Friday, June 01, 2007

Give us this day our daily bread...

I made bread yesterday. The beginner bread recipe from . We also made old-fashioned snickerdoodles. Both were good. The bread needs some work as it is not sweet AT ALL. Next time I will use some honey or more sugar or something. Making bread is something I want to start doing. Store bought bread has so much stuff in it (preservatives)and wheat bread is almost $2 a loaf alot of places. I think it will serve as a good lesson for my kiddos too. I am not grinding my own flour yet, but I might. I fully realize this makes me officially over the edge a little, but I've been there a while anyway so it is OK.

No plans this morning yet other than taking supper to a family at church. We will be taking it at midday though to free up the rest of our evening. This way they can warm up whenever they wish to.

Worked in the garden last night and it is looking good. I found two japanese beetle though and that really concerns me. Those are bad boys!! They can mow a garden overnight. I will be looking into some prevention. Does it make you a hypocrite if you make bread to avoid chemical preservatives and then spray unwanted garden pests with chemicals?

Laundry is almost done. 4 more loads. 400 mile yard sale is in our future. ( :


Julie Anne said...

whoohooo, you just jump on over that edge, baby! Homemade bread is awesome. Whenever I do make it I think, 'that was so easy and so good, why don't I do this all the time?!' I've heard sourdough is nutritionally superior.

There is a discount bakery here that has Wonder whole wheat bread for 95 cents a loaf. But it still has too much high fructose corn syrup in it :P I think Nature's Own is the best store bought bread, but it's $2.00 a loaf (on sale). That adds up when you have a bunch o' little mice who can go through 3 loaves a week. Wow, this is a long comment.

Have a great day over there.

~ Stephanie. said...

I used to love baking bread back in my "earth mother" days. We'd experiment with all kinds of flours and ingredients. My favorite was cranberry walnut, sliced and seared with a little butter. (Okay, now I'm hungry.) Besides, all that kneading and pounding is a great way to alleviate stress!