Monday, March 03, 2008

****edited to say: We did not actually move my mom and stepdad, just their stuff. Their house is ready for them but they will not be out of the hospital until Friday, if all goes well, later than that if it does not. My apologies for being unclear!!****

  • We moved my mom and stepfather this weekend. Their new house looks great. I am very excited to have them there. It is all hard surfaces which is critical since they will both be in wheelchairs at least at first. We had to really give things alot of thought as far as placement to allow maximum room to roll around. 3 of four sisters were involved in the move and before it was over all of our husbands and children were there as well. It was quite a lot of people. My neighbor also helped and since he arrived before 2 of the husbands, he literally took moving the "big" stuff off of my sister and I. Have I mentioned that I really hate moving?? It is not fun at all but we help anytime we can because honestly, does anyone enjoy moving? I think not.
  • No one asked me to buy girl scout cookies this year. I was not upset a bit. Doing girl scout cookies for so long really makes me count my blessings for not having to deal with them at all this year. Yesterday, a couple of girls were at the corner grocery selling so I bought 4 boxes from them. (Resistance is futile!) As I brought them to the car my husband said, "Is it wrong that I am so glad not to have to mess with those this year?" No honey, it is really really right. We have been selling anywhere from 5-600 of those cookies every year for the last 6 years between two girls. Moving boxes, picking up boxes, working booth sales, keeping up with change and sales reports. Calling and scheduling workers, driving all over creation making deliveries. Retirement is a good good thing, right Hula?! The cookies taste better this year than they ever have.
  • We had a guest at our care group meeting yesterday. Two of the fellas in our church are going around polling the entire church on what we should do to enable our church to grow bigger. We have outgrown our current building and everyone wants to make wise decisions as we plan for the future. 2 guys are the liaisons between membership and church leadership. I feel for them. It is a huge job they are doing. I am so grateful for their willingness to serve our body in such a meaningful way. I know they are hearing alot of groaning and grumbling. They will have to gather all the data and then compile it into some sort of decision that reflects the views of everyone. Our church is the most diverse group I have ever been a part of so I will be praying for them daily!! Did I mention both of these guys have five children?? I guess compiling group thoughts and making group decisions is something they have experience with!!
  • I seriously thought yesterday that I was coming down with some sort of stomach virus. However, I bundled up in the bed and slept much, woke up- felt better, went to bed early, slept even more and today I feel fine.
  • We are right on track with our school work. I can hardly believe it but it is true. This has never happened before when we have had this kind of busy week. IT is very nice for a change.
  • Now, my housework is quite another story so I am off to make everything look real purty.


Jacinda said...

Can I have a vote? I think it might break my heart if you sell that building and move somewhere else. Just a thought from a very sentimental, pregnant woman who will probably never again visit your church but has oh so many memories of visiting as a child with my grandparents. *sigh*

hulagirlatheart said...

Soooo glad you got them moved. It will make such a difference for them in their daily lives. And YES! The Girl Scout cookies have never tasted better. I've personally polished off half a box of Do-Si-Dos already. Whew! Don't look at the nutritional info on the side of the box, though. It's ugly.