Friday, June 08, 2007

It is getting cooler and I am soooooooo happy!! We are not spoiled by any means as we keep our AC on 72 usually, with occassional dips down to 71. But last night was a hot night and very hard to sleep. Our windows are either painted shut or not the opening kind. I am a cover freak meaning I must have a blankie under my chin to sleep. Last night I was not in my customary Tee and plaid PJ pants, had no covers, and kept flipping my pillow to the cooler side every 2 minutes. WAH!!


*Last night of Bible school and I am very glad. Since I have been teaching the little ones at church as well as the little ones at Bible school, I am pretty burned out on little kiddos. 2-5 is a trying time. Tough ages. If you don't remember, offer to babysit for a friend with kids that age. You will not only be her new best friend, but you will recall these forgotten toddler/preschool games: Hold yourself and need to go potty(This is only slightly more fun than go squat in the corner for a minute and come back smelling like the abomination that is solid food toddler poop.), Ask questions until the grown-ups head explodes, hug in a full run right into the stomach of a grown-up, as you watch the tears well up and spill over, say I wuv you, teacher.

*I had a wonderful visit with Mia I remembered why I love her so much. We had delightful fun and the kids played very well together. It was like not having kids for a while. We chatted about all the parallels of our lives and just had wonderful chatter. We enjoyed live conversation, not just blog reading and how much better it is. Which led to blogs. We discussed the fact that Hula girl should write a column or something. She has a gift. Every entry is great. And she is pretty. And skinny. Did I mention I hate her? Good because I don't. She was a bright star in my scout years.

*Gave Tobilicious a bath today. I was cleaner that he was at the end, but he smells much better. He had gotten into something gross and smelled really bad. I liked him better as a housedog. Sort of.

*I refereed 10,000 fights before AC was fixed and I could finally get around to making lunch.

*I am lamenting the fact that all of my new yard sale clothes require ironing. No wonder they were so cheap.

*I may have witnessed the fact that my daughter has a crush on an unexpected someone. I hate entering this stage of life. I thought I knew all of her crushes but the huge smile she had on her face while watching this guy was a dead give-away. I suppose she and I will have to have a little talk about keeping a poker face. Perhaps she will be able to master it. I never have.

I am sure there a more things, but think I will shower and rest up for the last night of VBS.


Mia said...

hulagirl an amazing wordsmith AND skinny??? awww too bad I thought we could be friends ; )
So glad your ac is working and praying for you on your last night of "toddler patrol"

hulagirlatheart said...

You guys are very kind. I really do appreciate the kind words. And I am really grateful that you are among my small group of regular readers. I'm amazed that anyone would have any interest in my ramblings. I enjoy getting insights into your lives, too. Thanks for letting me peek into your business. You made me feel all warm and fuzzy tonight.