Friday, March 07, 2008

(These are not my actual dumplings- I only made 8. Click on the picture for a recipe for delicious dumplings. I don't use anywhere near that much sugar or butter and mine are still yummy!)

Several things which were happening today are not any longer. One of those things was my husband's final day of training people in E'ville(pronounced evil) to be safe drivers. He got home today about 11AM and has been hanging out with us ever since. Our keepers club meeting was today and it was rescheduled. I was planning to visit my stepfather and also check in on my mom. Then came the snow and it keeps on coming. While I am so sad my hero will have to run in the snow tomorrow, I am excited to sneak in some "snowed in" time with the family. We have gotten a whole day off from the world. We did all load up in the car and head to the corner store to stock up on all manner of bad food. Now, we are a snuggling, movie watching, bad food eating, game playing family.
As soon as the apple dumplings come out of the oven, I'll eat one in your honor, hula. I salute you runner girl!


hulagirlatheart said...

Oooh, thanks! You are sweet, sweet, sweet. I'll be thinking about these tomorrow when I'm sucking down those tasty (not) strawberry-banana energy gels. Mmm.

Mama Mia said...

Oh I love snow day!!! We have been enjoying a 70's Disney Movie Marathan today.
Oliver & Company (okay so '81)
Lady & The Tramp
The Rescuers
101 Dalmations
In between puking and coughing of course.
Go Hula, Go Hula Go Hula!!!!

Jason said...

While I don't love snow, I do really love calm. It sounds like you had a really great day.