Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mom got home about 4PM in the pouring rain yesterday. She is not feeling alot better, but I know she is glad to be home. We are all kind of pitching in here and there. I went over and made her breakfast this morning, which she did not like-the sausage was too spicy. I then prepared her some meatloaf for lunch which she hopefully will like. It is hard to make tasty food without salt.

Kayla is invited to a birthday party this afternoon. While I am out with the other two, I will be visiting the Cracker Barrel for some sourdough bread because it is low sodium. I will also be attempting to make some myself since CB is anything but inexpensive. ( ;

We went to Lowes last night just to look around-I don't recommend this ever! They will be delivering our new fridge this afternoon. It was dented very slightly and marked down $150. It was also something we have been on the verge of doing for a long time. Good friends gave us the one we have now when they moved into their house and it has been lovely and faithful. (Thanks John and Sandy!) However, it has become rather noisy and prone to making big scary noises from time to time. It may have 20 years left, but we would rather buy something at a good price by choice than be forced to buy later at full price. Plus, our extra in the garage does not work at all anymore, so we will have two that work again. ( : I am so excited. It has see-thru crispers. Lots of space for things and a much larger freezer. Ice and water in the door which I have wanted forever.

I hope this does not mean a new car or drum set is in our future. I did not sign on for those!!

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thruchildeyes said...

Oh wow, we almost went to Lowe's last night to look around. I'm glad you got the new fridge.