Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Nose Knows

I have an overdeveloped sense of smell. It is not a good thing to have. It makes too much perfume, especially a kind I don't like, nearly fatal. I can hug someone wearing aftershave and smell it the whole rest of the day. That is fine if it is someone I like and the cologne is pleasant. Not so much if it is someone or a scent I don't care for. Nursing homes nearly kill me. The smell hits me before the door is even opened. Bad breath makes me have telling looks on my face. I try to just keep good distance from people I talk too. Kids playing outside smell so bad when they come in I have been known to spray air freshener.

Some of the smells associated with caretaking are enough to knock you on your rear. A source of unpleasantness that is nearly impossible to describe. Sometimes I think about taking up smoking just to dull my senses a bit. If only it wasn't so stinky.

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Mama Mia said...

We are soul sisters in the reverse! I have very little sense of smell. I used to work in the nursing home and the smell didn't get me but the visuals sure did!!!