Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Call Me Crazy...

...and I will answer to it 'cause I am. I have been too tired and overwhelmed for too long. Many things have eased up, but many things have not. I do pretty good when there is actual physical work to be done. I am very poor though when facing the unknown and being unsure what will be required of me. Friday, mom will get to go home. Red letter day, right? Not really. It hit me today while I was having my rehab family training day-mom is no longer independent. She will work towards it. She will get stronger everyday. Her upper body strength will develop in a way that compensates for the lower body. However, this has not happened yet. But she will still be coming home on Friday. There are four of us daughters and we are all about 15 minutes away. In theory, we will just slice it all up in an even bit of scheduling and all will be good in the land. In theory, that will be just wonderful. In theory, there will be worksharing and all will bear the load. In reality though, it won't exactly look like that. In reality, it could potentially be very unpretty. Now I don't like to borrow trouble-each day having enough trouble of it's own and all-but I am worried about the days to come and I think I am right to be worried. So I am doing what I usually do when I worry and overthink. I am giving it to God and refusing to take it back. At least until tomorrow after co-op.

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Julie Anne said...

God will give you the strength.

I'm so glad you and your sisters have each other. I know some families that have one child to look after both elderly/sick parents. Love you and praying for all of you.