Saturday, April 11, 2009


I try really hard to figure out how the egg hunt figures into the resurrection story. New birth, renewal? I've done a bit of websearch and egg hunts appear to be rooted in pagan fertility type activities-eggs and rabbits are both symbols of fertility. However, I feel the same way about this as I do Halloween-it is all about fun games for kids and there are few things kids enjoy more than a good egg hunt-or in this day and age, an egg gathering. I remember when the hiding of the eggs was much tougher-but churches were quite a bit smaller and kids were happy with just a few eggs. The times change. My favorite easter egg hunts were the ones at school. I don't think schools even have egg hunts anymore.

Lilly was the only 'official' hunter in our family for our church egg hunt. She 'found' lots of eggs including the golden egg for her age group. Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, all three girls will participate in the family egg hunts which are MUCH more challenging. Mostly because all us grown-up kids know how to put the hunt in egg hunt. I can't wait, it will be so much fun to see all of our family. AND, there will be babies at both stops. Babies are so much more fun to visit with when you don't have one.

Tonight will be a big night for our family, I'll share the details after it happens. Let's just say, boundaries are stretching and Mom is nervous.

Happy Easter!!

Jesus Christ defeated death. His blood covers our sins. Believe it, love it, live it!!

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