Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Book Review

Living Life In The Zone
by Kyle Rote Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew

Here am I, a female, daring to review a book for the fellas. Not just any book either-a Bible study for small groups of men. I'll admit it, I have no frame of reference. HOWEVER, this IS a Bible study I would benefit from my hubby participating in. I especially like the section on Finding the zone in your relationship with your wife. There is a set of bullets that feature what Satan wants you to believe VERSUS What God wants you to know. I particularly LOVE this one:

  • "What Satan wants you to believe: What I think doesn't matter as long as I don't act on it.
  • What God wants you to know: Our thoughts often become our actions."

Those are direct quotes from a book for men written by two men, but I gotta say, that one applies to all of us! It is straight from the word too, Proverbs 23:7 "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he." Granted, it is a bit out of context, but the gist is the same. In this scripture, a selfish man is giving a meal to someone and since he is selfish all he is thinking about is how much the meal he is giving costs. So, since all he thinks on is costs, there is nothing true about his generosity. Same is true with lots of other things, like porn. In this day and age, it's everywhere. If someone keeps their head filled up with images of other women(as a man thinketh in his heart), the marriage bed is also tainted with those thoughts(so is he). Very challenging!

Back to the book. It is a 40 day study. Each day starts with a thought and some coaching. Then a game plan is mapped out. Next, examples using mostly sports guys, are given of people who accomplish the plan. Time out is called-to reflect on some deeply personal questions and then you move on to today's assignment. The last section is a spot to record praises and prayers.

The topics run the gamut, just like life. The main topics: one on one time with God, loving your kids, loving your wife, loving your wife's family, stress, creating a legacy, being a good friend, setting priorities, success. At the end, the goal is to make the decision to be a better man AND then BE A BETTER MAN.

I can't say enough good things about this book and I wish every man I know (but especially one)would delve right into it. And Ladies? We could benefit by putting a lot of it into practice as well.

Sunday Sun

The sun came out today and pretty much melted all of the snow on the roads. Fine with me. I love to see it come AND I love to see it melt away. I am ready for it to go away. Tired of all the tracking in and also the snow gets into my mules pretty bad...those are about the only kind of shoes I wear and in 4 inches of snow, they don't cut it.

I am playing hooky from church tonight but my family isn't. Call me terrible if you want, but I am loving being home alone. I am NEVER home alone. I am always jealous of all the time Erik gets to spend at home by himself...well of all the time he gets to himself in general. The hardest part of the stay-at-home/homeschool thing is the lack of down time. There just isn't any. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be doing what I do. I knew of the sacrifice it would require of me. I just think I need to start carving out some more time for myself. Lord knows the kids need breaks from me too!!

So, my birthday is creeping up this week and I will be an even number, 38. I've been odd all year and now it's time to get even...heehee.

It is a VERY busy week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are somewhat full. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be absolutely jam packed. I wish I could pare back our schedules and slow things down a bit-but it just isn't possible anymore. I'm just glad to have had a couple of lazy days of gearing down before gearing up!! A weekend reprieve.

I am getting off of here to savor the quiet for another hour or so. Silence is golden.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


We have snow. Not just a little dab, but a LOT. 4" of snowy goodness. It started Friday afternoon despite being predicted for Thurs. just after midnight. All the schools in the area except a couple cancelled school based on that prediction. AND THERE WAS NO SNOW until well after lunch. In case you don't know, schools that cancel after lunch still get to count the full day of school. It shouldn't irk me so much as I am totally unaffected, but it does.

ANYWAY, Lilly has enjoyed the snow like nobody's business. She would be in and out all day if I allowed it. I limit her to about four outings with warm ups in-between. We have to make her come in to warm up. she loves to play outside, especially in snow. Erika went out for a while too. Kayla just does not play in it anymore. That makes me really sad-I just stopped going out and playing in it a couple of years ago because I lack the proper winter outfitting gear-boots, mostly. She is far too young, in my opinion, to give it up. However, I say nothing and hope this passes.

Tonight we have a wedding to attend and I am excited and hopeful they will have a big crowd despite the condition of the roads. The bride is the daughter of one of our favorite couples at church. I know it will just be beautiful. I love weddings almost as much as snow-so putting the two together makes me a really happy camper.

A toast: to marriage, young or old-be committed to making it work and it will. For better or worse for always. Never forget marriages are like life-they have high peaks and miserable valleys. The valleys make you cling tighter(eventually) and the peaks give you something to look forward to.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Food, Sweat and Tears

  • I have not had a soda in...I haven't counted the days, but it has been a long time. Other people have congratulated me with things like-good for you, I haven't had one in 10 years, 3 years, over a year, etc. I am now in a sort of a recovery club. I still miss it and its wonderful fizziness. Diet Coke was my drink of choice and I do believe the hype that it stimulates your appetite for sweets. I believe it because I don't crave them with every fiber in my body like I used to. I still enjoy sweets, the craving just doesn't rule my thoughts.
  • I have been on a well balanced (dietitian provided) diet for three weeks. It hits every food group according to the requirements in the food pyramid. I work very diligently to follow it exactly. I plan things out to follow it. I have had a few 'meals off'-well actually exactly two. It seems to be working for me. I can tell my stomach has shrunk because I get full faster. I feel better. My clothes fit looser.
  • THE SCALES SAY I HAVE ONLY LOST 1 POUND. One stinking pound for a whole lifestyle change. I am not deterred but that is POWERFULLY DEPRESSING.
  • I have been doing aerobics three times a week for almost two weeks. It hurts. I am still sore the next day but I...keep coming back. BECAUSE, I know it helps. I know I have abused and neglected my health for far too long. I hate exercise. HATE it. But I love the fact that it makes me feel more responsible, more accountable. The instructor is AWESOME and encouraging and also really funny. RUTHLESS when it comes to pushing us(me) to the limits of what I think I can stand.
  • My knee got REALLY bad, so bad I bought a knee brace. Now it has come back to just irritatingly painful. If it had stayed where it was, I would have been to the doctor, again. It has been x-rayed and diagnosed as early onset arthritis-just not by an ortho doc.

And now the TEARS:

I just cannot stop thinking about my friend, Jane. She lost a hard-fought battle with cancer. I KNOW she is in a better place. I KNOW she lived a wonderful life. She was only 51. She was an amazing person. She loved everyone and they loved her back. Everything I see reminds me of her and her sense of humor. I wish God would have allowed us more time with her. Our whole church has a Jane-sized hole in our hearts. The tears just keep coming, I only thought I was all cried out. She would NOT like it that we are all crying. She wasn't about being sad, she was all about enjoying life to the fullest and making your life count by making a difference in every life you touch. What an AMAZING legacy. I miss you, Jane!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love the Sinner...

...hate the sin. How many times have we heard that at church. How many times have I said that to my children, especially when they ask me really tough questions about someone else's behavior-and I have no other answer. And, just for the record, don't forget we are ALL sinners-some of us are believers and others are not but we ALL sin-past, present, and future. Planned and unplanned.

So, this little concept is what is really challenging me right now. I mean really, creeping into my soul and pushing me to think about things in a way I never have. Because, sometimes the sin is so overpowering and engulfing that it gets hard to see the person. Sometimes that sin puts up such a barrier around the person that you can't get in, no one can. Some refer to it as 'bondage', which is fitting because it isn't easily broken out of(or into). Detaching from the sin and loving the person gets very complicated. I don't kid myself, I know there are people out there who love me and can't stand the 'sin shroud' that often covers my shoulders. I guess that is why Godly love is so amazing. He doesn't even see the sin. Just the heart and THE Blood of Christ. There are so many times when I easily look past the sin and love the sinner. Other times, I just can't. That makes me hurt. It is wrong. It is unfair. It is weak.

Detachment with love is a gift. You are not responsible for someone else's behavior-but you are responsible for your own. Detachment without love is hateful, un-Christian, and unacceptable. Unfortunately, that is my default mode. I hate it and yet I am absolutely in love with it. When hurt comes my way, I detach and move on. Sometimes I pretend the hurter does not even exist anymore.

So this is my struggle. I know I am required to love people(and also myself-a whole nother post). All of them. With the love of the Lord. And frankly?? I am really sucking at it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Groupie Again

Friday night, all 3 of my children had sleepovers-somewhere else. AND, Erik had a gig. ALSO, several people from OUR CHURCH were planning on being supportive and coming to a BAR to hear him play. This made my heart all aflutter for my church friends because THAT IS A HUGE GESTURE!! A gesture that really makes a great impression on my husband and his non church attending band mates. He really likes it when people he knows come out to see him play. So I decided it would be really bad if I did not go out and support him as well.

As I got ready Friday night, all I could think was-I used to do this nearly every weekend. Who was that girl? That girl who would doll up and go out with friends and get really drunk. I can also remember many of the poor decisions and unpleasant relationships those days brought me. SO, my heart really was not into getting ready to go to a bar. After all I am a happily married mother to three-not the usual type for bars. BUT, I did it anyway. I tried to take a friend with me, I hated the idea of walking in alone-but I was forced to fly solo. It was silly, of course, my husband would be there along with those from church. I debated buying a pack of cigarettes-I am not a smoker but something about a bar commands it and this particular bar is one of the few smoking ones. I did not. So I traveled alone to the place and I walked in alone. I had brought my driver's license-EVER HOPEFUL-but they did not doubt me being old enough. I paid the cover and walked in, looking all around at a familiar scene that has not changed much since 'the days'.

I made my way to the stage, smiling at the shocked looks of his band mates. And there he was, the object of my affections. He was soo happy to see me and I knew I had made the right decision. I warned him I would only stay for one set and one break-the polite amount of time.

I ended up staying for 3 sets and 3 breaks. I had fun. Because the people from our church are wonderful and not stuffy or judgemental. AND they can dance! (I would have tried but I had to save all the function in my knee for aerobics today.) And because people in bars are, for the most part, hilarious and pitiful all at the same time. We enjoyed trying to figure out who was dating whom. There was a cougar there with her young boyfriend...but also her very old boyfriend. She danced the same way with both. I had two sips of a beer I had never tried. (Bud Light lime-very yummy) I drank water. I bummed three cigarettes. I was asked to dance by a stranger, which was a tiny ego boost even though he was certainly not brag-worthy. (He was so shocked when I said "no thank you".)

The best part of all though was how happy I made my darling husband. It is a job to him, an opportunity to play drums. He does not have very many opportunities to do that outside of bars and parties. Our church doesn't do instrumental music so there are not many chances to use his gift of music in that way. So, he has played in bands almost his whole adult life. For alot of those years, I was his faithful groupie. I followed him to every gig and even helped carry stuff in and out. Then it got very old. It isn't something I am going to start doing again on a regular basis, but, it was a fun night. I thoroughly enjoyed making my husband a happy man by being a supportive spouse.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


My knee feels better! I really babied it last night, made sure I had a pillow between my knees and traded sides often. I also had "spine align" thoughts. I think it helped. The pillow-not the thoughts. ( ;

Today I am searching to find my school groove despite the fact that I have overslept. I'm staying up too late again. The past 3 nights I did not get to bed before 11. I can really tell a difference in how I feel when I miss it.

Mount Washmore is not really tall but it did contain all my clothes, so I was forced to wear a skirt last night. I hate skirts and anything resembling dressing up. AND, based on the last time I went to Walmart, the idea of wearing pajamas instead of real clothes is catching on! I am such a trendsetter. While I have so much influential power, there are a few other things I would like to advocate:
  1. No more taxes!! You(all governments) have to be accountable for every cent you are spending before you are allowed to get any more. The rest of us have to keep track of our money and so do you!
  2. Especially you, schools. Teachers are hopelessly underpaid and the money set aside for education is mind boggling. Kids aren't getting it, teachers aren't getting guess is some top tier bullsh*tters are getting 6 figures or more. Cut it out and serve the kids and families like you are supposed to.
  3. Vote out Obama. He can go live in Russia where they believe in socialism. We don't want you to take our money and redistribute it for us.
  4. NO GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE! We have seen your ability to handle health care and I firmly believe this is all a ploy so you don't have to admit just how badly you have screwed up medicare. Like we want you to have more money-HA!

Okay, pajama fans-unite!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today was cancelled for the following reasons:

  • It is decidedly gray outside. A proper day cannot be enjoyed or participated in when it refuses to claim a color.
  • It is BLUE WEDNESDAY because Monday was an awesome day. However, after hearing yesterday that I was supposed to be depressed on Monday, I had to make it up somehow.
  • I allowed us to RUN OUT OF PAPER for the copy machine/printer. Our school day hinges on copies being made.
  • I went for a walk last night and got slammed by Daisy HARD in my BAD knee. It really hurts. Even worse than aerobics soreness.
  • My mom sent me on a guilt trip last night and I did not return in time for today.
  • I have no good fiction reading material because our library trips have been cut way back due to some behavior issues.
  • It is rainy/drizzly/misty outside.
  • I wanted to cancel today and just be, so I did.

If tonight plays its cards right, it is still on. Don't tempt me!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Book Review

Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain by Paul Meier and David Livingstone Henderson

Uncovering the hidden potential in life's most common struggles.

If you are the type of person who writes notes in margins and uses a highlighter, this is the book for you. I promise you will have something on every page. It has taken me a long time to review this book because it is just packed with excellent information that comes to you straight from scripture. I love scripture and I really love it when someone gives me their example of how to apply it to life-now in this place and time. If you are not a Christian and you have wondered what exactly Christians believe, this book will tell it to you in the very beginning. If you are a Christian and you want to impact someone's life who is struggling, recommend this book to them.
Whatever your pain, whatever your struggle-this book will address it. AND, it will guide you in the right steps to move past it and find the purpose and calling God has for you. It encourages you to explore the things God means for you to accomplish for the Kingdom-once you can move beyond the pain that cripples you.
My favorite part of the book, because I am a grown up middle schooler, is where he compares our lives to a toilet. Sin is the nastiness in the toilet. Why do we let it collect and stink and be disgusting when God will flush it away if we allow Him? Okay-that is not a direct quote, but you get the idea. AND, it is a really good analogy.
This one joins "How to Love Someone You Can't Stand" in my constant re-reading status. One of those books you need to read, wait a while and then come back and read it again.

Growing Up Girls

I sincerely believed that homeschooling would prevent so many things. I would guide my children in their relationships, teaching them the right way to treat their friends. They would have wonderful wholesome friendships with fellow homeschoolers and life would be bliss. We would eat rainbows and poop cupcakes. All of the girl drama we experienced in co-op has now come back. Only this time, because life is fair-meaning I get my come-uppance, I get to be on the other side. It is really sad that I thought there was something we could do to prevent 11-13 year old girls from being hurtful to their friends. It happens. Jealousies run rampant at those ages because of the stage of life. PLUS, when you factor in boys and inevitable crushes on the same guys, it only compounds things. I can see that clearly now. Hind sight is always 20/20.

Sandy, thank you for being so patient with me when I was on the other side. I am trying very hard to follow your excellent example.


We had an awesome day off yesterday! We went to one of our favorite downtown locations and did some exploring. My kids just love antique stores. Erik and I do as well. It is a little disturbing to find things from my lifetime listed as antiques-but I guess that is just part of getting older. Lilly picked out some long white gloves to wear. Actually, one is white and one is more cream colored but she really doesn't care. She wore them the rest of the day. We also went to a little store that specializes in old jewelry. I think the shopkeeper is about 70ish and she was so happy to visit with Erika and Kayla! I bet she said, "Come here girls and let me show you something!" about 20 times. She knew we were just looking and she was enjoying how much my kiddos love jewelry. They LOVE jewelry! Old jewelry is EXPENSIVE. The girls really were hoping to pick up a trinket with their remaining Christmas money. Once Erik and Lilly joined us from next door though-the shopping was over. Lilly is not a delicate looker. Even with white gloves on. It was a fun outing and we were home in time to have supper and see 24. WOW! That show is way better than most movies.

Okay, I am writing the rest of this post with this in mind-you are probably sick of hearing the daily grind details. I am committing to getting back to writing that is a bit more entertaining, but this post is not it.

I hate to keep blogging about my diet and exercise, but that is just my current dominant thought these days. I also NEED to blog about this because I have failed so many times before and I need to blog this time because I am determined. Past failures are just a small part of the drive to succeed.

So as of today, I have been keeping a food journal for over a week and sticking to the eating plan of covering all the food groups as the food pyramid teaches. My cravings for sugar have gone. I did not even want a whole cookie at Kirchoff's yesterday. That is a HUGE thing. Erik and I shared a cookie and he got the way bigger piece. I went to aerobics again yesterday and joined for the year. It was very hard to go again when I was still sore from Saturday. Today, I am less sore. I am committed to aerobics and they are doing a biggest loser contest. YEAH! Excellent timing to do a contest. This means I have a $$$ incentive.

Overall, I have lost 6 pounds this week. Most of that is due to the fact that I have really cut my sodium intake. It still feels good though. I had reached a number I swore I would never reach and now I am a few pounds away from it again. I will take any and all victories at this point.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aerobics Anyone?

My friend Crystal picked me up promptly at the agreed upon time for aerobics. She again consoled me that these ladies were nice. They would welcome me and be supportive. I again assured her that I hate group exercise. And that I sweat a lot and it will be embarrassing and I would not commit to anything.

Last time I did an aerobics class, I was 23, had lost about 30 pounds and was set to lose about 20 more. I never learned the moves the whole duration of the class. I was so self conscious. Once the term ended I vowed-NEVER AGAIN! Then I promptly found myself impregnated and I began my weight gain adventure. Up to now...I have lost a few pounds here and there but mostly I have just steadily gained weight. Especially with each pregnancy. So not only have I kept my vow against aerobics, I have pretty much been sedentary since I was 23. That, my friends, is far too long to keep from exercising on a regular basis.

All that to say this: Aerobics kicked my a$$. Perhaps I should use another word. Nope, butt or fanny just doesn't sound harsh enough. I did sweat, a lot. I didn't get every move correct. I was often going against the flow. I'm pretty sure I was the fattest person in the room AND I did not care. I was not self conscious. The ladies were awesome, saw quite a few that I already knew. Some that I didn't know just so happened to have their 'fat' picture on them to share with me. MOST of the ladies were several years older than me and quite a few were packing a moderate amount of extra weight. Many, including the teacher, have lost a whole lot of weight and then kept it off for YEARS. The whole experience was grueling and yet, oddly satisfying.

Erik and I discussed this class versus the 'gym' and we decided this would be better. Gyms creep me out. I think it is the gym rats that always work there. The ones who have ginormous muscles and a great appreciation for the female form. It makes my skin crawl. So despite how achingly sore I am from using muscles that have not been used in almost 14 years, I am going to join. I am going to do aerobics 3 times a week and hopefully fill in the other days with walking or such as that in between.

ALSO-this is day 3 of no sodas and the headache today isn't quite as bad as the other 2. It is still there. I actually coveted a Pepsi on the TV screen. AND I HATE PEPSI. This is not going to be an easy road that I have mapped out, but I will do it. My life really does depend on it.

I'm going now to take a Tylenol and enjoy a sedentary night.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Overeating food is an addiction. It just is. Changing that behavior is soo hard. I have so many unhealthy habits and the worst part of food being the addiction is that it is everywhere. I was returning a movie to Redbox last night and on the way home, it was all I could do to resist stopping off and getting chips, a mello yello, or some kind of candy. I was full from supper and I had even had a VERY SMALL scoop of ice cream as a snack. A small scoop of ice cream is enough. I did not feel cheated or 'left out'. It was satisfying. The kids have kind of been going along with me for the most part on portion sizes and hitting all the food groups. They made ice cream an exception though. Kayla called my one scoop "depressing". It wasn't.

I felt like I had really achieved something to pull in the driveway having made no stops. It was a great achievement. I am going to break some really bad habits. I am going to achieve this, but it isn't going to be easy. It is the hardest thing ever. Today my daughters are doing cake decorating. YIKES!! I already have plans for one of them and it will even be decorated accordingly. The other one will likely come home. That is some scary stuff.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Healthy Time

My doctor visit was last Thursday. I went to a new doctor, a doctor I go to church with for a reason. Accountability. It is time to lose weight. My whole family history on both sides struggles with diabetes. Not losing weight is like playing Russian roulette. So she adjusted a couple of medicines I am taking and asked me if I would like to be a part of their wellness weight program. I met with the nutritionist yesterday and we went over some of my eating habits. The main offenders were these:
  • skipping meals I hardly ever eat breakfast and I'm not any better about lunch. This means most of my calories are consumed at supper and after. This forces my body to gain weight because it is in starvation mode-having waited 12-14 hours to get food. Therefore, no matter how few the calories, they all get stored as fat.
  • Mello Yello If anything is consumed before breakfast, it is yellow coffee. Pure unhealthy sugar. All those calories stored as fat.
  • Portion sizes Did you know that one should NEVER eat more than 6 ounces of meat? In case you are wondering that is about the size of your fist and it is TINY when discussing a steak or a chicken breast.
  • Balance Now I thought I was doing great here because I am kind of freaky about making sure a meal is balanced. It is very important to hit all or most of the food groups every meal. Corn and potatoes should be treated like bread and pasta. They are not vegetables, they are starches. So chicken breast, corn and a baked potato is not balanced. Corn has been one of our staple VEGETABLES for forever. We will be learning some new tricks in the veggie arena!

I really thought I knew it all about nutrition. I have alot of knowledge. However, I feel very humbled to learn that the things I didn't know are making me very fat. That and a very slow thyroid that needs to be monitored on a regular basis. I feel very good about the changes made and I am committed to the point that there is not an option to fail, cheat or quit this diet. It is my life now, not a diet. I will see the nutrition nurse about every 4 weeks to be monitored. I will also have to face Rheanel at church and she promises to hold me accountable. It always helps a people pleaser to have people to please-even if it helps me.

Last night my friend Crystal invited me to give aerobics a try with her this Saturday. I'm gonna try it but I have the coordination of a new born colt. It should be funny. Erik and I are considering the possibility of joining a gym for the winter months. All is undecided, but I will be getting 90 minutes of exercise in a week-for now. It will slowly bump up as I get used to moving again. I HATE exercise. I prefer just doing fun things that just so happen to be exercise- swimming, hiking and the like.

So blog world, I do sort of have a New Year's resolution. This is the year I finally make getting healthy my number one priority.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Smart Alec Backtalk

I work and work until I'm half dead..... Today is day one of no facebook. My gmail account was where all my facebook comments went for me and I really liked all those comments. (janjanmomatgmaildotcom-just in case you want to fill a void) Google reader kind of killed blog comments...oh yeah and word verification. You have to really be committed to leave a blog comment! However, I can't really say that I miss it.

I know that my kids do. They do agree the punishment is a fair one and they are trying to earn it back...and they might. I miss the chores for facebook time arrangement. They will still do chores, they just won't do it so eagerly.

Facebook allows alot of superficial relationships to make superficial contacts. Of course, some of the people are great friends I have lost contact with...but I would rather have a lunch date than a status update. My kids lost the privilege of facebook. I just took a sabbatical. I don't think I am going back. I've always loved blogger more. One online communication outlet is plenty.

Monday, January 11, 2010

All in a Day's Work

It started out well. It actually was a great day...until leaving 4H and then the next hour. Then it was a crappy day. Really crappy. Question your ability to parent kind of day. Thank your lucky stars you have a spouse driving the kids home while you attend a Bible study on raising your daughters. Realize God meant for you to attend it, so he sent you reminders to make sure you attended.

Delete Facebook from life. Enjoyable, yes-but I think it is not helping my daughters develop into the people God created them to be. (That is not a judgement call for anyone else's children-so don't hear that and think I am getting preachy.) I hope we can all get it back when we develop some face to face and problem solving skills. For now, it is a crippling thing that had to go.

Tomorrow, a doctor appointment with my mom. YAY. I'm so drained right at this moment, I can't imagine getting up and having another day of running...but I will survive!!

Aren't you glad you read my chipper post? I did NOT love this I am declaring tomorrow my new Monday!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow What?

We have snow!!! We have snow!!! I've been oddly chipper for me for the middle of winter, I can't seem to keep a smile from creeping onto my face every time I see it. Especially when I was out in it today and it was falling like crazy. Or when I was watching the science bowl team having a snowball fight. I wasn't smiling as big when my van slid a bit a few times, but all is well that ends well. Snow makes me smile.

Early this morning I woke up, saw snow and had to wait to make some calls about whether or not practice for science bowl would be cancelled. All public schools and school functions were cancelled. However, we homeschoolers are a mavericky bunch and practice was on like Donkey Kong.

This meant early morning drop-off of Kayla to Sandy's because she was wonderful enough to help a friend in need (and already heading that direction!). (My mother-in-law kept the other two because she is wonderful.) This allowed me to get to my doctor appointment, the one I have been waiting for for 3 months. The one I somehow crazily scheduled for 8AM!!! On a snow day. I was in and out in less than an hour and plan to have all of my appointments at opening on snow days. I read less than one page in my book. Then I went to Kayla's practice and waited for them to finish. Watching made me really miss academic team and math team. Such fun. Eve and I laughed though, that at this age, by the time he gave the multiple choice answers, we had completely forgotten the question. Getting older has so many perks, NOT.

After returning home,(and some while we were relocated at various places) we got our school day in. I save our days off for purty weather and we took a full break at Christmas, so no more days off for us for a while, snow matter what! I hope my fellow West KYians are smiling about this snow too. It is still very stinking cold, in fact, we are due to reach single digits with negative wind chills. However, with some pretty snow, it's all good.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Laughter is the BEST Medicine

Mom's night out with my homeschool peeps is one of my favorite occasions. Laughter does a girl good and there was plenty of it. We discussed everything going on in our lives and all left with a lighter load on our weary shoulders.

Motherhood is a tough calling. Working outside the home or not, there are sacrifices to be made on a daily...sometimes hourly basis. Selflessness just becomes a way of life when the kiddos are very young and if we aren't careful, we will find ourselves, well, SELF-less. Having lost our way and who we are. I am thankful God has placed people in my life to remind me not to do that. To still do nice things-for myself. To take time out-for myself. Because really, if I don't take care of ME, there won't be anyone else stepping up to do it. I will just become angry, grouchy, resentful and burdensome. By taking a little ME time from time to time, I can keep myself a bit more even keel.

And this has been...Deep Thoughts, by Janice

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Productivity feels good!! I have accomplished alot. I have waded through two banker boxes of paper. Some of it is no longer in my life and almost all of the rest is filed away where it needs to be. That is a good feeling. tomight is Mom's night out with my homeschool group and I am hoping like crazy that there will be a good turn-out. I think many people are in hibernation mode.

We had a good school day yesterday and we are prepped to do it again. I'm glad I did not listen to the inner voice telling me to just sleep.

By the way, the movie I was quoting is my new favorite Disney character, Doug the Dog from the movie UP! He reminds me of Daisy. Because he LOVES me. And Hula, even a few good men have a hard time handling the cold!!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Back to School!

This morning I was first awakened with some plumbing matters...we live in an old house. Old houses always have plumbing issues. Most of them are easily solved with a plunger. Slow drains are just a fact of life until we bite the bullet and re-plumb the house using more modern materials. Some of it has been done but there still remains more to do. MOVING ON...I lay in bed thinking, no I do not want to start back to school today. Then I heard my own voice in my head telling countless people we would be starting back today. But, most importantly, I told my children we would start back today. So we eased into school mode. We are out of shape, we are not early, we are not eager-but we are back. I am determined to have a kick-butt rest of the year as we travel about less and stay home more during this cold cold weather. The more we do now, the more fun we can have when it is warm and sunny.

I can handle you cold weather. From the warmth of my home in my jammies assuring myself over and over, this too shall pass.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Stinkin' Cold!

As much as I make fun of my friend Hula for being such a lover of hot weather, I'm pretty sure I can speak for both of us here and wish for some warmer weather in this neck of the woods! I can only enjoy cold when there is snow-enough to build a snowman. Then it is all fun and seems like a holiday experience. This shocking cold all around just serves no purpose...unless it's killing fleas and skeeters. Is it killing fleas and skeeters? I might be willing to endure a few more days if that is the case. I have a choice.

I have managed not to hibernate although our travels are at least cut to half. I just don't want to get out. The kids aren't feeling the same way but we got some really cool games for Christmas we have been playing so it isn't all bad. Plus, I bought some wonderful FRESH Playdough the other day just because.

Other than that, I have little to share. It has been a really good week. PLUS, I realized a blessing that I have previously not really paid enough attention to: My kids always kiss me goodnight, sometimes more than once if they go get a drink and then walk by me again. Some kids might outgrow that, I hope mine never do.

Name that movie:
"I was under the porch because I love you. Can I stay?"

Saturday, January 02, 2010

This Is the Day

...I must take my eldest daughter to Hobby Lobby. She received a big ol' dollhouse and needs glue and to pick out some furniture. She has been asking to go since the shopping fiasco on Dec 26th. AND I, have been putting her off. So now it has been five years in kid time that she has been waiting. But it is sooooo cold outside. I am fighting with all I have not to hibernate. It helps that we had hibernate day all day yesterday. I would like to sleep all winter, but I cannot allow myself the privilege.

The new year is here at last. We have had a really good week. Lots of fun and funny things. Lots of games. If you do not own Rush Hour, I can't recommend it enough. It is a one-person puzzle. The goal is to get your cool little red car out of a traffic jam. As soon as one of us puts it down, someone else picks it up. It is as addicting as tetris for puzzle people. Scrabble Slam has been a let-down so far but I will wait until someone besides Lilly plays it with me to make a final call.

Last thing, I am reading Same Kind of Different As Me and it is phenomenal!! It is going to be one of my top ten faves for sure. It is a true story. Very touching and at the same time uplifting.

I guess that's all I got. HAPPY NEW YEAR!