Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lilly woke up very early this morning running high fever and throwing up. She has been like this most of the day. I have rubbed her belly and her back most of the day as I did not have much energy for anything else. The past few days have me exhausted in every way. One of my sisters picked up the big girls for my nephew's birthday party and the other one brought them home. I caught a nap after calling our wonderful doctor. I was so worried it might be meningitis since she kept complaining of a headache and could not put her chin on her chest. The greatest Dr in the world assured me this is going around and shall pass soon. I am predicting she will wake up hungry, well and energetic since her fever seems to have broke this evening. I really hope so. I am also predicting I will wake up groggy, irritable and unable to think clearly for the umpteenth day in a row. But I have hope it might be different. ( ; I miss church.

When Erik got home from work, I went to see my mom and then went to the grocery really quick. Mom is improved and has her own room now. It is possible she may go home on Monday. This is heart attack number two for her(last one was a few years ago). The doctors are speaking very bluntly with her about what she MUST do if she is to be around much longer. How is she responding?? "They are not gonna tell me what I can and cannot drink. I have always drank whatever I wanted and I ain't gonna stop now." This is so funny because we aren't talking about liquor-my mom wouldn't touch alcohol with a ten-foot-pole. She doesn't want to give up caffeine or diet cokes. She doesn't even want to cut back. If only they could operate on her attitude while they have her at the hospital.

I am so much like my mother.

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Mia said...

Oh bless her little Lilly heart. Tell her we are praying for her, and to get well soon! Tell your Mom if "I" can give up soda and caffeine ANYBODY can!!!!