Monday, March 24, 2008

Topic: Homeschooling!

I got this from Hula who got this from Swampy. It sounded kind of fun so I went with what I am most familiar with right now!!

I am focusing on the pros and cons of homeschooling!

A-ALWAYS with me. My children, that is. This is both a pro and a con. Depending on my mood and theirs.

B-BIOLOGY. My most favorite subject in the world. The study of life. Love it. Also, BALANCING-homeschool is a balancing act of epic proportions!

C-COMPARISON. The first deadly sin of homeschool. You cannot compare yourself, your kids or your school to others. It will steal your CONTENTMENT.

D-DREAMS. I have them for myself. I have them for my children. I encourage my children to focus on the ones they have for themselves though, not mine for them. ( ;

E-EVANSVILLE. Best field trip city in our world. I won't say THE world because I KNOW there are better field trip cities. But Evansville is handy and we get to visit there for free sometimes, so it rates an E mention!

F-FRUGAL. I am slowly but surely teaching my children this lost art in an overly (and overtly) excessive consumerism society. This would be so much harder if they were not schooled at home.

G-GOVERNMENT. My second most favorite school subject. I am training my girls to be tuned in to the government. They actually get a lecture when they repeat my opinions. I don't want them to parrot my thoughts-I want them to think for themselves even if it is different than what I think. I may live to regret that!!

H-HOME. Of course. What is homeschool without the home. I am striving to learn what exactly makes a house a home so I can teach my kids!!

I-INFORMED, INDEPENDENT. The ultimate goal of our home education plan.

J-JESUS. I am so thankful we have Him in our school. I can't imagine leaving Him out of our day, our lives, and most importantly, our school.

K-KICKIN' MY BUTT. Everyday, the creativity, discipline and stamina required to do this kicks my butt. It is not for the weak-this IS hardball. But totally worth it. It also keeps me praying!!

L-LIBRARY. LAKE trips. LAZY days. LIP gloss. These are a few of our favorite things.

M-MESSY. This is a word I have become close intimate friends with. Sometimes you just have to embrace it.

N-NAG. A habit I finally got over with my husband and then restarted with my children. Good grief. I am trying to shake the monkey off my back again!!

O-OBSTINATE. All of us. Some days it takes all day just to get over this!!

P-PLAY. We get to. Sometimes we even learn while doing it.

Q-QUITTING. Sometimes I think about it. It usually passes QUICKLY.

R-RESPECT. Respecting one another is critical.

S-STAMINA. Can't say it enough. This is a marathon not a sprint.

T-TRAINING. For all of us. We have to keep a support network in place and keep informed. I never stop researching or comparing notes (in a good way) about what is out there, things that work and planning.

U-UNDERSTANDING. What hubby and I have to offer each other constantly. Sometimes we fail but not for lack of trying.

V-VACILLATING. What middle schoolers do alot of and it is maddening. Today I love this. Tomorrow I hate it. Love again. Wait, maybe thirty-something moms do this to. With curriculum.

W-WASHING CLOTHES. It is such a part of our life. I had to put it in but there were so many positives for "L" that I bumped it way down. (Some folks in these parts call it warshing clothes.)

X-XTRA PENCILS. You can really NEVER have too many. Our house apparently eats them three times a day.

Y-YAY. The feeling we have after we finish school. The girls even have a "done dance" they do sometimes when they are finished with schoolwork.

Z-ZIP IT. Something I say many times a day. Usually followed with, "I mean it. I won't hear that again without consequences!"

I could do a whole other round of letters but I won't because that was exhausting. Next time I'm going to do dirty words.

(Mud, trash, dust, soil-what did you think I meant??)


swampy said...

I so admire home-schooling parents. You go girl !
What an awesome list. I could relate to all 26, even though I was one of those "public school teachers."
Thanks for playing. I'm going to post your link even though it's late in the day.
Can't wait for the dirty word list. Please contact me when it's up and running.

Alison said...

great list....I love it and I love your attitude and outlook!

ChrisB said...

This is a great list~ biology was one of my favourite subjects at school~ I had a little chuckle at your dirty words!!

Julie Anne said...

You went through the whole danged alphabet! Stop making lazy bloggers like me look bad.


hulagirlatheart said...

I would have added washing clothes to the dirty words list. I admire your stamina and determination with homeschooling. I could never do it. Thanks for playing!

Lil Mouse said...

i love frugal. it's so tough to get people that aren't used to living that way to realize that you're not an animal because you'd rather keep leftovers to eat another day or teach kids to conserve water and use a drop of soap instead of a whole palmful.. so yeah, i agree that frugal is awesome!

Mama Mia said...

You are such a good mama.