Sunday, March 09, 2008


And I don't mean the kind served with turkey. Or the putting on of clothing. I mean the kind that involves assorted cremes, ointments and gauze bandaging. This weeekend I gave my oldest sister a break from being the dressing girl. The two in the middle "just can't". I understand, there are things that I feel that way about and the wound care really doesn't bother me too bad. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it on here before, but I made it over halfway through nursing school. I loved the anatomy and physiology part. I loved learning about the body and how it works. Our bodies are the most complex machines ever!! I did not enjoy nursing. It required a type of thinking that I could not, at 19, manage. I could do it now since having children. I don't want to, but I could. I DO regret not finishing college-the second major was communication, which would have been perfect for me! I DO NOT regret not finishing nursing school. I enjoy caring for loved ones. Usually. I did not enjoy caring for total strangers. It was always awkward for me. I have to bridge the gap. I have to get to know them and then comes the attachment. The attachment that keeps you from being efficient. It is a tough little dance to dance, being caring enough to be helpful and sincere but also being detached enough to be efficient. I have alot of trouble with detached, even in line at Walmart.

This morning I went to my mom's intent on changing the dressing quickly and getting back to church missing only Sunday school. I quickly let that die when I realized how tired and low on energy Mom was. She was not up yet. She had to get up and do her morning routine before the dressing. Even the dressing part was harder today than yesterday as it was...let's just leave it at it was harder today. I made it for about the last 10 minutes of church. Still thinking about Mom. I should have just spent the morning with her. I just don't like to miss church.

And we will miss another service as we are having a bit of a break this week. We have unplugged from the world a little. A much needed break. I hope to come back rejuvenated at least a little bit. I'll still be blogging though. It's therapeutic. And it helps me.

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