Friday, January 10, 2014


My mom's preacher read this for me at her service.  I needed to record it here.

Today, my mother is an angel.  She'd be the first to tell you she wasn't always.  But in many ways, she was.  She was one of the most hospitable people I've ever known.  She loved feeding people and sharing the table with loved ones.  Most of our happiest memories involve a huge meal followed by laughter through tears.  Mom was a giver-she never had a possession that she was attached to.  She knew life was all about people and relationships.  Her gift of hospitality was frequently exercised.  Through the years, she received much generosity and also freely gave it.

In every family, there is much that goes unsaid.  In our family, we are much more likely to have things that should have been left unsaid.  Thankfully, love prevails over our foolish words.  We love each other deeply despite our differences.  We don't wait for apologies to love or forgive.  We understand that we are not perfect...even though we all really hate admitting it.

Mom was a working mom with four daughters.  We are her biggest fans and her toughest critics.

I am thankful today that our family isn't perfect.  We did put the 'fun' in dysfunction.  God shines brightly through our broken places.  We rejoice in the fact that our broken mom is whole.  God is faithful to heal and restore.

Today, my mom is a perfect and unblemished angel in the arms of God.  Thank you Jesus!