Friday, March 21, 2008


I am not very funny these days or sociable either. There is so much going on that my mind is constantly whirring thinking of the next thing I need to accomplish that there is just very little time left for banter. I LIKE banter. Unlike SOME people, I completely and totally enjoy sarcasm, satire and bad jokes. I consider it a spiritual gift. It is, you know. The people that don't have it are so hard for me to be around. My children are even starting to develop it and I am trying to help them hone it into a positive, not mean and nasty.

So anyway, I wish I could turn my mind off and just be sociable, but as I learned in Evansville, taking a break does not really give you one. You just think and worry from a different location. I am adjusting to being a part of the sandwich generation. I am resentful because I feel I am just too young to be in it, but all the whine in the world won't change it.

Now, on a completely different topic, Erik totally crapped out on the painting last night so we watched Gilmore Girls after the girls went to bed. May I just say, season 6 totally sucks. We saw Rory go from a sweet "good" girl to not a very good girl at all. She is morphing from smart into "cool" and I don't like it a bit. Why is wholesome so out of style? She is not even nice to her mother-and she has a very cool mom. I am starting to see why this show got cancelled. I am not optimistic about season 7. AND, Lane is my new favorite. Please let her stick to her guns. Don't tell me if she doesn't.


~ Stephanie. said...

though I don't like 6 & 7 as much as the first 5, I don't believe you will be disappointed!

thruchildeyes said...

I'm just getting caught up with blog world. Sorry you're so swamped. We've been reading Shepherding a Child's Heart, too. We're pretty slow because we're reading it outloud together - as if we ever have time for that. But Erik could ask Philip about a dad's perspective on it...or at least on the first couple of chapters.

Mama Mia said...

Oh you know you are the "Banter Queen" Talking with you always raises my vocabulary to a new level! But even a queen has to take a break...I could say something else about that statement but I think I will stop here...heeheehee