Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Something

for AMI:
The assignment was to use the following in a story of whatever sort you want to write. Due by midnight tonight. Go on over and sign up to join the fun.

Bubble, box, egg, astounding, heart and match

I met my husband at a friend's house. I had been dating, it wasn't as though I was living in a bubble, but I had not met anyone interesting in a while. So I would go to my favorite friend's house and live vicariously. She was married with the cutest toddler ever. I would go by there often after I got off work which was about 8:30. I worked the astounding hours of 12PM-8PM. They were perfect hours for people like me who thought "out of the box".

So I pulled into her driveway that night and :GASP:, there was a HARLEY on her carport. I could not stop the pounding of my Harley-loving heart. I walked in and asked Pete (my friend Beth's husband not to be confused with my stepfather of the same name) when he had gotten so cool!! He said it wasn't his. Then I noticed the cutest guy in the world over on the couch. He had dimples so deep they could hold an egg. My knees were seriously weak!! He smiled even bigger and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. Oh yeah, I said. Despite wearing a dress, I was totally up for riding on the back of his Harley!! He first took me home so I could change clothes-what a sweetheart!! Then we went to a lovely spot by the lake where we talked for hours. He never once acted like anything but a gentleman. We only just talked. Then we went back to their house-it had to be close to midnight- walked back to their room and told them where we had been and apologized for being gone so long (before cell phones-I'm sure they were worrried!). Then we walked outside together and each prepared to leave. I could tell he was shy and this would be it if I got in my car and drove away. So I walked over, kissed him passionately and asked him for his number. He gave it to me-actually he gave me a deposit slip which was funny since I did bank processing at the time. We've been together ever since- a match made in heaven.


kitten said...

How sweet! This Say Saturday Something that Ami came up with was actually fun!
It was nice meeting you!
Have a great day!

MOM #1 said...

I enjoyed your story. It's so interesting and sweet.

See you next "Say Something Saturday."

N said...

What a sweet meeting with your husband.

I met mine when I borrowed an iron from him. It was months later before we realized we were supposed to be together. :)

Lil Mouse said...

is this a true story? great use of the word egg by the way. it provides quite a picture...