especially that man. Your husband. If you haven't wrought a transformation in him by now, it's not happening. I suggest that you not even ask the Lord to change him, because that prayer too often means, "Make him more acceptable to me." Instead ask the Lord to save him, and change you.
2. Allow no root of bitterness to spring up in you. So he's careless, lazy, dismissive and/or demanding? Has he mutated since courtship days, or merely allowed his less-attractive qualities to rise to the top and stay there? It was you who chose him, remember. Was that because you were heedless, hasty, possessive and/or needy? And does that side of you show more often now than your more admirable qualities?
3. Don't weaken him by disparaging words, which spring from disparaging thoughts. He is the head of your house, however well or poorly he performs. You need him; your children need him. "The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands [and her own unrestrained tongue] tears it down" (Proverbs 14:1). Don't dismantle your own roof! Part of being a helpmeet is to think as generously of him as you can; to put the best possible interpretation on his words and actions. Think of him better than he deserves, because that is how your heavenly Father thinks of you.
4. Don't identify so completely with your children that you make the same excuses for their behavior as you once did for yours. Sin is crouching at their door (Genesis 4:7); do not fail to warn them.
But what about me? you may be crying out inside. How long can I give and give and give with no return? Who takes care of my needs? Well, that's simple: "My God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19). Are you suppressing an impulse to roll your eyes, thinking this is no time for platitudes?
It's no platitude; it's a promise from Almighty God. He will supply your needs, not (primarily) your wants, and what you need most is sanctification. The letter to the Philippians is such a treasure trove for praise choruses and inspirational greeting cards that we forget it was written in prison, by a man in chains. It's all about rejoicing in spite of circumstances, not because of them. That daily grinding you feel is God's sandpaper. Why are we surprised that it's so hard to sanctify stubborn, cross-grained knobs like us?
A truism, no less true: Character is always forged in adversity. Always. Adversity. As someone who's well beyond 30, I know what I'm talking about. Not that I've arrived: The relationship struggles are mostly over, but old age is coming, I can feel it in my bones. The "evil days" described in Ecclesiastes 12 are yet to come, when I go hand-to-hand with my failing flesh. But I do not fear, having remembered my Creator in the days of my youth, and learned to trust Him.
Oh child, learn to trust Him. That's what He's teaching you. Stop looking back with regret or looking around with discontent. Look ahead to where you'll be in 10 years, and set your course: dry and embittered, or a fruitful vine within your house?"

Copyright © 2007 WORLD MagazineMay 13, 2006, Vol. 21, No. 19
Surgery on...

Scheduled for 2PM. Please keep Mom in your prayers. It is very high risk and I want as many people praying and petitioning as possible.

Thank you!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Day Late and A Pound Short ( ;

Almost forgot...I am down 1 pound this week. Probably the extra exercise, cause I been bad-alot. I actually said, "Diet, be damned." out loud to a friend at the chuch potluck Suday night. Then ate two pieces of fried chicken-the other devils food.

I do feel better after exercising hulagirl. I am doing better, but I am only going to be about 4 days a week not 5 or 6. I suppose that means I fall short of the challege, but I am still benefitting-so glad you challenged me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Yep, today we even made it down to the surgery waiting area and got labwork done and the IV put in. Potassium level was elevated. They did another test just to make sure and it was even higher. Then she was admitted to get the potassium taken care of. CCU again. They are hoping to get the level down and reschedule the surgery. At least one doctor is, the others were relieved not to have to operate on such a high risk patient. I think it finally settled into my brain just how high risk she is and how close we are to the possibility of her not going home. I was thinking it was risky and all, but I was NOT thinking she has a 1 in 10 chance of dying. That is not the odds you want to hear before surgery.

Mom is taking that all in stride and trusting God. She has been throwing up and being nauseas(sp?) for so long, she is ready for that to be over. Plus her gallbladder is full of gallstones, which in addition to hurting, could rupture her gallbladder at any time leading to all sorts of infections and gangrene possibilities. Her main doc wants it out.

Had the privilege today of many prayers with special people. One of my teenage year's preacher, another hometown friend(whose hair is now silver and I did not know!), my sister Linda and I prayed in the chapel for God's will with Mom. A short time later, I look up to find my current preachers coming by for a visit and got to pray with them as well. God is good. It is a treasure to see Godly family when you are going through the rigors of hospital stays. AND, your rock is out of town.

Lastly, I was able to go to a baby shower that doubled as a Girl's Night Out. It was fun and very well attended. So many babies were there too. It was fun to pass them around and no, I do not or did not get baby fever. The factory is closed for us and I am thankful. I still like to hold them. Even when they throw up all down my shirt. I don't miss smelling like spit-up. Not even a little bit. I do miss toddler talk and babies sleeping on my chest. And those little noises newborns make when they sleep.

And Erik. I miss you honey. More than toddler talk and little baby noises. We know that passes quickly but "we" are forever (at least the forever we get on this earth). Quit crying and call me. Do not tell me about your wonderful meals though. Just tell me how much you miss me and how you can't bear another night without me.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Keeping busy...

Saturday, we made it just in time to drop off our artwork at a local gallery which was hosting a kid's art show. Each of my three made an entry and Erika, the artist of the bunch, had three. We did this in lieu of the fair this year. The fair added a step which made it too complicated for us THIS year, next year we will work it in, but this year it was one step too many in our mostly crazy days at the moment. So tonight was the ART reception and placement of ribbons. Lilly won 2nd place and Erika won 3rd, Kayla got only a participation ribbon. This happens frequently in the art things we do because Erika works really hard and loves to draw. Kayla whips things out in 5 minutes, calls it done and expects to win. I did get her to admit she did not try her best. Lilly falls somewhere between the two. She was really glad to have gotten second place and Erika to have gotten third. Sibling rivalry really sucks. We have a zero tolerance policy for it-but it is still there.

The kids are attending Bible School with friends mornings this week and just loving it. So am I actually. I was able to run a few errands today alone. Forgot what that is like!! Tomorrow is Mom's gallbladder surgery and Lisa has graciously offered to take my children home with her after Bible School. I am very grateful. Now I can be there for it and not worry because I know the girls will be having great fun and be well taken care of. Lisa is a new friend I have made through our homeschool group. She has two girls and they are very compatible with my older two. Today I found out she is friends with our cousin-now I know she is ALRIGHT. (I already knew that.)

Last night was pot-luck at church. I got to know the wife of a new couple at church. I have had her daughter in class so I already felt a connection there. She is sweet and they are new to the area. I also ran into another new family from church today at the library. I taught her son as well. The biggest advantage to teaching the little kiddos is the exposure to Moms that are very appreciative of teachers!! It is a nice way to keep in touch with new families. I went into teaching preschool kicking and screaming(in my mind) because I was certain it was not my calling. I am still certain that it is not my calling, but God has blessed me for the willingness to love the children. I don't have regrets and usually really enjoy myself.

My brain feels so muddled. There is much on my list of things to accomplish this week/month. I am too busy with the day to day to plan ahead much and feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants. I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants, but in a much more structured way-does that even make any sense?? Ahh, the life of Janice; hyper-planned with bursts of spontaneity.

Laundry is calling and I suppose I should answer. First though, a 45 minute walk, for you
hulagirl. ( ; I know it is really for me, but, you challenged me and all. Unfortunately, the kids are going so it will need to be longer to count for exercise. I'm sure the dog will go to. Thank you Lord for solitude this morning!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Ogre

I guess I made Erik sound pretty bad. Cracking the whip pretty much means he has pitched in and done almost all the meals, just because I was busy doing a curriculum sale that caused me to spend more than I made. We did share some of the meal prep. He saved me plates ready to warm up when I got home. He also helped with laundry-this means I had to be the folder but I am happy for any help and I had two big kids helping with folding and a little one helping with putting away. He also made supper and served it while I swam in the pool in the rain for my 30 minutes of exercise yesterday. Then the rain cleared and he took us boating. He is tough when he cracks his whip. I must add though, he has worked me to death in other areas of "homekeeping". Many days to make up for.

He has his vices, but all in all he is a great guy. I realize that since I am perfection personified, it would be hard to find anyone who measured up. It is so unattractive when you snort milk through your nose. It wasn't that funny.

All I can say is, in our case, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Get to work...

Erik is home and really cracking the proverbial whip.

Longer Letter Later.


Friday, June 22, 2007


Erik has been out of town all week and I have missed him with intensity I thought not possible. I can't wait to see him this afternoon and cannot imagine how some of you who deal with this frequently manage. He does so much more than I notice!! I have looked forward to our phone calls, except it has made me a little angry as he calls me each night with his restaurant choices of the day. Grrrrr. I REALLY love going out to eat and REALLY don't like to hear about his choices while I pull my hair out a strand at a time trying to figure out what we are going to have. The good news is that he gets home today and I am so excited that I will meet him going out the door to our homeschool curriculum sale. Life really isn't fun somtimes.

Mom's gallbladder surgery hs been postponed until next Tuesday. I cannot even believe this is happening. Ridiculous. We were planning a short trip that is now unplanned. I really needed it too. Someday...

Off to shower. 8:18 and I have been up for well over an hour. Naptime. LOL. I wish!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I truly felt hugged by your comments and appreciate the feedback. Mom was scheduled for surgery last night...but it was cancelled at 7PM...then it was back on again at 9PM. I called this morning to see how things were going and it was cancelled again at 7:30AM. Those are some mean doctors!!

We are all very discouraged by the way her illness is being treated. UGH!!

Pics...Mom watching as her grandkids are loud and wild.

Kayla and her brother...Of course God assigned one sibling to me and one to my sister knowing that no family could handle both of them, which makes them cousins...but we know better. pretty.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Warning...Whiny post

If I can whine a bit today on here, maybe I can be all nice and sweet and normal in real life. First off, I should alert you that things are not good for Mom again. The last test that they did showed the valve problem is bigger than either test revealed and open-heart surgery WILL be done. The gallbladder will also have to come out. In the meantime, mom is stable and feeling well and really tired of being in the hospital since she feels well. Everyone is getting a little crabby and annoyed with the circumstances of a week-long hospital stay.

My family makes me angry. Really. There is nothing I can do for my mom except "be there" which is expected 24/7. Or at least that I should want to be there and pull out all the stops to prove it. Nevermind the fact that I cannot unless I have 3 children in tow this week and when I do go?? I feel silly for calling out favors to have someone watch my kids so I can sit there and listen to my older sisters chat and watch my mom do her checkbook. HEY!! Guess what, I have a checkbook to balance at home. Laundry and meals and all of the normal day to day stuff that will wait patiently on me while I sit here and don't accomplish anything. I feel like a selfish pig.

Yes, I am a Martha, why do you ask?? I cannot just sit there and be. If there is work to be done, I will barrel in there, do it-help with it, and then I am ready to move on. Just hanging out and doing nothing is reserved for home. I can't possibly enjoy leisure time sitting at the hospital while someone else watches my kids. (Unless it is Erik which is not the case this week). I did that when it was him, but now I have to pull out favors to be there and that makes me have to validate if I am really needed. I do not feel that I am. I go each day for a daily visit which is 30 minutes to an hour. Why do I feel guilty about that? Why did they all look at me last night when I said I was going and say, "Oh, I thought you were going to stay a while since you don't have the kids."

Help me friends. I am not normal as is so well established. What am I supposed to do? I am trying to save my time and energy for after these surgeries when I feel I will be more needed than I am now. When my presence will be a help, not just another body in the room. Some of you should de-lurk too because you know me well enough to know if I am just being selfish. Am I??

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Random and Odd

*My mom is doing a little better, but they keep finding more things wrong. Gallstones, liver function is impaired. They waver back and forth on the valve issue. They have finally just ordered another test. My stepfather is 83 and my mom is 63. He is pitiful and he just wants her back home. Today is almost a week in the hospital. Oldest sis seems to be allowing herself some rest. A week is a long time.

*I woke up excited to blog and then remembered it is Tuesday. Weigh in. I am completely unchanged and I tried this week with the food stuff. I should move some more. I don't know why I resist exercise, it makes me feel better.

*Tobilicious Toby STINKS!! He has for too many days. We suppose he is munching on a carcass somewhere and we cannot understand. He gets good food and we feed him twice a day. He rewards us with stinky mcstink and it just ain't right. He is also covered with ticks despite the $17 I spent on Revolution flea and tick killer that also deworms and is a heartworm preventative. I think I may complain now that I finally have some time.

*Thought of MIA as we strolled around the dollar tree yesterday. It was fun. The big girls spent their hard earned ivy money on worthless crap, I mean treasures.

*I mowed the entire yard yesterday except a tiny portion of the hill that I could not. Apparently this is because one of the tires on the mower was almost flat. I did not even think about that. It did not look flat, but when I pushed on it with my shoe, it was mostly flat. I am hoping to till the garden this week as well. I harvested six squash and nine zucchini. I wasn't sure they were gonna produce. I've been wrong before. We have some weeds that just seem to get stronger and more numerous when we pull them. I think I'm getting out the round-up. IT stormed and rained last night!! YEAH!! We really needed it.

*I am reading Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott and I am pretty sure I will be reading the rest of her books soon.

Busy day ahead. I am not well planned for it and should have had my shower already. Going now. Have a lovely weigh-in day.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I found this over at It cracks me up.

I can count on one hand the people I trust. I don't even need all the fingers. Trusting someone means alot more for me than it does most people. I am not talking about trusting someone to feed my dog or water the garden. Those things are kind of easy to trust another person with. I trust most people with any "thing" that I own as things don't hold much value with me. Relationships mean it all. The list is very short of people I trust my children with. There is one person in my life that I not only trust my kids with, but truly feel like she does a better job than I do with them. We are not related by blood. I also would trust her with any detail of my life-but I haven't. Giving away the dirty little secrets of your life is a tricky thing indeed. There was a time in my life when I thought being honest meant telling all. Age has taught me discretion.

I can't trust easily for one simple reason -I've been lied to. In pretty much every way imaginable. It never gets easier, being lied to. I am a truth seeker. I savor an honest soul the way others savor a good meal(not that I don't savor those). You can tell me I look fat in that dress and have a personality you despise and I will love you a little bit. I won't want to hang out with you, but I will appreciate you giving it to me straight(no spin, if you will). We live in a wicked dishonest world and every time I am lied to, it hurts. I have met others like me, the ones who get their stomach tied up in knots when they tell a white lie and eventually have to confess it. I confessed a "feeling" I had one time to my husband. Since I confessed it, he thought there must be more to it than just a feeling and we had many fights until he finally "got it". We lost a little ground that day, I learned he doesn't get my need for honesty. I do think he learned that he can trust me, I would self-destruct if I ever slipped up-so I guess we gained a little ground too.

Do I want full-disclosure? I am not sure but I think I do. Why is the need so strong to want such a level of honesty? I am not sure about that either. Hypothetically speaking, I would rather know that someone had done something horrible than not. I have much grace and compassion in my heart. I have done about every wrong there is and lied like a rug about most of them in my 35 years. It would take alot to shake my faith that God can change a person willing to change. Unfortunately though, it would take alot to convince me someone was willing to change.

For a relationship to go as deeps as it needs to go, honesty and trust must be there. A trust that if someone messes up, they will 'fess up. Fessing up is the hardest thing in the whole world. You have to lay out your heart and soul wide open and then let someone else decide if they can forgive it or not. However, if they do forgive it, it paves a road to trust between two people that will always be in place. There is nothing quite like knowing all the bad stuff someone has done and then just loving them for who they want to be, not who they are. That is exactly what God does. When you get that in place with a fellow human being-it is a little bit of heaven on earth.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!
My husband has taught me what it means to be a dad. All three girls are curled up together right now, each one wanting to be the closest to him. Hopelessly smitten with all that he does. I am a little jealous at times of what they have together as I had none of that. Then I get over it and I am totally thankful that he is just as crazy about them as they are about him. Family. It means the world to him. I can remember how the girls used to think it was so funny to hide from him when he came home. He played along but it hurt his feelings so much that they did not run to him and say, "Daddy!". His patience and love paid off because now they not only do that, but they are watching the clock and hanging pretty near the door to see him when he first gets home.
He is a drummer and a mailman. Each one of those cool all by itself. He is also a boater, lawn mower and mower mechanic, Impala-lover, motorhead, garden tiller, pool putter upper, guitar player, ebayer, traveler (anywhere-he just needs a map), chain sawer, gutter cleaner, car washer, biker, and oh so many more. A wonderful husband. Not perfect mind you, but together we improve a little more each year. If my girls marry a man like their dad, I will be happy for them.
He cries during chic movies sometimes and cried during the birth of our children. He is the best thing that ever happened to me, even on his worst day. Thank you Darling Husband for 13 years and almost 11 as Daddy.
You are the world to 4 people, no pressure!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lilly woke up very early this morning running high fever and throwing up. She has been like this most of the day. I have rubbed her belly and her back most of the day as I did not have much energy for anything else. The past few days have me exhausted in every way. One of my sisters picked up the big girls for my nephew's birthday party and the other one brought them home. I caught a nap after calling our wonderful doctor. I was so worried it might be meningitis since she kept complaining of a headache and could not put her chin on her chest. The greatest Dr in the world assured me this is going around and shall pass soon. I am predicting she will wake up hungry, well and energetic since her fever seems to have broke this evening. I really hope so. I am also predicting I will wake up groggy, irritable and unable to think clearly for the umpteenth day in a row. But I have hope it might be different. ( ; I miss church.

When Erik got home from work, I went to see my mom and then went to the grocery really quick. Mom is improved and has her own room now. It is possible she may go home on Monday. This is heart attack number two for her(last one was a few years ago). The doctors are speaking very bluntly with her about what she MUST do if she is to be around much longer. How is she responding?? "They are not gonna tell me what I can and cannot drink. I have always drank whatever I wanted and I ain't gonna stop now." This is so funny because we aren't talking about liquor-my mom wouldn't touch alcohol with a ten-foot-pole. She doesn't want to give up caffeine or diet cokes. She doesn't even want to cut back. If only they could operate on her attitude while they have her at the hospital.

I am so much like my mother.

Friday, June 15, 2007


To say my family was dysfunctional is quite possibly the understatement of the year. Here are some of the clues that let me know we were:

*My dad loves babies until they become old enough to wiggle and squirm and want down. He can hold a newborn for hours. (He was very handy for much-needed showers when my girls were little.) My mom kept having babies to make him happy. The problem?? My dad does not enjoy children. Just newborns. Small children annoy him and he wants them to just sit still and be quiet. They divorced when I was about 4, and I was number 4.

*My mom thinks that all men are philanderers because my dad was and her dad was. She also thinks most women are too. My dad thinks this too. (They both believed men were incapable of not cheating. They also believed a pretty large percentage of women were unable to be faithful as well.) They both had this confirmed in their lives 9 times out of ten. They took this as a fact of life instead of the faulty logic it is.

I am gonna stop at that because, really, those two seal the dysfunction. The one hundred other things are really just icing on the dysfunctional cake.

I am exhausted after a night of very honest and open dialog with my two oldest sisters. Too much togetherness and strolling down memory lane. I can't take the memories. They aren't warm and fuzzy like family memories are supposed to be. We have a few warm fuzzies, but mostly we have, "Oh my goodness, I do remember the night Mom broke that beer bottle over Daddy's head when she caught him at the bar with that other woman! He ran out after her but she hopped in the car and took us all back home" One of my sisters in particular seems to believe everyone grew up with the complex immoral upbringing that we grew up with. I say NO! We were not the norm. We had parents that were not good role models. My mom was so hopelessly in love with my dad that she overlooked everything until the day came when she just could no longer overlook everything. The everythings had become too much for her to take while in the throes of raising 4 little girls.

The divorce set in motion exposure to lives and people that we would not have been exposed to in a normal stable home. My mom lived in impoverished desperation for about 2 years and had a stubborn pride and grit to make life work out somehow. My older siblings were our babysitters. They were 12 and 13. They were previously sheltered and supervised hormonal roller coasters given total freedom and absolutely no supervision or guidance. It did not go as well as planned. We youngers learned a lot from them and my mom suffered from depression from then until now. She lived in a fog of what should have been and got bitter not better. She did give us God and church which was the saving grace of 3 of us and eventually, I know the fourth is coming around.

The four of us made many mistakes and by the saving grace of Christ, we made it. We have normal stable home environments and are breaking a cycle with our families. We are different. I shudder to say normal because it is such a vague concept. Isn't normal just what "normally" happens in the day to day? That could encompass alot of abnormal. We are doing the best we know how, and I firmly believe our children will do even better. I believe my mom was the first in the beginning of generational blessing for our family. This means our families are second and so on and so on up to 100 generations. Praise the Lord!!

As I listened and discussed with my sisters some of the hells we have gone through and some of the baggage we have carried, I was exhausted and disgusted that they are still carrying it. One of my sisters was still trying to get me to pick up some of the bags I checked years ago. NO THANK YOU!! Jesus paid it all. I am who he says I am and I am no longer that girl with those bags. I am so blessed and flattered that when I share bits and pieces of my past, people can't quite believe. I can't either. I remember, but I am so different now. It is as though that girl in my past is a young girl I pity for her miserable choices and praise because she learned better and did better. She reached a hand up and let God pull her out of the pit and then she walked as far from that pit as she could. I remember her, but I am not her anymore.

I wish the same for my mom and sister, and yes, even my dad. They are carrying bags that Jesus means for them to let loose. Those bags are Satan's trap to keep you weighed down in the doldrums. They help him say, "You are that and you always will be." LIES!

If you are hanging on to your old mistakes and letting them define who you are-stop it!! All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. It is His will that you check those bags at the door to a new plan. His plan for your life. The one where you will never be perfect, but you will be treated like you are. You will gradually be sanctified and morph into a new being in Christ. One day you look back over the chapters of your life and think, "Wow, I hardly recognize me. Thanks, God."
God Anwers prayers, abundantly!!

Thank you so much for all the prayers lifted up on Mom's behalf. They have all been answered. Mom's iron count is up to 11, the echocardiogram does not reveal a valve situation that has to be operated on which means NO open heart surgery. She was sitting up in a chair at 11 o'clock visitation but most shocking was that at the 3 o'clock visit, they had put her in a room on the REGULAR 7th floor. Room 711. No more CCU and long waits in the waiting room for visiting hours. This means sis can sleep in her room and not have to curl up on a tiny sofa.
We give God full credit for all of these things and pray that God will continue to gently guide her back to health. Keep on prayer and praise God for the things he has already done.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Catch Up!

Wow, seems like forever since I posted. Sometimes life picks you up and shakes you up a little.
I went to bed really late on Tuesday night, about 1. The phone rang two and a half short hours later and it was my sister letting me know Mom was in the hospital, possibly having a heart attack. She had just gotten there and did not have any info yet. Moments later, another call that yes it was a heart attack and serious. I dressed and went quickly.

I did not make it back to bed until last night around 10. I think I may change my sleep habits for just in case. Mom is still in Critical Care. Stabilized but not much more than that because her iron continues to be bottomed out. Nothing can be done until it is 9.6. After two units of blood, it is only 8. She is feeling better today. Probably because we have been surrounding her with laughter that only 4 grown sisters can. We all 4 have the sick sarcastic senses of humor you find in me. ( ; Her blood pressure even came up a little when they brought her flowers from us in.

Please keep her in your prayers. Specifically, I would like for you to petition for:

*A higher iron count-she needs at least two stints and a mitral valve repaired that is leaking. Neither can happen until the iron level comes up.

*The will to get better. She is slowly getting her "spunk" back which as you well know is critical to recovering from a heart attack. (or anything)

*She has no insurance and is constantly worrried about money, pray for her to have peace about it. It is all she talks about and we just want her to focus on getting better. At 63, she does not qualify for medicare or medicaid yet so she is a nervous wreck.

*My oldest sister to realize she does not have to live at the hospital. She is running herself ragged and cannot accept her powerlessness in these circumstances. We would love for her to find God at the end of this journey. And a nap.

*My Darling husband to continue being so wonderful. I am very blessed to have a man who values family above all else.

Posting for the next few days will be sporadic at best. Each day you check and don't find me, pray for the above things. God has a plan in all of this. He works all things together for good for those that love Him. I am clinging to that right now.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Date...

I went on a date tonight. With Lilly. She had birthday money burning large holes in her pockets. We started, of course, knowing me, at the library. Tuesday is library day and so we needed to return movies. We spent at least 30 minutes there. It was fun. One child is so easy and delightful. Lilly is so easily impressed. I parked in the front of the library and that was enough to make her whole night.

Next stop was Toys 'r Us. We spent alot of time there. I really make the kid's money go a long way. I let her spend $30, $15 of which was a gift card. There were many painful decisions made. She finally decided on a baby doll including a Dr. kit (today's Dr. visit still fresh on her mind??), an archeology dig kit containing a treasure chest, a craft set, and a snorkel set with mask & flippers. Things put back: fake food set, more polly pocket stuff, a wetsuit (??). She was actually the one that said, "That's enough, let's go to Claire's now."

Chic'fil'a(sp??) was the restaurant chosen by my 6 year old date. Kid's meal required. We never get those. I find it is too much food for my little bird-like eaters. Tonight was no exception. We shared fries and I had to coax her through her nuggets.

She chose a cute little denim skirt at Gymboree from the sale rack. She walked out of Limited Too disgusted with their prices and I was right with her!! Last stop was Bath and Body Works where I got her some lotion, body spray and much requested and begged for deodorant. She still has money left over to put into savings and also have a bit of her very own yard sale money, plus offering for church. We had such a fun night.

I will do this next month with Kayla and the next month with Erika. One on one is such a lovely luxury. Lilly especially has such wonderful behaviour after bucketloads of interpersonal communication. I should do it more often.

As we left the mall at closing time she said, "My feet are so tired , Mom. But I am not tired at all." Sure you aren't, honey. I hope we made a wonderful memory in her little 6 year old brain. I know I will treasure it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Official Weigh-In...

Unchanged. This is a miracle thing. I have been through Bible School snacks every night(have you tried turtle chex mix? mmmm!), two parties and not made the best choices on food things. I am happy to just have no gain.

Busy day today. Visited our favorite Doctor today with Lilly for her yearly check-up. Our Dr. is wonderful and the best part is we don't see her often so she is always very happy to see us. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all.

Today Lilly starts to officially be a drama queen as we signed her up for some drama classes at our local theatre. I hope she lives up to her calling and isn't too nervous. The first day of her music classes gave her such a case of nerves that she left her lunch in Pizza Inn's bathroom. Now that was some money well spent.

The rest of us may visit our local chocolate store or bakery. After all, I have a whole week before weigh-in...that's the spirit.

Monday, June 11, 2007



Fiddledeedee says this at It Coulda Been Worse:

"I’m not a really deep thinker. I don’t know if you noticed that or not. I use to be. But my children have all sucked the really useful brain cells right out of me during breast feeding. I don’t really know if I’ll ever get them back. I’m just sayin’"

Thanks for solving the mystery for me. I wondered what happened. I mean, I used to be smart, once upon a time.

That first picture shows a smile on Lilly Jewel that did not go away all day. She LOVED her birthday in a big grandiose way that only Lilly can. The second pic is the other two with their new great friend Sara between them. In the background are my sister Linda and I showing our family resemblance with the "hands on hips" pose. We also laugh alike. The hot pink shirt I am wearing is one of my bargain 50 cent shirts that has to be ironed. This is probably the first pic of me that I have seen in a while where I don't think "UGH!, Delete, delete, delete!" This either means I am finally accepting how I look, the seven pounds has made a difference, I am in denial.

Now, my good friend Mia (see sidebar links) had this to say about my Lilly and hubby ordered (not really)me to cut and paste and put it on here so we could have a record of it forever. Good idea honey. Forgive me Mia for my copyright infringement...hee hee.

"A Different Kind of Birthday Girl
We went to a birthday party today. It was different. The same things were there that are at the usual parties...cake,candles,ice cream,snacks etc...lots of girls and boys running around having fun. But here is where the different part comes in. The birthday girl, who was turning 6 was the most enthusiastic present opener I have ever seen!! It was so refreshing to see a kid who actually got excited about every package and every card. When I say excited I mean she opened every bag and envelope with wide-eyed wonder. She made every present giver feel like their gift was the most magnificent gift she could have gotten. This was followed by genuine thank you's and squeals of happiness. AND SHE MEANT IT!! Call me an old cynic but I have been to so many kids parties where the birthday boy or girl opens gifts with a lethargic "I've seen it all and have it all you can't impress me attitude" Only then to toss each present aside hoping the next one would be bigger and better. Her face full of sheer joy and surprise at the gifts she received really made my day. Now that's twice in one week that this family has blessed me! Happy Birthday Lilly!!!!!"

Don't you just love it when someone else praises your kids. Even though Lilly has been singing just as loudly as always this morning as she makes her way through the house like the little Tasmanian devil that she is, I'm seeing her through Mia eyes and I know she is really just loving life.
Thanks Mia.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


After many months of waiting, I finally was able to check out Season 1, Disc 1 of the TV show 24. I finished watching the first 8 episodes last night and I AM HOOKED. What a great show. I knew it was because Rush likes it. I believe Rush only likes the best since he is Bill Gates rich. He has all of is clothes dry-cleaned, even T-shirts. He isn't going to watch a mediocre TV show. So after upteen seasons, dear hubby and I are finally getting on board. At least as often as we can get them from the library.

We shall be returning the first disc soon if you are interested.

Friday, June 08, 2007

It is getting cooler and I am soooooooo happy!! We are not spoiled by any means as we keep our AC on 72 usually, with occassional dips down to 71. But last night was a hot night and very hard to sleep. Our windows are either painted shut or not the opening kind. I am a cover freak meaning I must have a blankie under my chin to sleep. Last night I was not in my customary Tee and plaid PJ pants, had no covers, and kept flipping my pillow to the cooler side every 2 minutes. WAH!!


*Last night of Bible school and I am very glad. Since I have been teaching the little ones at church as well as the little ones at Bible school, I am pretty burned out on little kiddos. 2-5 is a trying time. Tough ages. If you don't remember, offer to babysit for a friend with kids that age. You will not only be her new best friend, but you will recall these forgotten toddler/preschool games: Hold yourself and need to go potty(This is only slightly more fun than go squat in the corner for a minute and come back smelling like the abomination that is solid food toddler poop.), Ask questions until the grown-ups head explodes, hug in a full run right into the stomach of a grown-up, as you watch the tears well up and spill over, say I wuv you, teacher.

*I had a wonderful visit with Mia I remembered why I love her so much. We had delightful fun and the kids played very well together. It was like not having kids for a while. We chatted about all the parallels of our lives and just had wonderful chatter. We enjoyed live conversation, not just blog reading and how much better it is. Which led to blogs. We discussed the fact that Hula girl should write a column or something. She has a gift. Every entry is great. And she is pretty. And skinny. Did I mention I hate her? Good because I don't. She was a bright star in my scout years.

*Gave Tobilicious a bath today. I was cleaner that he was at the end, but he smells much better. He had gotten into something gross and smelled really bad. I liked him better as a housedog. Sort of.

*I refereed 10,000 fights before AC was fixed and I could finally get around to making lunch.

*I am lamenting the fact that all of my new yard sale clothes require ironing. No wonder they were so cheap.

*I may have witnessed the fact that my daughter has a crush on an unexpected someone. I hate entering this stage of life. I thought I knew all of her crushes but the huge smile she had on her face while watching this guy was a dead give-away. I suppose she and I will have to have a little talk about keeping a poker face. Perhaps she will be able to master it. I never have.

I am sure there a more things, but think I will shower and rest up for the last night of VBS.

Be very careful when weedeating around your air conditioning unit. It is possible to cut a wire which will render your unit useless. This will cause a repair that will be very complicated. Much troubleshooting and sweating in the land. God might possibly have mercy on your soul and send a stormy day breaking the heat a bit, but it will still be a hot and sweaty day. Attics are no fun on those days.

I would love to post more, but as I am hotter than a $2 pistol, I shall stop now!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Brand Loyalty
I am a cheapskate. I love a bargain and for the most part, I will always place price above brand loyalty. However, I am a Charmin fan. Recently, I asked hubby to get toilet paper at the store and did not even stop to realize that he would not get Charmin. I am sure he checked prices (YEAH!!! This is a big plus!) and thought, holy moly, Angel Soft will be just fine. A 24-pack. Now I am not one to complain when someone else is willing to go to the store. Reading this will be the first time hubby has heard a word about it and that is only because the 24 pack is almost gone. ( Erik- I am still grateful you went and I will not complain even if that adorable little baby entices you to buy Angel Soft again.)

So today, as we strolled through the corner grocery picking up all the stuff Sam's did not have, my heart skipped a beat as I saw the sign announcing Charmin Ultra on sale for only $4.98. Charmin Ultra, I have missed you. And don't worry, you were going in the buggy sale or not.

So what brands are you loyal to? I can't wait to hear.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The yo-yo lives!

It is that day of the week that makes me cringe a little. I used to love Tuesdays, just because they weren't Monday anymore. is the weigh in site.

I am up~+2. I knew I would be. You cannot make homemade bread, perfect a biscuit recipe, go to New China, make homemade french fries and still expect a weight loss. I am still down 5.5 overall so I will be happy and strive to do better.

Erik is off today so there will be much funning today. Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Much Overflowethness...

I sit here typing and I must say, my cup runneth over. I just volunteered at (night-time) Bible School and it was fun. OK, not really fun in the typical sense. It wasn't all about me. It wasn't about me at all and for a moment or two through the night, I forgot about me completely. There was a special girl in my class. I suspect she has a slight case of down syndrome, but maybe not. She is soooo sweet. She sucked me right in with her big smiles, big voice and even bigger enthusiasm. I KNOW she had the most fun at Bible school because she came ready for it. (YES, there is a lesson there!) At some point in the night, we became friends. She climbed in my lap and said she loved me. And my cup ranneth overflowingly.

The night was topped off with goldfish, teasing my future Biology boys, seeing my favorite Darlings. Good times.

Now we are home and the kids did not follow me into the house. They are in the garage playing bikes with dad. Airing up tires and such. Bedtime is overdue and I ain't saying a word. Gonna go read now. I think my Land's End cotton dress is clean. ( :
Shameless revenu'in:


Now that I have been paid by bloggerwave, I am a little excited by its client, Masterseek.

Here is the info bloggerwave provides: "Masterseek’s global search engine provides quick and free access to company profiles, contact information, and descriptions of products and services from more than 45 million companies in 75 countries. You can also search in your own country or worldwide and find business partners, sales opportunities and new avenues to expand your business and increase your company’s profitability Enter your company profile and showcase your products and services to the global community. "

Since bloggerwave is a fair and legitimate business, I can only assume Masterseek would yield good rewards as well.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sure sign of too much bloggin...

While having a conversation with a group in the REAL world, a discussion ensued about the 400 mile yard sale and it's over-rated-ness. I thought, I already wrote about this on my blog and started to tune out. Then I realized it isn't all about me and conversations are beneficial, social, relationship-building things. I promptly tuned back in and had lovely banter.

Methinks blogging is making me a little self-centered.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Blondes do have more fun?

I only have one blonde, the other two have lovely hair that is not blonde.

The fight du jour:

Lilly, screaming at the top of her lungs:

"Well she named the pond on her fairy thing a blonde pond and my fairy can't go in it because it is only for blond barbies and that isn't fair."

Time outs in your room everyone until Mom can stop laughing.

A blonde pond-I think that is where we are off the country club. They do let brunettes in, just because it makes them look better.
Turn left!

If you get to the end of the road and there is a 400 mile yard sale to the right, heavily shopped and advertised, then I say turn left!! We did the 400 mile route yesterday and went to dud after dud after dud. Traffic was horrible and we were LATE afternoon shoppers (we started at 2PM). Today we went the opposite direction and every yard sale had a little sumpin' sumpin' that we could not live without.

We did spend alot but the list of things we acquired is alot too:
*2 ball gloves ($4 each)
*more clothes for my wardrobe($9.50-5 things)
*more clothes for the girls (no more, I mean it!!)($5-more than 10 things)
*complete comforter set ($5)
*pretty shelf for the wall($2)
*some more doll furniture (no more, I mean it!)($1.50-6 pieces)
*craft things (no more, I mean it!)($1)
*nice books (only 4)($1)
*fabric for my sewers(many yards $4)
*flip flops for Lilly(25 cents)
*4 cool plastic folders (40 cents)
*magnetic letters ($1) (similar to magnetic poetry only just letters not words)
*belt (50 cents)
*purse (10 cents)
*billfold(10 cents)
*much coveted playstation game(SSX Tricky) ($3)
*Disney princess pen, supergirl pen ($1)
*hair straightener curling iron-a very nice one ($1)
*Oscar de la Renta upopened gift set -perfume, powder,miniperfume ($2)
*complete fairy playset, with fairies ($3)

I usually only take $20-but decided with the abundance of sales and the fact that hubby is working double this weekend, I would step it up a notch.

I love yard sales.

Now we are going swimming at the country club with my sister. Shhh!! Don't tell them our cool speedo and old navy bathing suits come from yard sales.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Give us this day our daily bread...

I made bread yesterday. The beginner bread recipe from . We also made old-fashioned snickerdoodles. Both were good. The bread needs some work as it is not sweet AT ALL. Next time I will use some honey or more sugar or something. Making bread is something I want to start doing. Store bought bread has so much stuff in it (preservatives)and wheat bread is almost $2 a loaf alot of places. I think it will serve as a good lesson for my kiddos too. I am not grinding my own flour yet, but I might. I fully realize this makes me officially over the edge a little, but I've been there a while anyway so it is OK.

No plans this morning yet other than taking supper to a family at church. We will be taking it at midday though to free up the rest of our evening. This way they can warm up whenever they wish to.

Worked in the garden last night and it is looking good. I found two japanese beetle though and that really concerns me. Those are bad boys!! They can mow a garden overnight. I will be looking into some prevention. Does it make you a hypocrite if you make bread to avoid chemical preservatives and then spray unwanted garden pests with chemicals?

Laundry is almost done. 4 more loads. 400 mile yard sale is in our future. ( :