Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Yep, today we even made it down to the surgery waiting area and got labwork done and the IV put in. Potassium level was elevated. They did another test just to make sure and it was even higher. Then she was admitted to get the potassium taken care of. CCU again. They are hoping to get the level down and reschedule the surgery. At least one doctor is, the others were relieved not to have to operate on such a high risk patient. I think it finally settled into my brain just how high risk she is and how close we are to the possibility of her not going home. I was thinking it was risky and all, but I was NOT thinking she has a 1 in 10 chance of dying. That is not the odds you want to hear before surgery.

Mom is taking that all in stride and trusting God. She has been throwing up and being nauseas(sp?) for so long, she is ready for that to be over. Plus her gallbladder is full of gallstones, which in addition to hurting, could rupture her gallbladder at any time leading to all sorts of infections and gangrene possibilities. Her main doc wants it out.

Had the privilege today of many prayers with special people. One of my teenage year's preacher, another hometown friend(whose hair is now silver and I did not know!), my sister Linda and I prayed in the chapel for God's will with Mom. A short time later, I look up to find my current preachers coming by for a visit and got to pray with them as well. God is good. It is a treasure to see Godly family when you are going through the rigors of hospital stays. AND, your rock is out of town.

Lastly, I was able to go to a baby shower that doubled as a Girl's Night Out. It was fun and very well attended. So many babies were there too. It was fun to pass them around and no, I do not or did not get baby fever. The factory is closed for us and I am thankful. I still like to hold them. Even when they throw up all down my shirt. I don't miss smelling like spit-up. Not even a little bit. I do miss toddler talk and babies sleeping on my chest. And those little noises newborns make when they sleep.

And Erik. I miss you honey. More than toddler talk and little baby noises. We know that passes quickly but "we" are forever (at least the forever we get on this earth). Quit crying and call me. Do not tell me about your wonderful meals though. Just tell me how much you miss me and how you can't bear another night without me.

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Mia said...

Done with the babies here too! So sorry for all the medical delays. At least while she is waiting your Mom is getting taken care of...prayers as always