Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Brand Loyalty
I am a cheapskate. I love a bargain and for the most part, I will always place price above brand loyalty. However, I am a Charmin fan. Recently, I asked hubby to get toilet paper at the store and did not even stop to realize that he would not get Charmin. I am sure he checked prices (YEAH!!! This is a big plus!) and thought, holy moly, Angel Soft will be just fine. A 24-pack. Now I am not one to complain when someone else is willing to go to the store. Reading this will be the first time hubby has heard a word about it and that is only because the 24 pack is almost gone. ( Erik- I am still grateful you went and I will not complain even if that adorable little baby entices you to buy Angel Soft again.)

So today, as we strolled through the corner grocery picking up all the stuff Sam's did not have, my heart skipped a beat as I saw the sign announcing Charmin Ultra on sale for only $4.98. Charmin Ultra, I have missed you. And don't worry, you were going in the buggy sale or not.

So what brands are you loyal to? I can't wait to hear.


~ Stephanie. said...

I'm allergic to Charmin (don't ask - it's VVEEEERRRRYYY personal!), but I really like Scott Ultra. It's actually soft, but not so much the entire bathroom is dusty from TP fuzz! Besides, a 12-pack lasts us the entire month!

Mia said...

I don't think this friendship can have dissed my Angel.

hulagirlatheart said...

One of the first mistakes I made in my marriage was buying a brand other than Charmin. Hubby has the uncanny ability to tell the difference even without seeing the package. He's a sensitive man.

Trees said...

We only go for the one brand of loo roll too, Nouvelle, it's re-cycled, oh yes!

Anonymous said...

Charmin is my family's favorite....of course you know I never sway from Tide and Downy!!w/febreze of course:) I've tried, once in 18 yrs! Was NOT fun!!
Campbell's soup is a must and Palmolive!!!