Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Fever

My tomato plants are sprouted. They look good. I've been to two yard sales and scored cool things at both of them. Our weather may have turned warm to stay~with rainy days interspersed, of course. I can see the end of the school year. We've met most of our schooling goals. Spring, the beginning of summer is in full bloom.

I've had a good day today and tomorrow looks good as well. I can't wait to finish this school year, plan out next year's and enjoy SUMMER OFF!!!! Except for math. No matter how loud the complaining gets. Build a bridge and get over it!!

I wish every day could start off at Cracker Barrel with my Bible study friends having breakfast. It just seems to make the day go well. I love hash brown casserole! And biscuits with strawberry jam.

1 comment:

ShortyMom said...

Glad to hear you had a good day! Hubby is supposed to till up my garden this weekend so I can plant it. I hope.

Hoping tomorrow is as good as today was!