Friday, June 15, 2007

God Anwers prayers, abundantly!!

Thank you so much for all the prayers lifted up on Mom's behalf. They have all been answered. Mom's iron count is up to 11, the echocardiogram does not reveal a valve situation that has to be operated on which means NO open heart surgery. She was sitting up in a chair at 11 o'clock visitation but most shocking was that at the 3 o'clock visit, they had put her in a room on the REGULAR 7th floor. Room 711. No more CCU and long waits in the waiting room for visiting hours. This means sis can sleep in her room and not have to curl up on a tiny sofa.
We give God full credit for all of these things and pray that God will continue to gently guide her back to health. Keep on prayer and praise God for the things he has already done.

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