Monday, June 04, 2007

Much Overflowethness...

I sit here typing and I must say, my cup runneth over. I just volunteered at (night-time) Bible School and it was fun. OK, not really fun in the typical sense. It wasn't all about me. It wasn't about me at all and for a moment or two through the night, I forgot about me completely. There was a special girl in my class. I suspect she has a slight case of down syndrome, but maybe not. She is soooo sweet. She sucked me right in with her big smiles, big voice and even bigger enthusiasm. I KNOW she had the most fun at Bible school because she came ready for it. (YES, there is a lesson there!) At some point in the night, we became friends. She climbed in my lap and said she loved me. And my cup ranneth overflowingly.

The night was topped off with goldfish, teasing my future Biology boys, seeing my favorite Darlings. Good times.

Now we are home and the kids did not follow me into the house. They are in the garage playing bikes with dad. Airing up tires and such. Bedtime is overdue and I ain't saying a word. Gonna go read now. I think my Land's End cotton dress is clean. ( :

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Anonymous said...

Keep on teasin' those biology boys! Tell them you're teaching a whole semester on male reproductive organs - complete with coloring books!

Thanks for teaching VBS - you have such a heart for kids! I'm looking forward to your teaching Kevin this fall!