Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!
My husband has taught me what it means to be a dad. All three girls are curled up together right now, each one wanting to be the closest to him. Hopelessly smitten with all that he does. I am a little jealous at times of what they have together as I had none of that. Then I get over it and I am totally thankful that he is just as crazy about them as they are about him. Family. It means the world to him. I can remember how the girls used to think it was so funny to hide from him when he came home. He played along but it hurt his feelings so much that they did not run to him and say, "Daddy!". His patience and love paid off because now they not only do that, but they are watching the clock and hanging pretty near the door to see him when he first gets home.
He is a drummer and a mailman. Each one of those cool all by itself. He is also a boater, lawn mower and mower mechanic, Impala-lover, motorhead, garden tiller, pool putter upper, guitar player, ebayer, traveler (anywhere-he just needs a map), chain sawer, gutter cleaner, car washer, biker, and oh so many more. A wonderful husband. Not perfect mind you, but together we improve a little more each year. If my girls marry a man like their dad, I will be happy for them.
He cries during chic movies sometimes and cried during the birth of our children. He is the best thing that ever happened to me, even on his worst day. Thank you Darling Husband for 13 years and almost 11 as Daddy.
You are the world to 4 people, no pressure!!

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