Monday, June 25, 2007

Keeping busy...

Saturday, we made it just in time to drop off our artwork at a local gallery which was hosting a kid's art show. Each of my three made an entry and Erika, the artist of the bunch, had three. We did this in lieu of the fair this year. The fair added a step which made it too complicated for us THIS year, next year we will work it in, but this year it was one step too many in our mostly crazy days at the moment. So tonight was the ART reception and placement of ribbons. Lilly won 2nd place and Erika won 3rd, Kayla got only a participation ribbon. This happens frequently in the art things we do because Erika works really hard and loves to draw. Kayla whips things out in 5 minutes, calls it done and expects to win. I did get her to admit she did not try her best. Lilly falls somewhere between the two. She was really glad to have gotten second place and Erika to have gotten third. Sibling rivalry really sucks. We have a zero tolerance policy for it-but it is still there.

The kids are attending Bible School with friends mornings this week and just loving it. So am I actually. I was able to run a few errands today alone. Forgot what that is like!! Tomorrow is Mom's gallbladder surgery and Lisa has graciously offered to take my children home with her after Bible School. I am very grateful. Now I can be there for it and not worry because I know the girls will be having great fun and be well taken care of. Lisa is a new friend I have made through our homeschool group. She has two girls and they are very compatible with my older two. Today I found out she is friends with our cousin-now I know she is ALRIGHT. (I already knew that.)

Last night was pot-luck at church. I got to know the wife of a new couple at church. I have had her daughter in class so I already felt a connection there. She is sweet and they are new to the area. I also ran into another new family from church today at the library. I taught her son as well. The biggest advantage to teaching the little kiddos is the exposure to Moms that are very appreciative of teachers!! It is a nice way to keep in touch with new families. I went into teaching preschool kicking and screaming(in my mind) because I was certain it was not my calling. I am still certain that it is not my calling, but God has blessed me for the willingness to love the children. I don't have regrets and usually really enjoy myself.

My brain feels so muddled. There is much on my list of things to accomplish this week/month. I am too busy with the day to day to plan ahead much and feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants. I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants, but in a much more structured way-does that even make any sense?? Ahh, the life of Janice; hyper-planned with bursts of spontaneity.

Laundry is calling and I suppose I should answer. First though, a 45 minute walk, for you
hulagirl. ( ; I know it is really for me, but, you challenged me and all. Unfortunately, the kids are going so it will need to be longer to count for exercise. I'm sure the dog will go to. Thank you Lord for solitude this morning!


hulagirlatheart said...

Oh, please tell me you are glad you've exercised when you finish each day. Just a little bit? A teeny, tiny bit? Even if you don't, I'm proud of you for doing it, especially since it's such a hectic time for you.

Steph said...

How long have you been teaching the preschool class and how long will it last? Just curious. I know that you are supposed to be finished with the girl scout thing this year. I'm sure you are a great teacher, just don't take on too much okay.