Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not For the Squeamish

Today is a day so miserable it isn't even fair to share it with you through the worldwide web of blogging. I know I am very hormonal today and being in a very small room with three children is not making that situation any better. Let's just say sloth day feels much more like: "Help, I am trapped in a room with three kids!" That is because it isn't really sloth day, it is work on your schoolwork day. We went downstairs to the sitting area for about two hours and I did everything I needed to get done. I graded papers, wrote out some cards, planned the rest of my year in science and then english. I also spelled 17 words for Lilly all while I was working on that. Then we came back upstairs because the girls wanted to. Now they have been working on school for about 5 hours and I don't think they have made one little tiny spec of progress. I take that back, Lilly finished her work as soon as it was placed in front of her. Just like me, she wanted to finish so she could do something else. Unfortunately, something else is not possible because the other two factors in this equation are the weakest links. Goodbye. (I hate days like this. Please tell me other moms have days like this-days where your kids cannot bite the bullet and just do the work already!!)


proverbs31 said...

Are you kidding?!? I have days like that All. The. Time.

"Just finish your work already and then you can do something else!"

I figure it's teaching me patience.

Or something. :) Hang in there!!!

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...



mine were home for a half day yesterday. Gave them each a few simple chores. Oldest is still working on his, he may end up not leaving the house except for school for a very very long time.

Mama Mia said...