Monday, November 05, 2012

I Am Gabriel: A Review

This movie is a family and faith movie.  It is designed to be a movie you can watch with friends and family without worrying that the content will be offensive.  The problem is that this movie is kind of hard to believe.  The basic idea is that an angel comes to town to save it.  Couple this concept with a low budget and some really bad acting and you have a movie even Bo Duke can't save.  Did I mention it stars John Schneider?  It also stars Dean Cain. 

I do feel compelled to mention that my 11 year old daughter loved this movie.

I should also mention that I cannot give favorable reviews to most of the Christian movies I have seen.  I want to.  I have even made sure to go to the movies to watch some of them because I WANT this genre to be successful.  I want movies that are not offensive.  I hate sex scenes and profanity and I would love to see a movie without them.  However, faith seems to always come across kind of hokey in these movies.  Loves Comes Softly (and MOST of its sequels) is a wonderful exception. 

So, I would not highly recommend this movie, but I can't say it is a total waste of time either.

Would you like to decide for yourself?  I would be glad to share this movie with the first person to comment and say they would like to watch it.