Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Day in the Life of Lilly

I wake up. I listen to hear if anyone else is up. Sneak out to the playstation. Turn TV volume way down and sit very close.

"No TV, Lilly"

Shoot, Mom's up already. YAY! She is cooking breakfast. I am gonna roll up in my blanket and crawl to the kitchen to see what we're having. Sausage, eggs and pancakes? Oh yeah, Dad's off today. Must hurry and get dressed...we always do fun stuff when Dad's home. What's that smell? FIRE? Mom and Dad must be burning the huge pile of trees, I LOVE THIS DAY!!

I dress as fast as I can and then sneak to the kitchen to see if I can scare anyone. Nope, no one else is up besides Mom and Dad. I've already gotten in trouble with the TV, better not risk it. I stand close to Mom. I beg to cook the pancakes. Mom says no. Mom says get a plate and go eat...OKAY!! Kayla is up now and eating too. Kick her under the table. Now I tell mom Kayla kicked me. We both get in trouble. How does she always know?? I love pancakes. This is gonna be the best day ever.

I go outside with Dad and he teaches me how to drive the lawnmower WITH THE TRAILER ON IT!!! He won't let me mow but he is letting me drive the mower and trailer to haul sticks-EVEN BETTER THAN MOWING!!!! He lets me drive it to and from the burn pile. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Crap, here comes Mom to help. I hope I still get to drive the lawnmower. She smiles at me. I'm still gonna get to drive the lawnmower!!!! Just to make sure though, I better just sit right here in the seat and not get up or talk. I have to talk or I will explode. Ask mom what she thinks of me driving. She likes it. She says I am getting big. Ask mom if she can hear the birds. She does. Keep asking questions until Mom says sit quietly or get off and pick up little sticks. I choose to sit quietly. I have to go pee. Cry because I still want to drive...oops it is so hard to be big. Mom assures me they will wait for me to come back. Pester sisters doing school as soon as I walk in. Almost forgot about peeing and.....OOOOOOOOOH, driving the mower. Must hurry back outside. WHEW!! They did wait for me.

Mom asks Dad and I to go to the store for hot dogs to roast on the little fire. We have two fires- a really giant one and a small one. YIPPEEE!! This is the best day ever. Erika goes too because she is done with school. We get hot dogs, chips and stuff for smores. This is the best day ever. Come home, cook hot dogs and marshmallows on the fire. Now Mom is gonna mow so I don't get to drive anymore.

HEY, there is a big truck pulling into our driveway. A bucket truck. The power company is here to fix our security light. I crawl up onto the giant stump and watch them. It is very exciting. Wow. I drink most of Mom's tea. Her tea is always the best tea ever. My own glass is never as good as hers. I gotta pee. I think I will climb in the bathroom window from outside. I pull a chair over to the window. I get the screen raised and I am halfway in....Mom is yelling at me. Uh -oh. The power guys are laughing. I crawl out and look at Mom. I get down and go in the regular ole way. I don't know why Mom hates us crawling in and out of the new windows so much.

I come back outside and there is ANOTHER big truck in the yard. It is the septic tank guy. Oh wow, this is the best day ever. Two big trucks in the same day. I watch for a while and then I get bored. I come in the house and watch TV. FETCH is on. I love that show. Erika says it's educational but I still like it. Mom comes in and reminds me to do school. I sneak out and ask Dad if I can do my school in the van while he drives the trailer around with the van (Mom is mowing now so I don't get to drive.). He leaves the air and radio on and I get to do my homework in the van while he works. I LOVE THIS DAY!!

Finally the yard is mowed, the big trucks are all done and we get to roast hot dogs AGAIN for supper. AND marshmallows. Mom must be really tired. I have eaten a whole package of graham crackers and Mom doesn't even know it. I tried kraut on my hot dog like Daddy and it was GOOD. I love Daddy. This is the best day EVER!!

Now I have to finish my school or Mom won't let me go to church. She is soo mean. She is even making me WRITE the ORAL DRILL ANSWERS. I souldn't have to write them. Mom is so mean. I hope I get to go to public school soon. They won't make me write stuff all the time like Mom does. I bet it is all computer games that have learning stuff. And nobody to tell me what to do. I can't wait. It'll be so much fun. PLUS, all the kids will be my friends and I can talk and sing as much as I want.

Now it is time for church and I got all my school work done-so HAH! I know Mom didn't really want me to go. She wanted me to do school work all night long but I tricked her and got it all done.

We got home from church just in time to watch Lil get voted off American Idol. I liked her. Oh goody, David Archuleta is singing tonight. I love him. Someday we are going to get married because Mom says I can't marry Daddy. I have to go to bed now. I am just gonna lay here and stay up. Hee hee, they will never....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


Becky K. said...

This was fun. Loved the window climbing...hmmm...

Sounds like a very full day!

ShortyMom said...

Window climbing lol! How is it kids can always come up with stuff like that??

Sandy said...

cute, cute, cute :-)

Mia said...

This is pretty much how I thought a day with Lily would go! Have you seen that website where you can make your blog into a book?
Anyway we were jumping up and down with happiness because Lil went home! Aren't we awful?

~ Stephanie said...

FUN POST! I enjoyed seeing the day through Lily's eyes!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Fabulously done! It does sound like the best day ever!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!

Jacinda said...

hahahahahah Reminds me a bit of my middle daughter...especially when she was going strong at the end of the day and then CRASHED!

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