Monday, June 11, 2007

That first picture shows a smile on Lilly Jewel that did not go away all day. She LOVED her birthday in a big grandiose way that only Lilly can. The second pic is the other two with their new great friend Sara between them. In the background are my sister Linda and I showing our family resemblance with the "hands on hips" pose. We also laugh alike. The hot pink shirt I am wearing is one of my bargain 50 cent shirts that has to be ironed. This is probably the first pic of me that I have seen in a while where I don't think "UGH!, Delete, delete, delete!" This either means I am finally accepting how I look, the seven pounds has made a difference, I am in denial.

Now, my good friend Mia (see sidebar links) had this to say about my Lilly and hubby ordered (not really)me to cut and paste and put it on here so we could have a record of it forever. Good idea honey. Forgive me Mia for my copyright infringement...hee hee.

"A Different Kind of Birthday Girl
We went to a birthday party today. It was different. The same things were there that are at the usual parties...cake,candles,ice cream,snacks etc...lots of girls and boys running around having fun. But here is where the different part comes in. The birthday girl, who was turning 6 was the most enthusiastic present opener I have ever seen!! It was so refreshing to see a kid who actually got excited about every package and every card. When I say excited I mean she opened every bag and envelope with wide-eyed wonder. She made every present giver feel like their gift was the most magnificent gift she could have gotten. This was followed by genuine thank you's and squeals of happiness. AND SHE MEANT IT!! Call me an old cynic but I have been to so many kids parties where the birthday boy or girl opens gifts with a lethargic "I've seen it all and have it all you can't impress me attitude" Only then to toss each present aside hoping the next one would be bigger and better. Her face full of sheer joy and surprise at the gifts she received really made my day. Now that's twice in one week that this family has blessed me! Happy Birthday Lilly!!!!!"

Don't you just love it when someone else praises your kids. Even though Lilly has been singing just as loudly as always this morning as she makes her way through the house like the little Tasmanian devil that she is, I'm seeing her through Mia eyes and I know she is really just loving life.
Thanks Mia.


~ Stephanie. said...

How precious! I'm with Mia - I love kids with enthusiasm! Sometimes, especially when there is an orgy of gifts, they start to get a "ho-hum" attitude, or, worse, say things that make mom want to crawl in a hole. Yeah for Lilly's attitude and way of making others feel good! Looks like it was a great party! (And the hot pink is definitely "your color"!)

Mia said...

cut,copy & paste to your hearts content! Lilly restored my faith in the modern kid!! She makes me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Ok, like, where was I????? During this fabulous party??

Happy Birthday Lilly.....pass it on..


Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

That is beautiful!!!!