Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Ogre

I guess I made Erik sound pretty bad. Cracking the whip pretty much means he has pitched in and done almost all the meals, just because I was busy doing a curriculum sale that caused me to spend more than I made. We did share some of the meal prep. He saved me plates ready to warm up when I got home. He also helped with laundry-this means I had to be the folder but I am happy for any help and I had two big kids helping with folding and a little one helping with putting away. He also made supper and served it while I swam in the pool in the rain for my 30 minutes of exercise yesterday. Then the rain cleared and he took us boating. He is tough when he cracks his whip. I must add though, he has worked me to death in other areas of "homekeeping". Many days to make up for.

He has his vices, but all in all he is a great guy. I realize that since I am perfection personified, it would be hard to find anyone who measured up. It is so unattractive when you snort milk through your nose. It wasn't that funny.

All I can say is, in our case, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Have a great Sunday.

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hulagirlatheart said...

I did catch the 30 minutes of exercise. Yea!