Sunday, April 19, 2009

Homer Simpson Sunday

I spent some time with one of my good friends the other night. She was having relationship troubles. Don't we all!! Don't we all forget sometimes that we ALL have relationship troubles. It's kind of funny. We start looking around comparing our worst to everyone else's best. We think about what we could have-the dream relationship in our head. We forget it is a DREAM relationship. We feel cheated. In her words, we wonder if we are "settling". In my humble opinion, "settling" is a state of mind. Not one of the states I choose to travel to and I hope my hubby doesn't want to travel there either. I think she and her fella are gonna make it. It'll be alot of work to get over this bump in their relationship, but isn't that what makes relationships closer? All the bumps we look back on that we have made it over?

Today has been the best Homer Simpson day ever. I say that because I did not go to church. Remember The Simpsons episode where Homer stays home from church and the rest of the family goes? He has the best day of his life. The family has a day where everything that can go wrong does. I did not go to church this morning. Yesterday, when I woke up I felt horrible. I did not even change out of pjs all day. I got all Vick's vaporubbed up, wrapped up in a blankie, and hoped one of our 13 channels would have something good to offer. The girls are always happy for a TV day-even if Mom is sick. So anyway, this morning I did not feel much better and I have had a cough and headache all day. I think it is just allergies but I'm not sure. Anyway, today I slept in really late and then cleaned a bit. Then I had to get out and do some household shopping. After getting a shower, getting dressed and getting moving, I felt alot better. Still do. Tomorrow is a busy day. I hope I feel even better, after all, I can't have a Homer day every day.

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