Sunday, December 31, 2006

My house has returned to some semblance of order. I look around and think, why can't I keep it this way? My house is small, it isn't an obscene amount of work to clean. So what? I think it is the five of us just setting things "here" for a "minute", we'll put it up in a "little while". Soon, everything we own is out of place.

More order = less marathon cleaning. Maybe.

Today is New Year's Eve and we are staying home. We would love to be going out somewhere but alas we are not invited anywhere and we are not equipped for hosting a large group. Maybe next year we will host a small group. Once upon a time we had a social life but it is no more. Our neighbor is over and the kids are watching a movie. Erik is resting because he has a gig later. He will be home about one or so. He doesn't go back to work until Wednesday. (No mail until Wednesday because of the funeral of Gerald Ford-federal holiday.) I had planned to get the girls started back to school tomorrow, but perhaps we will postpone that until Wednesday-the first day of CO-OP!! I am a little afraid but I know I will be with a good group of homeschoolers so that will make the transition easier.

I don't have alot to blog about today. My mind is bubbling over with thoughts and things going on, but everything is just brewing away, no new developments yet. I curled up with Bill O'Reilly last night on the couch for a few hours and he really got me thinking. A few more hours with him tonight and I should be finished with "The Culture Warrior". It is a great book and even though I have not finished it, I highly recommend it. That book plus a sermon today about what it means to be holy-set apart, actually go hand in hand for me. Alot of thinking going on in the thinker this weekend. I'll let you know if anything profound develops. Don't hold your breath.

Friday, December 29, 2006

IF you ever notice me lamenting my life completely. Convinced that I am a failure as a wife and mother. Depressed because I don't "feel" like my husband loves me, or that I am number one in his life. When I find that I don't think even God can love me. I am a failure and life is not good, there is nothing that makes living worthwhile. Yes, my friend, I am about to start.

I wish I could rewind and not have a fight with my husband. PMS fights are so cliche' and I am so mean. I'm sorry babe, please forgive me for being a hormonally challenged crazy woman. I would say I am looking forward to menapause, but I am quite a few years away from it AND I hear it gets much worse before it gets better. Tally it up on the "reasons it is so hard to be a woman" list. Put hormones after birthing babies but before people talking to your chest.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Soon I am gonna walk my butt up the street and take a picture of my neighbors house for Jacinda. It used to be her Grandma's house. I have not forgotten, I just always remember around this time of day...dark.

Today was the most frustrating day ever, but it did end up ok.

Our first stop was Walmart where I was returning two things I bought that did not work out to be presents. One of them as an XM radio for Erik that I thought would overjoy him. It did not. He said he is not in the car enough to enjoy it and he does not listen to the radio enough at home to justify the price. He is totally right but I was a little disappointed not to get him a "WOW" present. Everything else he might want is way far out of my (our) budget. So anyway, I bought that and his grandma a CD player to go along with the audio book we got her(it ended up she already had one so we just got her the book). These two items were almost $90 and purchased on Dec 23. I have every other receipt for Christmas in a file and for some reason, THAT high dollar, big item electronics receipt is lost. They returned the CD player but would not refund the XM radio without receipt. I was spitting mad but managed not to show it too much since I had the girls with me. FUMING!!!

We then went to Burger King for a buy one get one free coupon lunch out. 2 whoppers cut in half and 2 orders of chicken fries split and a free soda. $5.81. Four people. ( : OK, that went great.

Next stop was the Public Library to check out a book for coop and check on possibly getting some others as well and a movie or two. IT WAS CLOSED!!! due to PLUMBING problems!! I wanted to scream, "We don't need the potty, just some books!!" Just my luck.

Next stop, the pound. No trace of Buddy and we are now at over 3 weeks. I had lost hope that he was gonna show up and the pound was my last shot at getting my baby back. I miss him so much. To make matters worse, we have not seen Thunder in quite a few days either. He just isn't coming home though. Other people are seeing him every day. He has officially marked us off of his route. This is what happens when you bite the bullet and spend obscene amounts of money to get your dog "fixed" so he won't "roam". He just stays at the local grocery and visits all your neighbors. NO DOGS. Of course, Kayla fell in love with another dog. So did Erika and Lilly and though I tried not to make eye contact, Benji is at the pound. None of the four of us fell in love with the same dog though. WHEW!

Then two other stops to exchange some gifts my girls got for something they might actually use. We thought we knew what store they were from, but we were wrong. Then to Kohl's to return something I got, but it was not a Kohl's item either. So the only thing we had accomplished was Burger King for the 2 hours away from home. I told the girls I was gonna try again at Walmart and refuse to take no for an answer. I just walked up friendly as if I had not already attempted to return it and easy as pie, it was done. The other clerk had CHOSEN to give me a hard time. Two other managers stood right there and said, yes, it is fine as long as it is unopened. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Anyway, I was then able to go and get the things I needed at Walmart, replace XM with a shredder, and felt Jovial enough to let the girls spend some of their Christmas money. It was all good.

After checking out we bought Papa Murphy pizzas on sale for $3.99 and came home for an easy supper. My mom was already here to take Kayla to spend the night with her. Erik was thankfully home from work! We all had pizza and life is good. Lilly bought a three drawer organizer for her toys and is SOOOO excited. Yes she is a mini-me!!

Off to play "Sorry" which I have not played in about 15 years. My house is so quiet when Kayla or Lilly are not here. Amazing. Two really is company.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Movie Review

My dear hubby is a slight nascar fan, he is not crazy-we probably won't ever go live. We don't schedule our lives around races, but sometimes when there is a race, he likes to watch. He has been looking forward to watching the spoof of nascar, Talladega Nights. I was not because I knew it would have bad language and boobs. I also thought it would be real funny. It was not funny but there was alot of bad language and boobs. For about the first hour we did not laugh one time and we considered just turning it off. Then there were a couple of laughs at the end, with waaaaaaaay to much gay promotion. Poor writing and ever poorer acting. All in all, skip it. It stunk. Tonight, my movie choice, The Devil Wears Prada. I hope it is good.

I went to JCPenneys last night and spent my gift card. I really enjoyed myself and got good bargains too. I never just spend like that on myself. I also saved an additional 30%. AWESOME! Most everything was already 50%. I chose nice expensive clothes though, so it just made them normal priced. I did go to the girls dept because Kayla needs some black pants. She has a pair that she is going to outgrow in five minutes. Apparently, black pants are a rare commodity. So I only spent on myself. That is what Erik wanted.

I weighed last night and it is soooo funny, I have lost 5 pounds over the last 2 weeks. I have not eaten like a pig, but I haven't been careful either. If I were dieting I would have gained 10 pounds. Probably all the shopping.

Today is pajama day and we are enjoying it. It is already Wednesday!!

Have a great one!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas is over?

Not really, today is actually day one of the twelve days of Christmas. It does not end until Epiphany on Jan 6th. We may study each day this year but there will be no more gifts. Last year we did that and the kids were ruined by day 4. This year they are ruined as of Dec 24. My children have become gift monsters the last few days and I keep reminding them that we DID NOT NEED ANYTHING and yet we received some things. GIFTS ARE OVER!!

In years past, I have been an extreme taker-backer but this year, I will only be taking back a few things that must be swapped or gifts that I bought erroneously (a CD player for grandma when she already had one). Erik is off today and I will go alone and return some things and maybe spend my gift certificate for clothes. STEPHANIE-I Wish you were here to accompany me!! I miss you and I think Erik is planning to do Texas this year- so sometime this spring!!! Jetty Betty, this means we may get to meet in real life!! I would be honored. Reading about your Christmas inspires me!! You should totally go into more detail about what you do now and how you got there!

I will also be on the look out for extreme bargains. I used to really shop like a mad woman after Christmas but I do not anymore. I actually used to do most all of my Christmas shopping after Christmas, but I don't like to do it that way anymore. Next year I will shop a little every month. Painless. I made my Christmas card master list already.

I am already beginning to think about my New Year's resolutions. I don't normally make them but this year, some important changes need to be made regarding how I spend my time, fellowshipping with friends and family more, and really mentoring how to have good relationships to my kids. Over Christmas, I observed some typical kid behaviours that I did not think my kids would have (snobby, bragging??-call me baffled??). That needs to be dealt with in a carefully positive way. Anyway, some good healthy re-prioritizing. I also noticed some old ugly behaviours in myself that need to be mulled over as well. There were a few things I noticed in Erik as well, but since he is grown, I am not his Holy Spirit, and he belongs to God-I will try to let him take care of his own stuff. That is really hard guys!! I don't always master just loving him without "pruning" him-but I have improved 300%.

Hope you had wonderful family times and that you were blessed celebrating the birth of Christ with your families. If Christ was not involved in your holidays and you don't know him, I am always here to answer any questions you might have about life with him, versus life without him. ( :

Some of my posts may become very introspective so if you want to skip out for a few days and go read something funny, I totally understand.

I have to do word verification to post my blog now. It always takes me at least two tries to figure out the letters. Anyone else have this problem? They are always written so weird and squished together. I like words more than letters. IT should be called random and odd letter verification-not word verification.

And now I will try again....

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!
We have the best family ever!!

Of course I expect you to disagree and think that you have the best family ever. We have enjoyed spending time with our relatives soooo much. Friday night began with dinner at my stepmom's(who isn't really my stepmom anymore-but since she was married to my dad for over 15 years we are still in contact). It was great, she is the best cook in the whole world and was able to get our stomachs stretched for the upcoming dinners. Very important to do your stretches! The girls got new clothes and they went to the bathroom and put them on. I told Granny Barb to try not to notice if they ever don't run to the bathroom to put it on!

The next night was Christmas at my Dad's. It was very fun and a time of bonding for family because there are no gifts-Dad gives each family an envelope and all the kids sit in another room and talk about how there really are not going to be any presents. My nephew gave an engagement ring to his girlfriend of about 8 years. They live together and even have a house. I hope they set a date soon. I know of about 4 cousins that would love to be a flower girl. One of these is not my daughter, I predict that is who they will go with and I will be mopping up tears during the wedding. However, if they wait 8 more years they will be too big anyway. Her ring is beautiful and it is only topped by the big smile Brittany is wearing to go with it. Erik gave me an engagement ring for our first Christmas together and it was totally awesome.

Yesterday began with church and our aunt and her children joined us for church. We were so glad to have them. She is the wife of Ted, one of the Uncles that died back in the summer. Erik's mom felt like her kids would enjoy being with our kids. It was great. Our church is so friendly and she liked it. However, since this was her first time EVER at a church, I just kept thinking of the service through her eyes. She is from Thailand so even though her english is great, I know it was probably very confusing. Also, our preacher kind of focused on the shame of the lineage of Christ and how this was on purpose. It was a great sermon for sure, but not exactly how I wanted Jesus introduced to someone who has never met him. I tried many times to start a dialog during the rest of our day together, but it wasn't meant to be. I have prayed to be able to talk with her about Jesus many times. Hopefully this day planted some seeds. She still really misses Ted and I know it was hard for her to come this year without him. I'm glad she did and certainly glad to be able to bring her to church, feed them lunch and spend the afternoon with them. What a treasure!!

We also got a visit from Ted's first wife, Betty and her son-Fab's stepson, Erik's cousin, Scott. No, it was not even remotely awkward to have both of Ted's wives in my living room because Betty is the most classy lady in the whole world and Fab is so sweet you need a spoon! It might have been awkward for Scott, but probably not, there were alot of years between those marriages. We were so blessed to have these people visit in our living room!! We just are not used to being the gathering place for relatives but oh how I loved it!! Erik went with Scott and Betty to the cemetary to see the headstones for Ted and Billy.

Fab, the kids and I got ready and headed over to Jerry and Martha's(Erik's parents) a little before 5. It was a wonderful night of food and fellowship. We just don't see each other enough and it is so good to visit. I crashed the party though because I was all partied out at 9ish. Since we had gotten there first, we were blocked in. This made everyone just go ahead and leave rather than move cars. I think everyone else was ready too, I just hate being first. I hope everyone else had as much fun as we did. The only drawback is the volume of presents. This is our Christmas with Erik's parents, his sister sends her gifts there as well and we have lots of new things. Of course the kids want to open each thing, play with it for exactly 3.5 seconds and then open the next thing. Woo hoo! Can you say spoiled brats? Not really, but it does bring out the devilish side of them.

This morning we awoke to all that Santa brought. Wow, what alot of stuff. They only got about 5 presents from Erik and I, plus what Santa brought- but after last night there are just tons of things in our living room. The big girls got American Girls this year. Lilly got a doodle bear, a doll, some polly pocket stuff, a CD player, etc. They got a lot of stuff. Good thing we have cleaned out. We will clean out more. This is crazy. 2 more rounds of gifts to go. WOW. Tomorrow will be such a disappointment except they have also gotten alot of spending money that I am tempted to just put into their savings and declare an end to it all.

Erik got me a new rug for my living room that is totally awesome. It matches and is totally great. I am so glad I did not have to go and pick one out. Too many choices make me crazy. Him just picking out a pretty one that he likes? Makes me smile. When I get a square coffee table to do puzzles on and play games on, my living room will be as I want it. I am content to wait though. It feels good to make purchases in a way that doesn't kill the pocketbook. He also got me a gift certificate to JCPenney and requested that I buy me some new clothes and throw some others away. I do tend to wear my clothes until the thread dissolves. It was a very thoughtful way to tell me. But my old ones are so soft and comfortable....

I must get off of here and make apple dumplings for Christmas dinner dessert. More family bonding time. I guess I am just a great big kid but I love it. I am really tired though. MERRY CHRISTMAS BLOGLAND!! BTW, stalker Heather, I just so happened to see your Christmas Choir solo on TV and you were great!! I was all, "Hey, that is my friend!!" ON TV! Cool. Jeremy and Sharon were on there with their kids too doing a little sketch. It was a good program.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Since last night was our last night home until after Christmas, I made a requested turkey and dressing dinner for the family. It took forever to cook that turkey! Since I have not cooked a turkey in quite some time, I was out of practice. It turned out fine.

Afterward, we played some games with the girls and let them open one present early. It was a present for all three girls. Disney's Scene It! It is a very fun game and involves the TV in with the game. I still prefer Monopoly, Scrabble or any traditional board game, but I am hip to changes!!

I know you guys have been praying for me because my dark clouds have lifted and I am feeling much better. I enjoyed last night very much. I hope I can make it through the next few days feeling lots of joy and thankfulness for family. I am praying the same for all of you too!After tomorrow, Erik is off Sunday, Monday and also Tuesday. That is a wonderful Christmas gift!! We love when he gets extended time at home. Enjoy your Friday!! I am washing everyone's sheets today so that should let you know Mount Washmore is tame!! Fresh sheets to come home to. Love it.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Joy to the World

All three of our little angels sang this last night at the church Christmas party featuring most of the kids in our church. (Some of them opted out). My children actually sang-all three of them. Lilly might have lip-synched a bit but I think she sang some too. Anyway, this is a big accomplishment as I have had non-singers for years. Lilly was a horse and my big girls played angels and they read their parts beautifully. Erika had memorized hers but did not trust herself in front of people. My Mom went with us and it was great. She really enjoyed the kids program and the food. She did not enjoy our goofy games and "cutting up" talent, so I took her back to our house to her vehicle. With every Christmas party, it is not so much fun when it gets to the truly family being goofy time IF you are a visitor. All in all it was a great night and we all had fun.

I told Erik about a banking error I had made and I was so braced for condemnation, I actually felt condemnation where there was none. He wasn't tickled, but it is covered and over. Mountain out of a molehill? That is me. I am glad I told him. My other plan involved not telling him and trying to cover it somehow??? This, of course, was not doable as I don't really have much income and use my Pampered Chef money to cover things like gas and incidental groceries, fun money. Anyway, honesty is the best policy.

My next goal for myself is to limit my computer time. I spend entirely too much time browsing and blogreading. I have a really good timer (Pampered Chef) that can be turned off and on and still keep counting. I thought about setting at an hour or 2 and letting that be all I can do in a day. That way, I will be aware of exactly how much time I spend on there and will get more done in a day or night. What do you guys do? Or am I the only one with this excess problem? My problem has really gotten bad since we got DSL, I really love it. and hate it. I read blogs, look at curriculum, watch you-tube(hubby really likes you-tube!). It is so quick. Now it is time for the new to wear off and me to get some control. Anyway, I am eager to hear your suggestions if you struggle with this.

Have a very productive Thursday!! Tomorrow starts Christmas every night for us!! The beginning of Christmas!! The house is almost kind of clean and I am sort of caught up with laundry-about 2 loads left. YEAH!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cards are mailed...

Not exactly the way I wanted them to be and some addresses got lost with my old program, but to the best of my ability, the job is done. I will not stress when I get cards from people that I did not mean to leave outI am not enjoying the holidays like I should be because about 4 big things are pressing on me and there is nothing I can do about them. I need to leave them at the feet of Jesus, but I don't seem to be able to. Please pray that for me.

Joy and peace and patience-what I would like for Christmas this year. And this ashtray.(reference to the movie the Jerk"-which makes me laugh)

Church party tonight. I am sure it will be very fun, wish I was feeling more festive.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I heard the country song that is about "Momma, before she was momma" and even though I laughed alot, it scared me silly. This momma was scary before she was momma but I don't think there are alot of pictures of it. WHEW!!
Oh My Goodness!!

I am so behind that by the time I get caught up Christmas will be here. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I would prefer that there not be presents and shopping and all the fuss, but I think that is what makes "IT" for some people. I would prefer to just give unreciprocated gifts just because you want to. Because you were out and saw it and wanted to get it for them. This is not the Christmas tradition though...someday...hee hee!

My preference for shopping, cards and all such as that is to be done by Dec 1. I wait to mail the cards usually so not to be obnoxious. HOWEVER, I have only done it about 3 times since I had kids(NOT ONE TIME SINCE HAVING 3!!!), but it was the norm before having children. Since we have quit using debt to buy Christmas, it has all changed. We use our extra pay period in December to buy Christmas. Erik does let me charge the gifts so I don't actually have to wait until the 15th or something to start shopping. He can then pay off the bill when it comes. So it is still late November, early December before I start my shopping. Shopping when everyone else is shopping is MISERABLE!! Prices are cheaper, but selection stinks. Oh look a fleece pullover at Old Navy for $10!! Oh look, only smalls left. Who wears small? Someone I am sure, but even my skinny sisters (and they are) prefer to actually be able to move around in a medium. So GOOD PRICE=CRAPPY SELECTION.

I really like to shop all year and I plan to again implement the shop all year and just wrap it up closer to Christmas. (This makes me chuckle a little as I think of one of my sisters who used to do this and then forget or lose the gifts-you have to keep careful track in a notebook!!)(She did give some of it to my girls for a treat sometimes when we would go visit!)I think it is much more enjoyable for it not to have a bottom line price too. Erik gave me our total amount spent and my knees buckled a little. I am very price conscious so it is a bit of a downer for me to see so much money going out. If you do it all year $50 here and there is painless. "We've spent $XXXX on Christmas" is NOT painless. It brings my inner scrooge to the light. Erik's comes out as well and it is quite a damper on all things Christmas for scrooges to be on the loose. I can't help but wonder about all the parents I know who spend SOOO much more than we do, we tell our kids to only ask for one thing from Santa or he will find them greedy and there are others more needy. That always gets an eye roll from Kayla who has a list a mile long but narrows down to the top few and shares it all through the months of Oct, Nov, Dec with any interested relative. Erika and Lilly like surprises more. They have always been pleased with Santa in the past and usually only have a couple of things they want.

Oh well, I am rambling. I am trying to chill and enjoy the holiday, but until these cards are all finished, it is futile. I hope you are kicked back with a cup of Christmas cheer(milk)and a goody and I will join you tomorrow! I HOPE!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday, Monday...

Supposed to be a day of recovery from the weekend. Instead is a day of catch-up for me from what I could not finish over the weekend. At least part of my Christmas cards will go out tomorrow if all goes as planned. I could lie and say I like to send them late, but I like for them to ARRIVE before Dec 10th. Some of my out-of-towners may not arrive before Christmas!!

Oh well, no need to stress now. My other option was to not send any this year. It is an abbreviated list because my master record of addresses got deleted from our old hard drive when it was being repaired. BOO HISS!!

Buddy the wonder dog is missing and we are distraught. Aside from his wonderful qualities as a watchdog, we have grown to really love the boy. Really. It is hard to not know where he is. I have called the pound and they have our name and number. I suspect foul play though-this dog NEVER left our yard. EVER. Unless we went for a bike ride and then he went too. And never left our side. Gone just as mysteriously as he appeared.

I should be doing seven other things at least-so I will.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Yesterday's post...

must have hit a raw nerve with Amanda. I don't know Amanda but I would say she must have just read real quick and had a gut reaction. It does not say to ignore or avoid the "shallow" swimmer. It does not say judge them and be rude to them. It does not say to nod your superior head in disgust, it just says to recognize them. Satan uses many ploys to keep us distracted. Especially churches. If we are busy tending to a shallow swimmer who thinks she is drowning, we may miss someone who has drifted to the deep and really is drowning. This could also be interpreted as someone who pretends to be all focused on deepening their walk with Christ, but really is just going through the motions.

I think in my life I have been at both places. Sometimes being in the deep and drowning is when you really know you were in the kiddie pool before. Sometimes I have wanted with all my heart to be deepening my relationship with Christ and I just could not do anything but go through the motions. If someone had pointed that out to me, I might have been a little miffed at first, but I can recognize a truth even if I don't want to.

Our true calling is to be iron sharpening iron. Pulling each other up when we fall. Pointing out that someone just needs to "stand up" because they are drowning in the shallow. We are called to help bear one another's burdens. We are also called to speak the truth in love. There have only been a few people in my life who spoke truth in love. It makes them very unique in this "I'm OK, you're OK" world we live in. If you see me lay down in the shallow and pretend I am deep,-please tell me.

What did you think of the analogy? Amanda-if you still feel the same, I can respect that. It may seem a little self-righteous to you, I just read it different.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Don't swim in the kiddie pool!

This is from The Median Sib

"I heard a sermon the other day about how important it is to watch out for people who only swim in the kiddie pool. The kiddie pool is all one depth - shallow. There are no gradations of depth. People can splash around and make a lot of noise that demands attention. Sometimes people even lie down in the kiddie pool and pretend they’re deep, but the reality is that they’re still in a shallow pool."

Points to ponder...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Okay Steph, it won't let me comment on your blog, so I have to do it here. Thank you for mentoring to me from long-distance. I know that I just need to "be OK" no matter what and let God handle the details. He has a plan and in his time there will be changes. It just is really hard to let go of it and accept my circumstances sometimes.

That said, don't get me wrong, we are doing great. Happy, healthy family of five with pretty typical speed bumps in the road. The other day I was driving way to fast when I hit one.

I think my hubby is well again. He had to miss work due to intestinal explosions. He missed Wed. and I convinced him to give it another day Thurs. and spare his mail route the germs! He handles alot of mail in a day-that's alot of germs to be sharin'! So his fever broke last night and he is mostly recovered today.

The girls and I have been gone almost all day today. We went skating with our homeschool group and then out to lunch with some new friends. We ran lots of errands: Pampered Chef delivered, post office, advent wreath shopping(we've only missed 14 days and two Sundays). Then I brought the kids home and went and finished all of my shopping-I think. Now I can focus on the tree and Christmas cards(OR quite possibly, happy new year cards!). I was gonna be so caught up this year and it ain't happening.

I am oficially joining a co-op. It starts the first Wed. in January. I am very excited. I will teach Lilly and 4 others around the same age language arts and math. I must be crazy, but I am just plain giddy to get to teach and spend time with Lilly(& company) and know someone is working with the other two!! It has been so much the other way for so long!! I hope she behaves better than she did with Bible hour. If she does not, it will be a nightmare and I WILL cry, throw up my hands and turn in my mommy hat. OR just deal with it.

Tomorrow I may not post at all because my house needs serious attention. Seriously. Laundry is not as bad as it could be, but paper has taken over every smoooth surface in the place. I hate when that happens. Have an awesome weekend! Hubby is working day(mail) and nights(drummin) so it will be as any other day around here til Sunday. We have a trip to a museum planned for our care group on Sunday-Adsmore house in Princeton. It is decorated with original vintage Christmas decorations. I am excited. If all history could be hands on and re-enacted I would really like it. Just don't give me a textbook of dates and names to regurgitate!! Give me people and stories and let me look through the old belongings. Hands-on, it is the best!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I got a needy family yesterday, how about you Jettybetty?
Thanks for prayers!

I looked at my puffy eyes in the mirror yesterday and told God it would be all him if I made it through the day and all I had to do without crying. I made it and give him full credit. As usual, he went above and beyond. Erik was able to make it to Lill's recital. She did well and loved the audience. From the big smile on her face, you would have thought the applause was all for her. I believe we have a star in the making.

Then I came home and made my chocolate goodies for the homeschool Mom's Christmas party. 5 dozen. It took a little longer than I thought, but I was able to be right on time. I had a wonderful time at the party!! We do a white elephant curriculum swap and it was the best "Dirty Santa" that I have ever played. We laughed our heads off. We did two rounds of stealing, teasing and laughing. We discovered who was "Victorian", and then discussed "making memories". It was a snorty laugh good time. Then a few of us went to steak and shake to continue our "night out". Sandy was able to join us and we had more good fellowship. She filled me in on all the details of the coop I am joining. I may be a little crazy for doing it, but it is a trial semester. I think it will go well and be a nice addition to our school.

I really missed Steph, this was my first Mom meeting without her. She is in my heart and I get to read her blog...( : AND, she was praying me through. Steph, I appreciate the prayers you sent up for me...the rest of you too! Nothing is different today except my heart and attitude. The circumstances did not have to change for God to lift my head and today he is still holding it up. Isn't he just awesome!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I hate when you think things are great and the rug unexpectedly gets ripped out from under you. I hate the issues we are faced with in this day and age.

I hate it most that when you ask yourself WWJD, and you just can't answer the question because you have no clue.

Today is not a good day. I really need prayers. My mood matches our weather today which is grey and raining. Lilly has a music recital and I have a Christmas party with my homeschool group tonite. Two things I have looked forward to. Hopefully they can put some cheer in my heart.

Monday, December 11, 2006


We did not get any snow. Gorgeous flurries for about 2 hours that produced, well, nothing. It is because we were totally prepped and had no plans. Only when you are out of tampax, milk and bread with 80 places to be can snow happen. This is the law.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Top five list...

The top five things I have learned this weekend:

5. Red corvettes demand attention. Erik's friend loaned him his OTHER corvette this weekend and the attention it brings is quite hilarious and usually all male.

4. Some dreams should stay in the box until kids are grown or at least more grown. The Christian bookstore we looked at is awesome, but I don't think I could handle a six day a week business, homeschooling and renovating three floors.

3. My church family is amazing. Sometimes I complain, but they never cease to amaze me with their love, acceptance, and generosity.

2. Most everyone I know has just as many day to day problems as I do. BUT, most of them get more sleep.

1. When people disappoint me, it is usually my expectations that are the real problem.

AND the other big awesome lesson, more awesomer than all of these is, yes my commentor was right-people treat your children the way you do. If you treat them well and make sure others know how cherished they are (without bragging), they will agree and also cherish. If you categorize them as a monster, others will too. One of my friends kept going on and on about how poorly behaved her daughter was all night. I thought her daughter behaved perfectly for 4 years old. At the end of the night I overheard someone say how wild and awful this kid was. She was NOT, but her mom convinced this man that she was and he saw behavior that was not there. BIG lesson for me. I tend to expect way too much of my kids and am very vocal about my disappointment. I need to cut it out. NOW.

Good weekend. There is a tree in my living room that smells delicious and although short and stout, has a lovely Christmas shape. Someday we will have time to decorate it. Lilly has a new piano stand, no more keyboard falls. We had a wonderful weekend with my darling hubby despite him having two gigs. He did a perfect balancing act. Go hubby!! I am relieved to have my normal chaos not a whole other set of chaos(see #4). This should be a busy but fun week. Hope yours is as well.
I wrote a whole post about the dream being put back away. I will have to rewrite another day. We went to the Christmas tree farm today and got our tree. No one would do the wait until Christmas Eve thing. Post more later. Now it is chaos central here as we have 3 busy days to add Christmas tree stuff to. Christmas cards may not happen this year, at least not how I like them to happen.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Wow, Exiting, and YES a little crazy!!

We have had a fun day today. As always, we started out with Math, science and journaling. Later this day we had an art class. Dad was home today, so the day is a little skewed-but not too bad. It is usually my choice to disrupt the day when Dad is home. He would be just fine with busines as usual. Art class was taught by my friend Michelle and went great. So nice to not have to plan the craft, but just show up. This must be how my girl scout moms feel. ( :

Second order of the day, Erik has thrown me quite a curve ball in planning our future. We are thinking about something we have been thinking about since Erika was in second grade. It involves much research and soul-searching. Keep us in your prayers. It is hard to imagine following a dream, really. It is much safer to keep dreams bottled up in your brain to take out and examine in times of quiet and leisure. To actually make it happen is a little scary. I will keep it at that for now. Some things are best internalized for a bit before publicizing.

I bought the most coolest Fontanini Advent Nativity Calendar. I love their things and since you add a piece of the nativity scene with each day of advent, it is totally cool. Tomorrow I will approach Erik with waiting until Christmas Eve to put up the tree and celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. I predict a veto. We shall see. The ADVENTure continues.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I have cleaned up a very huge amount of orange juice and thrown away my small pampered chef quick-stir pitcher ) : because Lilly managed to break it when she was pouring, I mean spilling orange juice all over the fridge and kitchen. Later, Erika spilled her glass of milk all over the kitchen table. Kayla got beads and safety pins out and then looked right in my face and lied about it. I served breakfast at 10:00 which is a record late for me. So far, I have not lost it in a big way. Please God, have mercy on my day. I think this is why it is snowing!! A reminder of "washing us white as snow".

Okay, I am chastised mildly by your comments on my needy kids. A year ago I would have made all the same arguments. It just seems like there are alot of "needy" who sign up for all the good stuff-this from my hubby who sees the abuses of the system everyday, and other truly "needy" who don't know the system and fall through the cracks. Now, I need to tell you that I was one of those kids from the age of 3 until the age of 6. My mom would have died before she signed up for public assistance. There used to be a stigma attached to such thing. There still is for some people. We never even got free lunches. We also did not have much food, learned very creative cooking with what we had, and got one small toy from Santa. My best Christmas ever came from the church we attended (school bus ministry-my Mom worked midnights and was sleeping while we went). They brought us many boxes of used toys and we loved it. I am sure they brought us food as well but I only remember the toys.

A couple of years ago I delivered food (through my church) to two of my friends who had been through a divorce and were restarting their lives. I know they needed it, and I also know they weren't signed up anywhere. It made me feel good to help them. They probably both could still use it but they were embarrassed but grateful the first time. They would be embarrassed if it happened every year. Pride is not a bad thing. It encourages you to work your way out of a tough spot. Many people now a days abuse the system and do quite well mooching off others. I don't believe every name is that way, but alot of them are. It is sad. When I hear of true need, I don't want to have used up all of my "helping" money on abusers of the system. Every year God provides us with a family of true need(tornado victim without house insurance, man unable to work because he was dying of cancer, newly divorced, etc) and we focus there and then do a little other stuff too. This year, I just have not seen it. God forgive me if I have missed it because of our crazy schedule! Benevolence is a little overdone these days and the squeaky wheels get the oil. Alot of wheels are broken and not squeaking but that doesn't make them less broken.

Okay, there is my rant. Please don't think I am uncaring and selfish. I would rather give to anyone besides my children, really-they have more than enough!! I also can't quite stomach the thought of the system abuses that go on. Maybe I should not think so much. The whole point of this was to show mercy and compassion.

I am going to go enjoy the snow and the day!! I hope it sticks enough for snowmen. We don't have anywhere to be today. Sorry, dear hubby. Of course I want that only after you are done with your mail route. (This is his long weekend-Fri, Sat, Sun off) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Our roof is done...

...and so am I. I awoke this morning very very cold. Not quite Laura Ingall's "The Long Winter" cold, but close. I empathized with them all morning. Erik told me there may be trouble because the house temp was 58 which is cold even for us(68 is our norm). Then I remembered that during the three hours we were home yesterday, there was very little hot water and I did not hear the hot water heater heating up. These are our only gas things in the house. Erik checked the gas cut-off valve outside and asked me to please double-check but he thought the valve may be turned off. I made the gas guy teach me how to turn it off and on in case of emergency. Erik knows how to, he was just running late for work. It was and I turned it back on. Either the roofers bumped it with their ladders or someone is cruel. The furnace kicked on immediately and the house temp began to rise. The water heater was a different story. After 15,000 tries, I finally was able to get the pilot light lit. Of course, you have to wait ten minutes between tries so it is a very time-consuming task. Also, there was no shower to be had or dish-washing which were the two chores most desperately needed. On my first successful attempt, when I actually really studied and tried to figure out what I was doing wrong, I discovered it was completely easy!! Unfortunately it was 10:15 and I needed to leave in 15 minutes to go to the Christmas program we were attending as a field trip with our homeschool group. So I have been running like a chicken with it's head cut off since 7:15AM. Yes, I would like some cheese to go with my whine.

We were late for music class, but we did make it for half. Recital is next week. We missed practice. Yippee! Hearing her act out the whole Christmas program and sing and dance in her room lets me know I made the right call. She loves to watch plays, music, anything along those lines. She may grow up to be Lilly the performer. She knows her music material. It's all good.

Then we went to eat at Ryan's where we finally used valid coupons(last week we went and discovered my coupons were expired and had to pay full price...EEEEW!) and ate for $6(gratuity not included). After that I made some Pampered Chef deliveries from my Easter Seals Holiday Market booth. It was good to cross that off my to-do list. Now we are home bound until Friday when we go for an afternoon art class. I dream of being a stay-at-home mom!!! HEE HEE!

Now I am going to take a HOT shower and put on my pjs and do some laundry. Mount Washmore has reached a level not seen before. Many rooms are involved in the invasion. No one has socks and underwear is very scarce. I've been dressed up for days which is a sure sign of nothing comfy to wear.

Enjoy your hot water and clean laundry, for one day you may find yourself without them. If you are really lucky, it will only be temporary.
Tap, tap, tap...buzzzzz, buzzzzz....

Sweet sounds of a much needed new roof. We actually had not saved quite enough for our new roof, but a small leak in our flashing prompted us to action. Then God provided us the money to do the job. He is always so faithful. I don't know why I ever wonder or worry about things, but I do.

I can't write anything profound because of the hammering. Hope you have a great day.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Our needy children have things on their list that are more expensive than toys I will allow my children to have. Gameboy advance games. That is a hefty item. Are we officially more needy than the children we are adopting? Not really, we have made the choice not to have things like that but still, you get my point. The day any child we adopt asks for ipod accessories, I am officially done adopting.

We are getting a new roof. Today. It is very loud and should be an exciting school day. Hope you have a great quiet day.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


It is official, I am in full holiday mode. Studying Christmas has helped me get into the mood. Gingerbread houses were so much fun. We made them before we homeschooled so it was fun to turn that into a group activity instead. The kits we made never had candy the girls wanted to eat. The homeschool version has lots of yummy candies and they nibble. That kind of grosses me out since I know it is sitting around collecting dust, but it probably isn't the worst thing they eat. Nor will it kill them.

We had Erik's work Christmas Party last night and it was fun. We had yummy dinner at Whaler's Catch with door prizes. We ate REALLY late though so we were starving when the food came. That made it more delicious. When we got home, my friend Kathy had all the kids showered, in bed and was doing some laundry. I loved her already, but it did make me love her a little more. I wished we had stayed out later. She told us "Stay out as late as you want!" We were home at ten. That was as late as we wanted. We are old married people. With a very early church service. I should be getting ready. Have a blessed Sunday.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Gingerbread houses!!

Today we begin our month of studying Christmas!! I bought the book The ADVENTure of Christmas by Lisa Whelchel to immerse ourself in Christmas for the month of December. I want to have a break from the day to day and learn alot about a subject much overlooked, the origins of Christmas along with its meanings. History, Social studies, Arts & Humanities, and Bible all rolled into one. Of course we will maintain our math lessons as well.

This afternoon we kick off with gingerbread houses. I can't wait!! This is actually a homeschool group activity but it definitely kicks things off in a good way. Hallelujah, praise Jehovah, I am finally excited about school again.

I finished my shopping too, with the exception of my Dad who is impossible to shop for. Not even an idea. Goals still keep me on track even if I miss the target a little, I am still doing better than if I had not set the goal.