Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Zoo

I mean a real one, not just my family. We went to the zoo today and while this is not our first zoo experience, it is the first one Lilly is old enough to appreciate and remember. I have a habit of doing things too early. I took Erika and Kayla to every parade I could take them to from birth to about age 3. Then I was so burned out on parades that I really don't ever want to go to one again. As a result of this, the kids love parades. LOVE them. Love to be in them and love to watch them too.

I don't love zoos-I love animals and I love nature, but zoos make me a little sad-I would prefer an African/Australian/Asian safari with ME in the "cage" and them in their natural habitat. However, we will have to settle for zoos and be thankful they exist! We have only been to a few of zoos in their lifetime. Lilly does not remember any of them though-not even Disney's Animal Kingdom. She was totally blown away by seeing a giraffe, zebra, camel, lion and tiger today. She talked about it off and on all day and she can't wait to get back to co-op and tell all her teachers. She is such a fun child to do things with-she loves everything so animatedly!

The tiger was really awesome. We have only been to zoos in the dead of summer(Except Disney) when the animals all lay around and hide in the shade and never really move. Today was perfect. Not hot, not cold-just right. All the animals were up and about. The tiger was pacing all around his "area" roar-growling. It was bone chilling but safe. We had to see him one more time before we left. Definitely the only time I have ever heard a tiger roar. We enjoyed our zoo visit.

No sloths though. To make up for it, we will act them out tomorrow in sloth day, part deux.

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