Saturday, June 02, 2007

Turn left!

If you get to the end of the road and there is a 400 mile yard sale to the right, heavily shopped and advertised, then I say turn left!! We did the 400 mile route yesterday and went to dud after dud after dud. Traffic was horrible and we were LATE afternoon shoppers (we started at 2PM). Today we went the opposite direction and every yard sale had a little sumpin' sumpin' that we could not live without.

We did spend alot but the list of things we acquired is alot too:
*2 ball gloves ($4 each)
*more clothes for my wardrobe($9.50-5 things)
*more clothes for the girls (no more, I mean it!!)($5-more than 10 things)
*complete comforter set ($5)
*pretty shelf for the wall($2)
*some more doll furniture (no more, I mean it!)($1.50-6 pieces)
*craft things (no more, I mean it!)($1)
*nice books (only 4)($1)
*fabric for my sewers(many yards $4)
*flip flops for Lilly(25 cents)
*4 cool plastic folders (40 cents)
*magnetic letters ($1) (similar to magnetic poetry only just letters not words)
*belt (50 cents)
*purse (10 cents)
*billfold(10 cents)
*much coveted playstation game(SSX Tricky) ($3)
*Disney princess pen, supergirl pen ($1)
*hair straightener curling iron-a very nice one ($1)
*Oscar de la Renta upopened gift set -perfume, powder,miniperfume ($2)
*complete fairy playset, with fairies ($3)

I usually only take $20-but decided with the abundance of sales and the fact that hubby is working double this weekend, I would step it up a notch.

I love yard sales.

Now we are going swimming at the country club with my sister. Shhh!! Don't tell them our cool speedo and old navy bathing suits come from yard sales.

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Mia said...

my lips are sealed if you don't tell that my keen "new" Aeropostle purse is from Goodwill.....