Wednesday, March 19, 2008


But if Untitled is the title, does that mean it is titled?

I stayed up really late last night organizing my bookshelves and then really truly getting ready for co-op today. Only 5 more weeks remain. This has made me really want to dig in and do a really good job. I want my students to go into next year with alot of good preparation. My kids, however, have become slackers extraordinare!! (Except Lilly who lives and breathes to do any type of school, mini-me) I had to nag like crazy to get them to finish all of their work and then I still don't know that they finished everything. It is so hard to check their work because they have so much to do and such poor skills at keeping all of their things orderly. I simply cannot relate!! I keep anything current I am doing methodically organized. Now, once I am done with it, it gets pitched on a pile somewhere (Trying desperately, moderately successfully to break this habit!) and often gets messy. My girls keep their backpacks totally haphazard and because of having different teachers with different policies on what to keep, I am scared to go through it and trash it all like I want to!! So I let it go and hope they get all their stuff turned in (and can find it to turn in!!). Next Monday, we are starting a sudy on orderliness. It should benefit all of us. I will be very sad to leave co-op, but I am positively bubbling over with excitement about flexibility again. It almost feels like pulling my kids out of school again.

Parenting is kicking my butt lately. Some of it is all the stress that I am under. Also it is the result of the book by Tedd Tripp, "Shepherding A Child's Heart". This book has really got me under very strong conviction. I agree with it, heart and soul. It feels like a missing link to the parenting advice I have been needing for years. The trouble is, it is almost 12 years too late. Now, he has a whole chapter for starting fresh with your kids and explains how it is harder but you still get the same results. However, Erik has not read this book and may not. AND. This means he is not under the same conviction. AND. The parenting style we have now, we sort of developed together in a very loose fashion. So this means I have changed my style a bit, but he has not. Soooo, honey, will you read the book with me? Have I told you hubby and I communicate through this blog?? Encourage him to read the book with me, bloggy friends!!

I am really glad I got all of my thoughts out about the whole mom thing. I am re-reading that blog entry nearly twice a day. Your comments just make it that much sweeter-especially the two that I know are sort of in the same boat. It was ridiculously personal and so many of you would NEVER...but I really don't know how to operate on any other level but full disclosure. HOWEVER, I am not that way with other people's "stuff". I don't disclose anything that isn't solidly and permanently wrapped up and around my life. So much of our own stories are wrapped up in our parents, siblings, spouses and children. My day of reckoning comes around about once a week (sometimes more!) when I die a little as my kids share some really personal tidbit that I would NEVER...forced full disclosure. Good times, ya'll!!


~ Stephanie. said...

It's a GREAT book. Janice should highlight the best parts so they could be read easily! :o)

Jason said...

So, for those of us who are non-home schoolers, how exactly does co-op work?

And how do you feel about the fact that California just passed a law requiring all home school parents to have a California teaching credential?

I'm know there are plenty of people here that are upset about this.

Maybe you could do a post about it....:)