Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Date...

I went on a date tonight. With Lilly. She had birthday money burning large holes in her pockets. We started, of course, knowing me, at the library. Tuesday is library day and so we needed to return movies. We spent at least 30 minutes there. It was fun. One child is so easy and delightful. Lilly is so easily impressed. I parked in the front of the library and that was enough to make her whole night.

Next stop was Toys 'r Us. We spent alot of time there. I really make the kid's money go a long way. I let her spend $30, $15 of which was a gift card. There were many painful decisions made. She finally decided on a baby doll including a Dr. kit (today's Dr. visit still fresh on her mind??), an archeology dig kit containing a treasure chest, a craft set, and a snorkel set with mask & flippers. Things put back: fake food set, more polly pocket stuff, a wetsuit (??). She was actually the one that said, "That's enough, let's go to Claire's now."

Chic'fil'a(sp??) was the restaurant chosen by my 6 year old date. Kid's meal required. We never get those. I find it is too much food for my little bird-like eaters. Tonight was no exception. We shared fries and I had to coax her through her nuggets.

She chose a cute little denim skirt at Gymboree from the sale rack. She walked out of Limited Too disgusted with their prices and I was right with her!! Last stop was Bath and Body Works where I got her some lotion, body spray and much requested and begged for deodorant. She still has money left over to put into savings and also have a bit of her very own yard sale money, plus offering for church. We had such a fun night.

I will do this next month with Kayla and the next month with Erika. One on one is such a lovely luxury. Lilly especially has such wonderful behaviour after bucketloads of interpersonal communication. I should do it more often.

As we left the mall at closing time she said, "My feet are so tired , Mom. But I am not tired at all." Sure you aren't, honey. I hope we made a wonderful memory in her little 6 year old brain. I know I will treasure it.


hulagirlatheart said...

Claire's? Hmm. No matter what age, a woman just can't resist jewelry.

thruchildeyes said...

Oh how fun! I'm only five days into and I already miss the one-on-one time. Good job giving her a night for herself!

jettybetty said...

Those one on one times are great!!! Sounds like ya'll had soooo much fun on this one!